Steve Jobs Flips Out, Goes On Anti-Android/Adobe Tirade


Steve Jobs is feeling the heat. In some cases an executive might play the calm, cool and collected gameface, allowing a sense of confidence to convince the masses that yeah, this dude is in control. But not Jobs. At an employee conference/event he was asked about Google and Adobe and went on a tirade that spewed venomous insults at each.


On Google:

On Google: We did not enter the search business, Jobs said. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them, he says. Someone else asks something on a different topic, but there’s no getting Jobs off this rant. I want to go back to that other question first and say one more thing, he says. This don’t be evil mantra: “It’s bullshit.” Audience roars.

Cry me a river. Apple has only been in the phone business for a few years, it isn’t like they’re veterans of the game. He sounds like he has stuck some flag in the ground that provides Apple claim to the phone throne for all of eternity. And regardless, company’s are free to enter new markets. If you don’t think Google and Android have something to do with the recent explosion of phone capabilities/excitement than you’ve got to be on crack.

Google doesn’t want to kill the iPhone – they don’t need to do that. Plus it’s good to have Apple around because competition fuels innovation and Apple certainly has some great ideas. As far as the “Don’t Be Evil” thing? Attacking Google just makes Jobs seem like a nervous wreck that is backed into a corner by the recent iPad debacle.

He doesn’t save ALL of his hatred for Google, he hooks up Adobe with some of that:

About Adobe: They are lazy, Jobs says. They have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it. They don’t do anything with the approaches that Apple is taking, like Carbon. Apple does not support Flash because it is so buggy, he says. Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it’s because of Flash. No one will be using Flash, he says. The world is moving to HTML5.

Ouch. By the way, some people are reporting that Jobs actually said, “Don’t be evil is a load of crap.” I’m not sure if one would prefer crap to bullshit or vice versa, but neither is very nice.

Alright Android fans… if you could provide a 1-sentence rebuttal to Mr. Steve Jobs and Apple, what would you say to him?

[Via Wired]

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  1. I would never purchase an Apple product but he’s not wrong. Flash is a waste of time. Everything we use flash for inside our own company would be easily replaced with HTML5.

    The only thing people are doing with Flash now days that would be hard to replace is maybe game development. Beyond that its useless, annoying and buggy.

  2. That image offends me and entertains me to no end.

  3. And about Apple products, they are below average but only the good marketing factor is what made them successful nowaday (iPod wasn’t the 1st mp3 player, iPhone wasn’t the first smartphone and iPad ain’t the 1st tablet), and i think goodle will win in the end, just look at how they treat their employees, i wish i can get a job at google after i graduate :).

  4. This is the same guy behind the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ad campaign specifically aimed at “killing” Windows!

    Looks like the shoe’s on the other foot, Stevie, only in this case there’s no ad campaign needed. Comments like these do a great job showing the world you feel threatened by the competition.

  5. There is a reason Apple cant get more than 10% of the computer market. Jobs doesn’t know what people want. (OK, I admit he got lucky on the ipod) Including his new gadgets not being able to view content on over 90% of all web sites (flash). Brilliant design (NOT)

    Apple is now good at gadgets. mainstream computing has always alluded them.

  6. I do wish ALL adobe crapware would just go away. Thanks for PDFs, now GTFO. Take Steve with you.

  7. yawn..who cares

    By the way, htlm 5 CAN replace flash, but it hasn’t yet. So talking about some hypothetical future world where Hulu uses html 5 is a bit premature.

  8. In a lot of respects, Jobs isn’t even correct. Google, like Microsoft, didn’t enter the phone game, they’ve entered the mobile operating system game.

    Google doesn’t manufacture phones. Microsoft doesn’t manufacture phones. Apple DOES manufacture phones. Google has no intention of dethroning the iPhone. Zero. None. They want a good mobile operating system, and a good app landscape; they’ll leave the rest to Motorola, HTC, Samsung et al. All Google wants is for people to use their OS, and search engines, because this makes Google money. They don’t make much money of the hardware, or software; they make money off the search engine and their cloud apps. And they do it better than ANYONE else, look at MobileMe. Hey, stop laughing, that’s not nice. No seriously, don’t laugh like that. Me? Yes my sides hurt too; but I’m trying to be polite.

