LG Android Duo Headed To Verizon


Verizon looks poised to go on an Android tear – they’ve already got the Droid and Droid Eris with the Devour on the way, and a little birdie is claiming that 2 LG Android Phones will launch on Big Red before April!

Take this as rumor of supreme form (salt!), but it wouldn’t be the most surprising move ever made. Apparently one of the phones will be a touchscreen similar to the Droid Eris while the other will sport an LG enV form factor. Can I tell you that would make me outrageously excited if Verizon brought the LG enV touch with Android attached.
(Note the picture above is NOT an Android Phone – it is the existing LG enV Touch currently available on Verizon Wireless. Pictured here for reference purposes)

It is just as likely the “enV” comparison only means it will have a full QWERTY keyboard and we’re getting way ahead of ourselves anyways… this is all just rumorization at this point in time. Do with it what you will!

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  1. Wow how many android phones does one company need? They already have the Droid and the devour is coming out and those 2 should appeal to any Verizon customer looking for an android phone, so I dont see what purpose another Verizon android phone would serve.

  2. it couldn’t be a flip up unless they made the inside screen a touch screen too, I like sliders a lot more for that reason, also they’d have to replace that resistive touch screen for a nice capacitive one

  3. If these phones will appeal to people who wouldn’t otherwise be considering smartphones… this is great news. IIRC, though, Verizon charges more for a data plan on a smartphone than for a data plan on a regular phone… right? That’ll cause problems for Android adoption.

  4. If they put Mobil TV support in it too, I may wait for this instead of the Droid! Ummmmm…maybe!

  5. Idk I just feel like they have enough android phones already to appeal to both the low and high end markets, but who knows maybe I’m wrong haha

  6. richie, they do need this because the keyboard on the droid sucks. It is to flat to feel the keys. The eris has no flash and I use the camera all the time for work. The devour only has a 3 mp camera. So they do need something that has everything. Just my two sense. Been waiting for a decent phone since my contract was up last June. Still waiting.

  7. Well yea you are right about that, I know the keyboard totally sucks on the Droid!

  8. Droid enV. enVroid?

  9. @richie: I think Verizon is gearing up to have sets of price points on Android phone ($200, $150, $100, $80, for example). Want a basic Android, here you go. Want maximum performance, here you go. Want an all-touch HTC? A slider Moto? Or a flip out LG? Here you go.

    @Jonathan Frederickson: Verizon charges $29.99 for unlimited on Smartphone OR nromal phones. The difference is a normal phone can opt into the $9.99 for 25MB of usage plan instead. Anyone who really uses the web will likely need the $29.99 Unlimited, smartphone or not.

  10. @epik good points.

  11. I agree with the droid keyboard situation. I had the droid for a month and returned it because of the keyboard. I love lgs I have always had them. They take much pride in the qwerty keyboard thats for sure. If this comes out for big red I will have no problem buying this phone

  12. richie you dont know what your talking about. all the the new phones should have the android OS. its a platform to build on instead of every manufacture having there own OS.

    really there should be only 3 OS’s for cell phones (iphone, android, and palm) windows mobile sucks. always has and is now paying for it cause noone wants it anymore.

    i have the enV touch. great phone with the best keyboard ive ever used on a phone. with the same form factor and the android OS this phone will be selling like hot cakes. upgrade it to OLED and bigger external screen.

    having android is great because of all the apps and scalability of the OS. LG engineers if your reading this… make it happen. LG enV Touch 2 with android OS summer 2010… do want.

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