70 London Devs Get Free Nexii


Apparently if you have more than one Nexus One you have… Nexii. At least according to Roto Meier who tweeted that he gave 70 Nexii to developers attending the London development event:


There are a bunch of other developer sessions over the next month in different areas but I’m guessing, with this news, they’re all sold out by now. Looks like you’ll have to buy your own Nexuses/Nexus/Nexii/Nexors.

[Via Leakdroid]

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  1. Is the plural “Nexii One”, “Nexii Ones”, or “Nexus Many”?

  2. I got a registration-confirmation of the one in Cambridge, MA. I already have a Nexus… ;-)

    Plural of Nexus. What about “Nexorati” :-)

  3. The Nexorati are that select5 grou of people who own a Nexus. :)

  4. See you there, Anton – I’ll be the scruffy kid in the hat!

  5. Thank you phandroid I blame it on you for me not getting a nexus one then, reporting the date of the event when the event is actually already on…pfffft waste of time

  6. The question is: Where there only 70 developers at the event?

    Looking forward to ADL2010 in Berlin!

  7. I had an invite to this… and I cancelled.


  8. Actually, “Nexus One” is a proper noun, so it would be Nexus Ones.

  9. Nexii would be the plural of Nexius. so Nexi if you abbreviate (sorry, T).

  10. I have a Nexus One.Now. I am one of the 70 :-) Call it what you want, to me it’s just MY BABY! Google I love you. :-)

  11. Got my nexus one at the Google event in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday

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