    Conversely, he’s right about Adobe. Adobe has become so gargantuan and bloated that its permeating into their software. Every 2 years we get another CS Suite with minimal changes, and upgrade prices that are more than the whole package SHOULD be, and package prices that no one outside a business would ever be able to afford. Flash is no exception. While the software itself has great potential, it’s been misused; forcing folks to look at graphics over content, then ads moved to video, then full screen pics/video; it never ends. I don’t want Flash because of the ADS. Legit Flash content is dandy if a little slow and buggy.

  9. Flash is not that buggy as jobs. The crash is caused by the web developers who implemented sloppy code on their flash apps. Why is that? 90% of flash apps is written by web designer not engineer. I have a flash debugger running on my machine and there are alot i mean alot of them include well popular site, I get a lot of error message from the debugger and it just means the web developers doesn’t even bother clean up when goes to production.

    BTW I don’t apple doesn’t crash. When It crash, they point finger. Nice going.

  10. if you could provide a 1-sentence rebuttal to Mr. Steve Jobs and Apple, what would you say to him?

    “smoke a bowl, dude!”

  11. crap no edit function, sorry guys. I should have double check my grammar and typo before i submit.

  12. Jobs thinks Google is evil because they want to be in direct competition with the iPhone. I’m not sure I follow that logic. As a consumer, I think moves against collusion and toward competition are a good thing. Nothing is stopping Apple from trying their hand at search (except maybe its closed culture).

    As far as Flash, in the long run it is doomed. The problem is I live in 2010 and if you create a “media” appliance in 2010 that can’t use hulu or I’m not going to buy it. And I don’t want to pay iTunes to watch TV shows I get for only watching a couple of commercials elsewhere. Of course this is probably the real reason Apple isn’t working with Adobe on getting flash to run on the iPhone/iPod/iPad.

  13. “We did not enter the search business. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. ” …well I never heard Bill Gates say “They entered the browsing / OS / software media player market; they want to kill IE / Windows / Windows Media Player” when Apple ported its applications on Windows. What kinda flame is this, Jobs?

    That quote basically translates into “I’m in for a complete market domination (and don’t want to support (or don’t care about) newcomers)” ; That gives me a bad feeling about how they do care about customers and competitors.

    I suppose Jobs is jealous of Android’s current momentum and Adobe Flash marketshare. I personally can’t wait to to the day where Jobs will start throwing chairs saying “I will effing kill Google (or Adobe)” too :)

  14. Yeah, until html 5 actually replaces everything on youtube, hulu, nbc, espn, and every other website in the known universe – the phone that supports flash and has lots of apps wins. <– period

  15. html5 is nice, but it’s 2010 and we as professionals still have to program websites for the lowest common denominator, which is ie6/pc. that’s a NINE YEAR OLD browser that is JUST STARTING to be phased out by major companies.

    if that’s indicative of how long it takes to adopt new technology, and be able to use it on any site where you care about capturing all users, it will be a *long* time before we can use HTML5 (unless you don’t care if you alienate half your visitors).

    so until then, we’re stuck with flash for rich media content. deal with it, apple. it’s going to be years before html5 has enough market share to be worth anything.

  16. My response to Jobs?

    STFU and worry about that craptastic iFail you just demoed before Google rips all their mobile apps from under you.

  17. Apple are too used to having it their own way and dont like the competiton that Android are providing. It makes me laugh when Apple fan boys always defend them no matter what mistakes apple make. All the fanboys ever say is ” the next gen i phone will come with blah blah blah ” but it never happens. As for the ipad, perhaps my nan might like one but a big NO for me.

  18. Like the phone market was theirs….


    The ironic thing is Apple is the cell phone company of the computer world. Trying to control everything.

    I think this bodes well. iTampon without Flash must really be pissing people off.

  19. Look, I don’t want to be the only pro-apple guy on this page. But apple is the major drive in this industry. The iphone gave other phones a standard to reach as far as its UI and hardware. A standard that has taken years for the competition to meet(Nexus One). I think Steve Jobs, whether he’s conscious of it or not, has done more for android than we think. Android’s like that lazy kid who needs his mother(Apple) to shake him periodically every morning so he can get up. Androids still the best but rellies on Apple for innovation.

  20. Don’t worry Steve J. , Google doesn’t want to kill the iPhone , just toy with it for a while then better it , time after time , after time .

