Nexus One OTA Starting Today, Adds Pinch-To-Zoom!


nexus-oneNexus One owners with 3G woes will start having their prayers answered today as Google has announced an OTA will begin shipping today. Not only does it fix 3G problems but there are some improvements included as well:

Google Goggles: this mobile application will now be available directly on your device by launching it from your All Apps menu. Just use your Nexus One camera to start searching the web

Google Maps: the Maps application with be updated to a new version, Google Maps 3.4, which will include:

* Starred items synchronized with maps.google.com – access your favorite places from your phone or computer
* Search suggestions from your personal maps.google.com history – makes it easy to search for places you’ve searched for before
* Night mode in Google Maps Navigation – automatically changes your screen at night for easier viewing and driving

Pinch-to-zoom functionality: devices will now include a new pinch-to-zoom mechanism in the phone’s Browser, Gallery and Maps applications

3G connectivity: we will provide a general fix to help improve 3G connectivity on some Nexus One phones

Pinch To Zoom functionality added? WOWZERS that is an absolute SHOCKER and we definitely didn’t see that coming. Get ready to embrace Android to its fullest… things are just starting to heat up!

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  1. Be nice if Droid owners could get an update to 2.1…

    Exchange support is awful!

  2. The iPhone has nothing left on android now. Time for it to get some real competition. Look out apple, here comes the nexus one in full force. Just wait for it to launch on Verizon and AT&T, You’ll start to feel the hurt

  3. WOOO!! finally pinch 2 zoom! ahhh what a relief! now i dont have to add extra crap after i root LMAO

  4. OMG PLEASE let all this come to the Droid with the Droid’s upcoming (Hopefully soon!?!?) 2.1 update! Please!!

  5. yey good for you whiners. Google probably got bored to death by trying to embarrass them by asking them for the pinch zoom and that there’s some sort of conspiracy behind not implementing it in native apps.
    Anyway, im glad that we’re going to get over this debate.

  6. oh snap. yay!

  7. I’ll bet the comments by Lord Jobs made pinch to zoom possible….

  8. Awesome!!! Is there any way to get this without having to wait to receive it on the notification bar?

  9. Hell Yeah I was already blow away by this phone and now this. I bet Steve Jobs is pissed off now first that crappy Maxipad gets bad reviews and then Google decides to kick him where the sun don’t shine. lol :-D

  10. Do you know if the OTA update for pinch/zoom will be available for the Droid, or just Nexus 1? Not that I am whining, just would be nice to have….I use Dolphin for now.

  11. Maybe they were holding it back specifically because they thought Apple would be mad, and when SJ freaked out anyway, they figured they might as well push it out…

    Probably not, but hey a guy can dream that its really that serious, right? Haha

  12. I guess since S. Job’s comment about Google, Google said fuck it lets piss him off more. Multi-touch that Nexus!! Show ’em who’s bullshit!!

  13. Does this mean we can hope for multitouch in the browser, maps and gallery when 2.1 finds it’s way onto our MT3Gs and G1s?

  14. I can confirm it is here for Nexus One users.

    Got mine OTA on my AT&T network. Can’t comment on the better 3G experience though.

    Model number – Nexus One
    Firmware version 2.1-update1
    Baseband version
    Kernel version 2.6.29-01117-g4bc62c2 android-build@apa26 #1
    Build number ERE27

  15. woohoo!
    please give us the same on the Droid pliizzzz

  16. I wonder if this is Googles responce Steve Jobe’s “Mantra” comment?

  17. now if At&t would just give us the damn phone!!!!!!!

  18. The timing seems perfect for this being Google’s reply to Steve Job’s childish rant about Google. Ha ha, take that Jobs, you egotistical control freak!

  19. haha. Pinch to zoom has to have been a big FU2 to Steve Jobs.

  20. This is the exact reason I won’t buy anything less than a stock “Google Experience” phone..

    When you have the manufacturers UI on it these just take for ever to come out…

    Without rooting your phone of course…

  21. Yeah, dying to get this on my Droid. This is a big step in the right directly. Next on my wishlist: the ability to copy ANY text (not just from a text entry field).

  22. For me this has something to do with the nexus one going to ATT, this is the #1 feature that users that want to switch from iphone to nexus one will start to compare.

