Feb 1st, 2010

Steve Jobs is feeling the heat. In some cases an executive might play the calm, cool and collected gameface, allowing a sense of confidence to convince the masses that yeah, this dude is in control. But not Jobs. At an employee conference/event he was asked about Google and Adobe and went on a tirade that spewed venomous insults at each.


On Google:

On Google: We did not enter the search business, Jobs said. They entered the phone business. Make no mistake they want to kill the iPhone. We won’t let them, he says. Someone else asks something on a different topic, but there’s no getting Jobs off this rant. I want to go back to that other question first and say one more thing, he says. This don’t be evil mantra: “It’s bullshit.” Audience roars.

Cry me a river. Apple has only been in the phone business for a few years, it isn’t like they’re veterans of the game. He sounds like he has stuck some flag in the ground that provides Apple claim to the phone throne for all of eternity. And regardless, company’s are free to enter new markets. If you don’t think Google and Android have something to do with the recent explosion of phone capabilities/excitement than you’ve got to be on crack.

Google doesn’t want to kill the iPhone – they don’t need to do that. Plus it’s good to have Apple around because competition fuels innovation and Apple certainly has some great ideas. As far as the “Don’t Be Evil” thing? Attacking Google just makes Jobs seem like a nervous wreck that is backed into a corner by the recent iPad debacle.

He doesn’t save ALL of his hatred for Google, he hooks up Adobe with some of that:

About Adobe: They are lazy, Jobs says. They have all this potential to do interesting things but they just refuse to do it. They don’t do anything with the approaches that Apple is taking, like Carbon. Apple does not support Flash because it is so buggy, he says. Whenever a Mac crashes more often than not it’s because of Flash. No one will be using Flash, he says. The world is moving to HTML5.

Ouch. By the way, some people are reporting that Jobs actually said, “Don’t be evil is a load of crap.” I’m not sure if one would prefer crap to bullshit or vice versa, but neither is very nice.

Alright Android fans… if you could provide a 1-sentence rebuttal to Mr. Steve Jobs and Apple, what would you say to him?

[Via Wired]

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