  21. I cant see why Apple hates Adobe so much for Flash. Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Macromedia create Flash, a company which was later acquired by Adobe? Anyway, whether Flash is doomed or not doesn’t dismiss the fact that 90% of the Web uses it NOW. That’s like not building wheels on a car because one day they’ll be able to hover. Maybe so but its not going to come out tomorrow like your new device is. I cant see how you can support a company that purposely deprives its comsumers because “it doesn’t like it”. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    Oh and Apple replaceing Google Search with Bing? Does anyone but me find that ironic?

  22. I don’t need a sentance to respond to Jobs, just one finger. Guess which one.

  23. In ways i agree with jobs, it seems every new phone that comes out always has some hype or Target on how its going to beat the iphone…. and on sales no Android phone has even come close yet. Including the droid which i have now. Android 3rd party apps are a downfall cause you constantly get bugs, viruses, etc… I’ve had almost every Android phone since the g1 and still haven’t been 100% satisfied with it. Seems like android is all about hard resets and software issues. And for adobe they are a lazy company with so much potential and they dont use it. Html5 is more future not flash. If your a tech nerd sure you might know how to run flash well on your comp but to the untrained eye people are wondering why there comps are crashing, thats the reason. And I have still not used a pc that impressed me as much as a mac has. I use both operating systems but mac is my trusty safe bet.

  24. If Flash is so bad… why do they allow it on their MACS?

  25. Never mind the fact that Google bought Android Inc a full 2 years before the iPhone launched, so clearly they were working on their own phone on a similar timeline as Apple. But Jobs never lets facts get in the way of spin.

  26. Look how much possibilities Android OS opened on the market, you douche… What has your company created to make other people do more stuff, not buy more stuff?!

  27. Flash is crap. There is no denying that. Vimeo and Youtube are providing HTML5 right now. So when will Hulu get on track?

  28. Sounds like Jobs needs an iPad.

  29. Wear a belt you hippy

  30. May I interest you in a Newton II…er, I mean iPad?

  31. HTML5 won’t take over until it has better content editing tools than Adobe’s.

  32. When iPhone debuted it provided some much needed competition for Windows Mobile, and Blackberry – just as Android is providing some much needed competition for iPhone now.

    Honestly, until the DROID came out my wife and I had been planning on getting an iPhone for about a year. Then DROID came out and offered everything the iPhone does, plus has integration into my Google-centric communications life! Plus, as I did on my previous Windows Mobile phone, I can customize my home screen!

  33. Jobs is afraid of android, that’s what motivated him to have a standard “The enemy is just a bundle of crap!” speech to his soldiers…

  34. Response: Round-House kick to the kidney(s)…

  35. Well, is he wrong on both comments? Adobe products are bloated pieces of garbage. You need 12 gigs of ram just to run photoshop-it’s so crapped out with hacks and it’s overbuilt.
    AS far as google, yes they ARE EVIL.
    Google goes around and steals business from all varieties of sectors and DUMPS(yes, read dumps)product on the market to KILL other companies’ business models. Why, because Google’s business model has nothing to do with mobile,energy,browsers,YouTube etc. They make this mediocrecarp free so they can DATAMINE YOU. Your information is their model, not good products. Jobs is right. Google is just a nerdy MSFT. Everything is a bundle. Why the USGovernment hasn’t trashed this outfit is beyond me,

  36. MR Steve created something great when he created iphone , ipods and Macs and now his ego is inflated. Its funny though cause looking at ipad ipod iphone it looks as though his iiideas are runninglow and this being so ithink apple maybe in trouble being Android is working with somany diffrent companies

  37. Didn’t realise Apple were the first guys in the mobile phone business.

  38. Apple is Evil. They make Microsoft look like puppies.

  39. hahah this article makes me smile contently. i personally despise steve job for his business ethics. this was highly unprofessional of him, but i’m not surprised after reading about the way he treats business partners, takes trademarked names from companies, and tries to get patents for anything that would make them loose their edge in the market (i.e. gestures for touch screen and even the mouse)

  40. Steve needs to retire soon. He is too much of a control freak.

    I do however agree; Flash sucks sour hairy donkey balls!

  41. What he should have said was: “Google won’t kill the iPhone because they’re a bunch of pussies that wont even put multi-touch on their phones out of fear that we’ll be upset with them.”

