LG Touts InTouch Max GW620


Great news for you LG fans out there! The Android device for you is here, that is for those of you in the UK via T-Mobile and Virgin. The LG InTouch Max GW620 has a slew of features including:

  • Android Cupcake
  • 5-line QWERTY keyboard
  • 3-inch touchscreen display
  • 5-megapixel camera with auto face tagging
  • 1500mAh battery.
  • microSD card slot supporting up to 16GB cards
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • push email.

As a fan of physical keyboards, it appears to be large and spacious enough for the fattest of fingers. What do you all think across the pond, is this your new Android phone? Let us know your thoughts and check all the photos below.


As for Android Cupcake? That wasn’t the dessert we were hoping for… but hopefully the LG Bakery will cook up an OTA update shortly after release.

[via LGE]

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  1. Is this coming to the usa?

    tmobile tmobile tmobile… PLEASE!!!

  2. I really really like that keyboard, never used it but from appearances it looks wonderful

  3. wished the screen would be bigger than 3″

  4. This looks like the LG Eve that Rogers (here in Canada) has been carrying since November 2009:


  5. Looks nice, but no Donut? wtf?

  6. This is the LG Eve. I would avoid this like the plague since it is stuck on 1.5, and LG has no official timeline for Android updates.

    Also, it uses a touch resistive display. Too bad, because I really like the keyboard and overall design.

  7. applebook: I happend to like the plague… But I still wouldn’t get this phone…

  8. this is already in Canada with Rogers as LG Eve

  9. I thought this was the LG Android comin to Sprint? If it does come…Increase that screen half a inch and im sold.

  10. Yep – as mentioned, been avail on Rogers in Canada for a while.

    Bad rez(2** x 3**), shitty screen, fat as hell, hardware is g1/dream ish.. (looked all over the net for cpu info when it was released but couldn’t find it anywhere)

    only ‘nice’ part about it is the keyboard – don’t know about the cam..

  11. No no no. HTC Hero has better specs (though without keyboard) Tmobile has better offerings as the leading Android carrier. My G1 will offer better experience with Donut and a slightly bigger screen. I seriously don’t like LG but would have been tempted by better specs. If manufacturers keep putting out sub par devices I’ll defect….. um I take that back. HTC is blazing a trail for Android. Closely followed by Moto. LG sorry that a crap fone

  12. … resistive screen … for women accordingly to LGE!

  13. isn’t that the android phone with the resistive screen?? DEAL BREAKER!!!!!!!!

  14. That would be nice if that headed over to the states. Really liking it and it has a 5 line keyboard which I really like.

  15. Wish you would mention the Android v. number like 1.5 or 2.0. I don’t follow this stuff close enough to know how old cupcake is without looking it up elsewhere.

  16. LG will be releasing Donut for this badboy this spring to Canadian users. I would expect this to get the same.

  17. I got this phone a few weeks ago.. just found out about the apps.. 1st time.. wanted a iphone until i noticed i can get apps to help the phone.. but only problem is.. it lags.. starts to vibrate for no reason and freeze and the battery life is worst then a obese person running for the bus.. it wont make it! but everything else on the phone is superb ohh aswel you cant bluetooth music.. i aint found it.. if anyone knows how to please tell me cuz i cant send nothing!

  18. if you want to transfer music download the “Bump” app.

    other than that the battery life on this phone is a JOKE! 8 hours max and thats on standby!

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