  23. Google grew some big ol balls! :-)

  24. Talk about shitting on the droid … hahhaah … obviously there are a few things happening. 1 google doesnt give a shit about any phone other than the nexusone 2. Motorola is sleeping on the first update forget about this newest one (add one month to development time now for this newest one for the chumps tat motorola). 3. Verizon will still have to approve the update because they are so “Open” now. What a joke. Glad when they announced the nexusone i still had time to return my droid. Almost bought into the hype of that phone and the crappy keyboard. :rant end:

  25. Me wonders if steve jobs’ little tirade yesterday about Google being evil had anything to do with multi-touch/pinch zoom dropping today?

  26. @ Justin M…

    The reports said that Jobs made threw his little girl temper tantrum on the day they released the MAXipad.. Him and some of the apple crew were in a coffee shop or something like that after the press conference..

    I’m sure he really needs some midol now!!! HAHA

    FU Jobs!!!

    Google FTW!!!

  27. BRING IT!

  28. @B-Rose;

    you can copy any text with the droid by holding shift on the physical keyboard and highlighting it with your finger

  29. @B-Rose, you can copy/paste any text on the web using Dolphin Browser right now

  30. Droid was here first… Where the hell are our OTA updates and pinch zoom! Someone needs to get on the ball over at Google!

  31. Like OMG like OMG like totally pinch to zoom…..*end sarcasm* It never was that big a deal folk. But yea this is a big FU to Jobs. They weren’t trying to compete in the first place. I bet they’ll open the serious whoop ass now. Thank you Steve for unleasing Android.

  32. @B-Rose

    You’re killin me. 2 sites, 2 post by you about “text field only”. =P

    I agree it’s not the greatest, but you can copy text from anywhere by:
    A) popping open the physical keyboard and holding down “shift”, then dragging your finger across the screen.

    Or B) going into menu<more<select text (aka "menu+e") and doing the finger drag.

  33. @B-Rose
    ICON is correct. You can copy any text from anywhere.

    Go to menu+more+select text. Then just drag your finger to whatever you want to copy.

  34. @WhyKillRobots The G1 and MT3G were here long before the Droid and are still waiting for 2.x. The thing to keep in mind about Android is that the current Android Hero device will always be the first to receive anything, by a large margin.

  35. I think as a droid user it would be easier to deal with if google or MOTO were like “sorry it hasnt come out we’re still working on bla bla bla” but it feels like since it doesnt have the spot light ….screw it. I dunno

  36. Sounds good!
    Now, ship it to Europe Google!

  37. There are two big fixes that I want to see in my Droid and pinch to zoom is not one of them:

    1.) Select text: My storm had better UI for text selection. my STORM. I mean, the phone is like west virginia of touch screens. Get on it Google

    2.) @B-Rose Copy & Paste: Couldn’t agree more. The fact that I can’t copy text out of an email is aggravating. This was one of the 1st gen iPhone’s huge mistakes that Google has gone ahead and repeated.

    Ok, sometimes the tapping is annoying because you end up tapping a link when all you wanted to do was zoom in, but the fact that it takes me 5-6 tries to get the wrong letter out of a word that I’m trying to type because text selection is so arbitrary is absurd.

  38. Seeing as you have a Droid, you should use the keyboard to copy and paste. Hold down Shift and you can select whatever you want, out of whatever you want. Gets the job done.

  39. I really want the Google Maps night mode on my Droid. Please push the 2.1 to us. Anyone know if the maps update is available without 2.1?

    I really still don’t care about the pinch/zoom. Maybe it’s because I’ve never had it, and thus don’t miss it.

  40. it didnt fix my 3g issue. WTF?

  41. also still vers 3.3.1 of maps not 3.4. did i get a bad update or is the above post incorrect on version number?

  42. Fix the wifi / bluetooth issue.
    If I’m using bluetooth to listen talk on the phone and I pull into my driveway the wifi will cause the bluetooth signal to drop out.
    However, sometimes the phone wont pick up the wifi signal even if I’m using bluetooth. I have to manually turn off wifi and turn it back on for it to see my router and connect.

  43. Still don’t have the update yet on my phone, whats goin on? =( Anyways, I can’t wait til Google gives us the update that allows full customization for notification on the TRI colored track ball! Hopefully that’s next =)

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