    Hey, I like android as much as the next guy who reads this site, but it’s true.

  42. Steve Jobs is a organ donor line jumping douchebag. Oh and iPad is a stupid fucking name.

  43. It hurts, doesn’t it Jobs. To not have the whole world praising your newest device. Well that’s what you get for being an stubborn asshole.

  44. 2.0+ api has multi touch; or do you mean pinch zoom? The multitouch api is what is important, for MANY other areas aside from something really not that great in the first place such as pinch zoom.

    Never the less, everyone should have a CHOICE as if they want to use pinch zoom or not, so I still do agree with you, I just wanted to put my little rant in because I want multi touch so that I can play games on Android phones without requiring a physical keyboard :D

  45. Open Source your OS and see how long you stay on the market. Sorry Jobsey, but your Turtle Neck is a bit to tight.

    Inovation is all about wowing and driving others to stride for greatness. More of the same old crap year after year with little tweaks is not inovation. Its called trying to maintane your market share. Sure there are suckers on both sides, but I can say over the years I’ve never bought a Mac product, never spent a dime directly to google, but use Google products every day. My phone has Android on it, which means I’ve contributed indirectly and that my turtle necked friend is more than I can ever say about your rotten apple company.

    Yes Google is evil, they provide a free service to iPhones, Androids, BlackBerrys and lord only knows what. I guess being smarter than the average hippie is a bad thing. Can’t wait for them to buy you out and close your dumb @$! down. =)

  46. one sentence rebuttal?

    Our phones and netbooks multitask, do yours?

  47. I would love to see some new mac like ads by Google.
    “I’m an Android, I’m an iPhone”

    And just go wild with them on Youtube. HAHA..

  48. Whether Flash is the greatest platform on earth or a mediocre one is utterly beside the point. Apple won’t support it because it gives people a way to get around them taking a cut of every media/DRM purchase you make through their phones/computers. The. End. It has nothing to do with them caring deeply about anything. It’s about money.

  49. The Steve –

    That sound you hear is the Google train and she’s headed for Cupertino.

  50. if you could provide a 1-sentence rebuttal to Mr. Steve Jobs and Apple, what would you say to him?

    Thank you come again.

  51. Steve Jobs is scared shitless. Android rules

  52. at least he said crap and not bullshit the latter being more vulgar seeing as Steve Jobs is a Buddhist, Steve never been very “buddhist-like” in the way he acts as a CEO though…

  53. maybe we will finally get multi-touch.

  54. Don’t be evil *is* crap, if, you know, you want to sell people overpriced devices and still control all the hardware and software and media purchases and user experience and keep out open source.

    Then, yeah, agreed, absolutely, it’s crap.

  55. My rebuttal:

    “You wear jeans and sneakers.”

  56. Interesting that HTML5 editors are from Apple and Google. Strange bedfellows??

    See here:

  57. I can tell those of you trashing flash aren’t web devs of any kind, or into graphic arts. Adobe products have their market share because they are second to none. Photoshop/Illustrator simply can’t be matched. Dreamweaver is the best html editor right now, and flash has so much capability its not even funny. Flash isn’t going anywhere for at least 5/10 years.

  58. Don’t be Apple sounds good for the situation no? :-)

  59. I would like to say to S. Jobs: You are right!

  60. Haha… the article asked for a one sentence rebuttal, lol… so here is my contribution.

    “The King is wearing no clothes”…

  61. Apple does its best to legally avoid competition. The only thing of note with the iPad is that it runs a CPU made by Apple from one of their acquisitions. So now Apple is getting into the CPU business to compete with Motorola, Samsung, Qualcomm, Intel, IBM, AMD, and Nvidia.

    They don’t like being able to be directly compared to their competition.
    They don’t like Flash because it would ruin their stranglehold on the application market and it would make the same software available regardless of device.
    They don’t like Google because many core components of the iPhone are based on Google services.
    It’s only a matter of time before Apple does get into the search business (likely through an acquisition) because they want to be a legal monopoly.

  62. My rebuttal: Pochi, you’re an idiot for stating “1st!” and then failing. Grow up.

  63. Corporate warfare, I love it. An arms race between Apple and Google (not to mention Nokia, Microsoft, and Palm) means more updates and features for all smartphone users, regardless of platform.

    Oh and he’s right, Flash does suck.

