Real Rendering of the HTC Supersonic?


By now I’m sure you have already seen the photos of the HTC Supersonic that have been floating around the internet the past few days. Although they were the worst photos ever, they do appear to be legit as we are now seeing with this rendering of HTC’s new device. It was only a matter of time, but here is a decent render of the HTC Supersonic. It seems to be comparable to the Nexus One with regards to specs.

HTC SUpersonic Render

Android 2.1 w/ HTC Sense UI
1GHz Snapdragon
Built-in FM Radio
Sprint WiMax (4G)

Who’s looking forward to the Supersonic? Looks like another score for HTC!

[via LeakDroid]

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  1. Oh yeah, we have a winner!!!! Cant wait, perfect time to be a sprint customer.

  2. Surely it needs some form of navigation control? Scrollball or Trackpad?

  3. @G8d

    its called your fingers!!! wellcome to 2010, glad your joining us finally…

  4. But every Android smartphone I have seen (definitely from HTC/Moto/Samsung) has a precision controls. I feel it add something to the experience.

  5. Wow this looks promising….looks about 33333x better than the iPhone too. Pray for Quad band GSM and maybe UMTS though….

  6. I agree with G8D. Trackballs or pads help so much when typing. If I need to send a serious email, and when I’m almost done, I realize I misspelled something further up in the text, the trackball makes it so much easier to get to the right spot and delete that one letter. If this phone had a trackball or optical trackball it would be the best phone out yet. I hope it has a huge battery!

  7. G8D, the only time I used the trackball on my G1 was in Cyanogen’s recovery image and as the “action” button to downgrade to RC29. There is no need for a trackball in Android.

  8. @alex Enfiedjian
    Do you use auto correct, or prediction? If you did, you wouldn’t have to worry about a misspelled word because as you type, it would be spelled correctly for you. I have a trackball on my hero, and i swear i never use it, except when booting into recovery why I flash a new ROM or something. This phone is gonna be a monster.

  9. It’s looking real nice. gonna have to agree with G8D on the trackball/pad.

  10. Yes please

  11. I like the trackball too but on a screen that big i can live without it. The phone is already huge, possibly if they added a trackball/pad might make this big phone bigger. I mean where would they put it, they would have to add space to the bottom.

  12. @methodz
    Or space the 4 buttons into a position in which would suit 5 buttons but place a ball/pad in the middle.

    Also: are those buttons soft or hard?

  13. Still waiting for a “super phone” with a physical keyboard. The thinner form factor of a touch-only phone is nice, but being able to navigate without having to touch the screen is better (at least for me)… same goes for being able to type messages or play games while viewing the FULL screen content. Anyone who has tried using the SNES emulator on an HTC Dream versus a Magic will know what I`m talking about. :)

    So, until HTC releases something like this with physical keyboard, I`ll pass…

  14. any word if Sprint will charge a “premium” for 4G connectivity?

  15. The biggest thing about the Nexus One is 512M RAM (in addition to the number of small add-on features that they cram into it, display resolution, noise cancellation…). You cannot say that a phone has comparable specs to the N1 based solely on the processor. That’s silly.

  16. Mmmm yum. Looks good! By the time my contract allows there will be some sweet Android offerings!

  17. It’s about time hesse and the other heads in the sand got a phone that’s somewhat comparable to the phones on every other carrier!!!!

  18. @R.e

    You are right, they shouldn’t compare this with the N1, because a comparison means things are similar. This is supposed to have 1GB of RAM just like the HD2, so that coupled with a 4.3 inch screen, 2.1 with Sense UI, 4G and a FM Radio really doesn’t compare with the N1. Its actually alot better.

  19. kickstand? like a bicycle?

  20. I’m sorry, HTC is true to their slogan, really “quietly brilliant”. Its a shame that the press prefer to wallow over the iPad than great devices like this. Well we live in an unfair world, right ?

  21. @ G8D I thought of that, but htc probably did too. maybe it is a cost thing as this looks like just a modified version of the hd2 which also does not have an optical input. perhaps no room for the internals in that small spot. trust me i’d want one if they could find a way to keep the same size.

  22. Believe me, once this phone is ready to come out, the press will be all over it. Sprint will not do what google did and not market it. This phone will be an instant success simply because us consumers always want the next big thing, and this definately fits in that category. It will make the N1 yesterdays news. Actually it already is.

  23. @swazedahustla The HD2 doesn’t have 1GB of RAM – it has 448MB. And the T-mobile variant has somewhere shy of 600MB. I think what you did is mix up the differences between RAM and ROM, because it has about half of a gig of each.

  24. Maybe, maybe not, we wont know until the phone is actually out.

  25. @fryhole actually the T-Mobile HD2 was updated to have a little less than 600mb of RAM (like you said), but 1GB or ROM.

  26. It looks like this ugly MP3 player I had years ago ><

  27. Everytime I see Supersonic, it brings back memories of JJ Fad


  28. Will this come out for T-Mobile customers?

  29. @Robert
    Doubtful. Tmob is GSM, which won’t use wimax.

  30. looks cool….the screen looks bigger then 3.7….

  31. Its comming to tmobile but it will have WM crap OS on it, maybe they will fix that over at XDA dev forums.

  32. Finaly a phone that doesnt look like a piece of soap.

  33. Reminds of the iPhone just with 4 buttons at the bottom and that is not a bad thing. Prefer Android anyway.

  34. sorry to be a noob here… but what is WiMax? And if it means 4g, then how much more faster than 3g is it? Hopefully as fast as my wifi!! :)

  35. Anyone else out there with a g1 get an os update about 2:30 in the morning?can’t tell just what it did,still says 1.6.also,was auto-rebooting before this happened,twice in three days that I caught.this is an old feed,so I will try my query again on a newer one when it breaks.

  36. this phone better have hdmi

  37. @jj
    Sprint’s WiMax is going to be slower than T-Mobiles 3.5G upgrade.
    Sprints website showing speeds:
    T-mobiles site showing speeds:

  38. I hope this phone works good on web browser speed like rocket

  39. @swehes. Both have plenty of bandwidth. It’ll be interesting to see how ping times compare. I’ve seen varying reports from speed tests on both HSPA+ and WiMax networks. Lowering ping times is the real key to making mobile broadband feel like DSL or cable internet.

  40. Potential 4g speeds is around 21mbps. no need to get there so soon. Then I read a rumor the next code revision of wimax will open around 50mbps or so.

  41. I cant wait for this phone. I love my hero but this is the form factor I’ve been waiting for!

    p.s Tmobile lovers crack me up! I stuck with them for 8 years and finally switched to sprint for the hero. I have never been happier. I think they dont know what there missing.

  42. @swehes

    Aren’t you looking at sprint’s modemn stats, and not cell phone stats?? Noone is using 4G on cell phones so not sure how that is even relevent. Maybe it is i dont know.

  43. I can’t wait. I will put my Hero to rest to obtain this phone. Hopefully it will be worth it.


  44. i’m a HD2-er and all i got to say is – Mo’ Battery!

  45. Why do they discontinue dedicated call/end call buttons?

  46. I hope they make a qwerty version…

  47. new picture/render :


    it looks so damn sexy. i want this phone. please release it on MWC ..

  48. I agree on the keyboard issue. I prefer to have a slide out keyboard like the old touch pro

  49. can’t wait to get out from this moment we not even on the 2.1. This is gonna give sprint a “leg up”.

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