Moto Milestone “Coming Soon” On TELUS Site


Before we told you that the Motorola Milestone made its Best Buy Buyer’s Guide debut, well now it is listed as “Coming Soon” on the Telus site.


On the new page you can register to receive updates on the Milestone and its availability in Canada. It seems Canada will be receiving the Moto Milestone very soon! With all the news this week so far on the release, when do you think it will be available from TELUS? My guess? We’ll see the Motorola Milestone on TELUS before the end of the month. What do you think?

[via TELUS]

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  1. Yah that would be my guess aswell…

  2. Canada has received some good Android handsets from all the carriers. It’s good to see that the Milestone is being made available as well.

    UNFORTUNATELY, even if we get the more powerful Android phones, it still doesn’t change the fact that we’re still limited to free apps only here in Canada. I think that will still take away from the Android experience.

  3. Unfortunatley not even the Milestone will ever get me going back to Telus.

  4. I cant wait. Rogers goodbye.

  5. Speaking of the Milestone being a smartphone witout limits. You can’t install custom ROMs on a rooted Milestone as Motorola chose to cryptographically sign the boot loader and other parts necessary for loading custom ROMs. Here in Europe the majority of users of this phone already plan to get rid of it in favor of an HTC, most likely the Nexus One.
    We are not sure why they even bother to publish the device’s source code if you can’t use that for anything but looking at it.

  6. @Jeff
    Same here, there isn’t anything Telus could offer that would ever make me subscribe to their services again. They’re as crooked as they come… at least in my experience.

  7. finally!! i was so pissed when it didnt come out around January 26th oh and to the others im sorry about your bad Telus experiences :P my dad has been with them since they were BCtel (telus is a merge of BCtel and that other alberta cell network) but seriously if u r using rogers stick to your slow 7.2mbsp network telus and bell have world supreme HSPA+ at 21mbps!!

  8. Still there is the signed bootloader which makes it impossible to install Customroms…..

  9. Sorry … never going back to Telus. Rogers is the least of these 2 evils to me.

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