  64. Let me explain something to you all.

    Googles CEO, Eric Schmidt, sat on the Apple Board of Directors for 2 years, taking notes on all their projects, learning all he can, then he used that information against Apple.

    You guys say “Oh, but Google bought Android Inc 2 years before the iPhone was released, apparently S.J. doesn’t look at facts”, well my uninformed who thinks they’re informed friend(s), if you had seen the original Android UI concepts before the iPhone was released, they looked like crap, like something out of a Palm Treo. The iPhone, whether you people like it or not, created a whole new vision for smartphones. Phones with that modern day GUI were inspired by the iPhone. Phones with the power and capabilities of computers were inspired by the iPhone. Sure they were worked on previous, but the iPhone was the first really successful step in showing how it could look, and hence inspired most of the others after it, Googles Android 110% included.

    I am not saying that the iPhone is better, although I’d still prefer it over Android as iTunes, however shitty you claim it is, is a giant advantage over Android for me.

    Steve Jobs is a little bit bitchy, but no matter how bitchy or worried you think he is, the guy is a fucking genius, a straight up genius, and you best get on your knees thanking him for the competition that he is sure to bring in the upcoming year. Competition that innovates and inspires better products from HIS competition.

    Bitchy or not, Google straight up screwed Apple over by using their information against them, now you look at the facts, and I mean look that shit up, before replying to me with “Apple fanboy jackass speaking out of his anus”, well f-ck you too, I know what I’m talking about.

  65. looks like jobs is fueling the arrogant nature of iPhone users! Kudos for keeping in touch with your audience!
    It’s VERY unprofessional for him to have called Google’s mantra a load of crap/bullshit. It shows he lacks the capacity for a reasoned argument against them, and is scared of them. Why else would he have been so opinionated about Google?
    And he can hardly have a go at Adobe – he decided to make a big iPhone with less features that was based around the web, then didn’t make Adobe happy enough for them to alter their flash player. Google however, did. Cry more Jobs, cry more.

  66. Apple is an amazing company with endless possibles, too many ppl are worried about when apple is going to fail. Microsoft can’t hang with Apple, and Android is far behind especially with apps. Apple is androids big brother, don’t forget who brought multi touch to the table, the ipod-which everyone and their mom has, aldo itunes! Every Android phone you get always ends up in hard resets and faulty software.

  67. Eric Schmidt is a genius as wells as Steve Jobs, he is only being anal to protect is company. That’s what anyone would do. No one is happy losing, plus apple is still ahead of the game so well see what happens 2010

  68. I have to admit. Really dont care much for flash. Using my android phone, i never feel like im missing out because i dont have flash. All we need is flash video. Youtube is really the only thing i require flash for.

  69. I don’t know much about HTML5 but a lot of the things Flash was used for could have been replaced by other technologies anyway. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both need to get over themselves. Both have come out attacking other companies that compete with them a little too heavy handedly showing that they are a little intimidated by the influx of Linux devices into their territory. Or more to the Point that Linux devices and OSes are advancing so rapidly as to become competition. They fear Google will advance Linux to the major player point and make it accessible to those who might have been afraid of it before.

  70. HTML5 will not take nearly as long to gain momentum as it’s taken to phase out IE6. First off, IE6 was the browser king for a long time. If you developed for the web, you developed for IE, period. Other browsers were nice and new technologies were swell, but if it didn’t work with IE6, it didn’t get traction. Then Firefox came along and began eating away at IE’s market share. It’s taken awhile, but IE6 is on the verge of death and IE’s complete web dominance is more or less over. We’re entering an age where IE can no longer define what is and is not a successful web technology, which means that if Firefox and the other major non-IE browsers embrace support for HTML5, content providers like Google, Apple, and Hulu can more safely publish their content with HTML5. There’s been a thirst for more advanced web technologies for years and with IE finally losing it’s place and other major browsers embracing the latest and greatest, there’s going to be a rush to accept HTML5 as the defacto web standard. It may be 2-3 years before it’s functionally ubiquitous, but it won’t be 9, not even close. With Google switching Youtube to HTML5 and Apple refusing to support Flash at all, Flash’s relevance will be coming to a quick end soon. I’d be surprised if Hulu isn’t HTML5 in 5 years… I’m betting more like 2, max.

