Pinch-To-Zoom On The Nexus One [VIDEO]


We JUST told you about the Nexus One OTA update that enables Pinch-To-Zoom along with a 3G connectivity fix among other things, but our own device says we’re currently up to date. Lucky for the Engadget guys they got video of a Nexus One that HAS received the green light and they waste no time in showing us the goods:

One would thing other handsets would follow suit… at least those getting upgraded beyond Android 2.1…. or maybe Google decided to pay extra for some type of licensing after the fact? It’ll be interesting to hear what Andy Rubin has to say now, based on his previous statements on Multi-Touch and Pinch-To-Zoom.

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Nexus One OTA Starting Today, Adds Pinch-To-Zoom!

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  1. Maps 3.4 will be coming out on the market for “Other Android devices.” Whatever that means.


  2. YAY, I have pinch and zoom only on dolphen on my magic V1.5…

  3. C’mon Google/Moto/VZ….bring this goodness to the DROID. PLZ, THX.

  4. sweet! I guess after Steve Jobs little Android comment, this is Google’s way of saying “suck it, Steve!”

  5. does the keyboard seem to work better now? with multi touch enabled that is..

  6. No chording yet. This is really the only reason I haven’t upgraded from my G1. No chording, no sale.

  7. I stared the chording issue earlier on google code. Don’t know if starring counts as voting but its worth a try:

  8. I hope this update comes soon for the rest of the Androids. As a iPod touch user I find myself at times trying to pinch to zoom on my Droid.

  9. Its about freaking time, Google thank you for listening.

  10. Google, thank you.
    You’ve just sold another Nexus One.

  11. I KNEW this was coming after Steve Jobs said all that stuff about Google.. And to THINK all the flack Google got for no pinch-zoom was to avoid any conflict with Apple, Any ideas on Apple’s response?(Bing as native search client on iphones maybe?)

  12. @elijahblake, Android has had multitouch enabled in the keyboard since 2.0, it just didn’t have pinch to zoom. 2.0 and on have multitouch, but since the default browser didn’t use it most of the media assumed it didn’t have it.

  13. @Dean

    I’m not sure apple moving its native search to Bing would be a good move. If i was an iphone user and they switched me to BING over google.. i’d be pissed.

  14. Looks like us Droid users are being left in the dust! Thanx Google/Vzw

  15. whats chording?

  16. Pinch to zoom does not equal multitouch, please stop saying it.

  17. @swazedahustla



  18. @swazed. Considering it takes multitouch to do pinch and zoom i think your point is moot.

  19. I love how smooth it is.

  20. @polo79 You can have mutitouch and STILL not have pinch to zoom. Multitouch simply means more than one touch can be tracked at the same time. You use that ability to implement pinch to zoom.

  21. @youko What they meant by keyboard chording is: I believe with the old keyboard, you have to push a single key at a time. You must release the last key before pushing the next key. I believe what they’re wanting is the ability to press more than one key at a time like you can with a real keyboard :-) I know I wish they had it :-D

  22. OR if you dont want to wait for the update just go to the thread that i posted at


  23. Just goes to show – bitch like hell and ye shall receive.

  24. @polo79: As Phil said, multi-touch is a feature of your screen, while pinch-to-zoom is a gesture that requires multi-touch. Multi-touch != pinch-to-zoom.

  25. way to go Steve Jobs for being a douche. China steals from Google, Google doesn’t let them play with their toys anymore. Steve Jobs gets insulting, Google stops respectfully obeying a questionable patent. Coincidence?

  26. Come on Motorola!! Its time to give it to all of the droid people. I can live without it but i have to say, its a great feature on my ipod touch. Just give us the update..

  27. YES!!!!

  28. Really wanting the Nexus One on VZW now. Come on, baby, daddy needs a new cell phone.

  29. I want the 2.1 update with Flash for Droid already! Come on Google! Multitouch support is a given!

  30. @swazedahustla
    You’re using two fingers to zoom-in and rotate a picture, so therefore it is multi-touch. What would be nice would be to have this feature in the keyboard…

  31. @Polo79: Multitouch is a whole lot more than just pinch and zoom, so he’s right.

    This article should be named multitouch on Nexus One because that’s the good news. Not that one application of multitouch named pinch and zoom.

    I think that tn a few years people will for sure look back on this and laugh off their asses with our limited usage of multitouch besides pinch and zoom.

    Anyway, happy a lot to hear this because now I can start developing Flash apps that use multitouch. :) Cool!

  32. Good, the zoom in / out buttons are still on the screen. One handed pinching is a pain.

    I don’t have a Nexus One, so I’m going off what I have read on the internet. Android 2.0 added multitouch support. The Droid and the Nexus One have had multitouch support for a while. That’s old news. The new news is that Google has added a particular gesture to certain applications.

    I don’t know if the multitouch support goes beyond pinch-to-zoom. For example, I don’t know if you can write multitouch-aware Javascript for the Android browser.

  33. I have said it a million times. Get a Nexus one onto a real network and they will come running. Get past that whole BS pinch to zoom thing and they will BUY!

    Didn’t Apple specifically call themselves “the leader in touch screen technology” with pinch to zoom or something close during the iPad press event?

  34. sob, sob…Androids growing up so fast, I remember it like it was yesterday when G1 learned to walk. Soon theyll be going off to college (to be in the hands of every student of course).

  35. Come on AT&T with the Nexus One! I’m ready to dump this iPhone 3GS and move on…

  36. fuck droid, wheres the hero updates dammit!

  37. @Abel I agree with you. I’ve had my G1 since day one of launch..actually I got mine the day before official launch because FedEx dropped it off a day early. Now everyone and they grandmother got an Android phone while us loyal Android (G1)/T-Mobile users are getting screwed outta getting the N1 @ the discounted subsidized price. Thanks Google.

  38. Am I just crazy, or has Phandroid failed to offer up their own reviews of the Nexus One? I recall one video coming out early on, but that’s all I seem to be able to find.

  39. “You’re using two fingers to zoom-in and rotate a picture, so therefore it is multi-touch. What would be nice would be to have this feature in the keyboard…” How bout 3? http://bit.ly/OTA_UPDATES

  40. Say what you will about the closed iPhone ecosystem, but when a software update is released it’s available and usable on the entire range of devices.

  41. @Ogre: Uhhh yeah….that’s cause you only have 1 device. There is no ‘range’. Just 3 iterations of 1 device.

  42. @Jochen: No, swazedahustla is not right. Multitouch isn’t always pinch-to-zoom, but pinch-to-zoom is always multitouch.

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