  71. All Android products kill the iPhone!….I said it once and ill say it again “By 2013, THERE WILL BE NO MORE IPHONE!!!!! And Steve Jobs is mad because he knows it!

  72. I think Mr. Jobs should look in a mirror when discussing killing products, he has been on a seek and destroy mission for killing anything non-Apple.

  73. blow me jobs!

  74. Hey Steve! Paranoia will destroy ya!

  75. @ Aenar

    You’re an idiot! <

  76. May it be war!
    Google you win!
    Now screw HTML5/h.264 on YouTube and use the real standard HTML5/Ogg Theora. This will do it.

    BTW: Multitouch on Nexus has been released with Android update :) Is this the first strike?

    One sentence:
    Jobso, you were cool once, now you’re pathetic.

  77. There are many things to admire Apple for. But the one thing that Android’s fast development has shown up, is that Apple’s miniscule improvements for every new generation of iPhone OSes and hardware are a deliberate act to milk their customers and supporters for as long as possible. It’s not that Apple can’t push out the improvements quickly, I’m sure. I think people are starting to realise that there is a price to pay for continuing to buy into the Apple fun/cute/pretty ecosystem – higher cost, lesser freedom and control. For some, they are prepared to pay the price. But for others, because viable alternatives are around which they can see and compare, the Apple way may no longer be so attractive.

  78. Steve, if I had one thing to say to you, it would be: Steve, that whole Google is bullshit thing, yeahh….that’s bullshit.

  79. Android OS is the future. It’s a fact and a reality. Whether that came about because of Apple’s success is irrelevant. Motorola and Verizon did a great job of getting Android the exposure it deserves. Yes, there are a few glitches now and then, but they will be fixed, and the OS will run like a dream. I have even seen Android on appliances, just a little taste of what’s to come. Android will pretty much run just about any appliance or device in the future I believe. Apple is so much into themselves that they don’t want to be a part of a good thing just because they didn’t come up with it. Apple will always have a loyal customer base, but I truly feel that in the end, the company who is willing to morph not only with the needs and wants of the people, but with other technologies and companies, is the one that will prevail. Right now, it looks like Google with Android OS is that company. SWALLOW IT JOBS.

  80. The Emperor has no clothes. iPad was an epic fail. Macs went to an Intel Chip. iPhone has a competitor who has more juice and potentially more market share (if TheGoog simply sent out something through the browser, it would reach the world in seconds).

    Stevie killed his own phone by saddling it with ATT. He will have to answer to his shareholders for that.

  81. Hey Steve-When are YOU going to enter the PHONE business. I know my Iphone can’t make calls.

  82. How did this turn from a rant against Jobs, Inc. into a rant against Adobe? Flash may be nearing the end of its time, but to blast Photoshop? You must not be a photographer (or not willing to pay what it takes to be)!

    And most of the other Adobe programs are top or in the top of their respective markets.

    As far as Jobs, he is showing his true colors, he is a whiny little baby who doesn’t want to play if he isn’t in the lead.

  83. hi. There. You. Are. Wrong. Its. Going. Too. Be. The. Lg. Expo. Phone. With. A. Built. In. Projector. That. Will. Make. The. iPhone. Retreats. Because. The. iPhone. Won’t. Project. The. Avatar. Movie

  84. I have to disclose upfront: I am not a partisan here, because I use an iMac at home and a G1 on the road. Criticism of Apple is fair (especially for it’s bogus phone and new ipad), but no PC can ever convince me to switch back to the Windows platform and all of it’s instability and insecurity issues and desktop Linux (eg RedHat, Ubuntu, etc) is still playing catch up with drivers for new hardware, etc. Hence, I say long live the Mac Leopard. Stable, secure, and far faster with 1G of RAM then Vista with 2!!! The problem with Apple is that it’s other devices, like the ipod, iphone, ipad- they are just not the equal of the great iMac in their respective markets. The Moto Droid and Nexus One leave the iphone begging for a mercy shot to the head in terms of ease of use, compatibility with other software and hardware, battery and memory upgradeability, standardized USB ports, music from anyone and anywhere, virtual as well as real keyboards, etc. These are products that have not been rushed to market and well designed, unlike the over-hyped iphone. I think Android is a better OS for a PHONE than scaled down Mac Leopard, too. But, I must concede that old Steve is right: Flash sucks donkey d**k and html5 SHOULD replace it. Unfortunately, it’s an already-entrenched de facto Web standard we will probably have to accommodate for several years or cripple our anti-Flash devices from utilizing ALL the Web’s wonderful content in the meantime. Thank you, Steve for the iMac- the world’s best home desktop, and Leopard, the best home OS by far. But, f**k you, too, for your bogus ATT-only phones and consumer-shafting iTunes Stores. Just as Apple needed to cripple Microsoft when it got ridiculous and started shafting us with it’s de facto monopoly, it’s time for Google to cripple YOU now that YOU’RE getting outta hand with YOUR de facto monopoly, and when the day comes that the “don’t be evil” guys fulfill your prophecy (this is a when, not if computer history is any indicator), some new player will put THEM in their place, too. This is what makes real free markets a wonderful thing: the consumer doesn’t have to get sodomized for too long before competition brings alternatives to the table worth considering :-)

  85. Wow.

    So far, reading these messages, I would have learned that Apple invented everything and everyone else screwed them out of it. Glad I know better.

    I like Apple. I love my iMac and MacBook Pro. I’m a recent convert to Macs (within the last year). I would have bought an iPhone instead of a Droid if Apple would have allowed me to.

    See, I live in an area that AT&T doesn’t cover. Apparently I am one of the 3%… Right. Gimme a break. If Apple would have partnered with someone other than AT&T, and had decent home area coverage, they would have owned the market. It was ripe for competition, and I am glad to see that someone finally entered it and gave us poor 3%’ers a decent smart phone.

    I believe in the free software and open source idea, and run all kinds of it on my Macs. Now, the androids are following in that tradition. I applaud Google for supporting that movement.

    Is Google data mining? Obviously. Is Apple? YOU BET! So is Microsoft, Yahoo, Adobe, Betty Crocker, and every other corporation out there, including the US government. It’s how they live. It’s how they make money. It’s the world we now live in. None of them are innocent.

    Ideas are “stolen” all of the time. That’s why you can buy a minivan from someone other than Chrysler, a hamburger from someone other than McDonald’s, and a smart phone from someone other than Apple (via AT&T). Lines are becoming blurred between business models, hardware people are developing software and vice-versa. Companies are being absorbed all of the time. M$ wouldn’t be the success it is today without the ideas and products it absorbed and rebranded. Apple would be nothing without the trip to Xerox PARC.

    Everyone should be happy that we have these choices… It would be quite a gray world if we didn’t have competition out there. We’d all still be talking on Princess phones, looking at green monitors and using “clicky” keyboards.

  86. steve jobs = nerd hitler?

  87. After this blah blah i just have to say: Symbian is the king of all. Apple try to beat it!

  88. i haven’t had a problem with flash until a few months ago when i upgraded to windows 7. Now any internet browser frequently craps out on me when im viewing flash based content. So for now flash sucks.

  89. Nice to see Apple has shown its true colors! [1984 Style!]

    I wonder If Steve is ready to come out of the closet yet. A Turtle Neck! Seriously?????

    I look forward to when our new iOverlord locks down Applications on OS-X like their iPad, iPod, and iPhone…

    Man, I can’t wait for the new iGoverment uprising! I look forward to seeing why 1984 won’t be like 1984. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Jobs!

  90. I have a Mac and PC for my work. I have an Ipod Touch, I would have an Iphone if it was not on ATT. I have a droid. The more I use the Droid, the more I like it.

    The Iphone ATT deal is helping to power Droid sales. I have friends with the Iphone, and It is really neat. But My company uses Verizon. I am not going to change companies just for the Iphone. I don’t want to spend crazy money for a cracked iphone so that is why.

    Apple has powered the Droid Phone, just as Microsoft Vista Powered Mac Sales.

    From where I sit the Iphone ATT mistake is another missed que by Jobs. His Rant against Flash, Google and Adobe make Jobs look like a teen ager. All stupid and with a small penis.

  91. I love how steve jobs loves to play a victim when he’s the biggest pirate.

    Um.. news flash steve, you weren’t first in the “phone business” either.. just like google you are late in game stealing another companies idea, not unlike how you stole the concept of the GUI from Xerox.

    Apple is great at repackaging other peoples tech inventions into consumer products.. so what you can’t handle when google does the same thing?

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