HTC Supersonic – Is This It?


I never doubted the HTC Supersonic exists… I said that this screenshot doesn’t prove it. And when the first “live pictures” popped up on the net I was extremely hesitant. Like the screenshot, they seemed over-photoshopped, poorly edited and just overall looked like a mess. I mean, Mr. Blurrycam is annoying this is more like Mr. Butchercam. Judge for yourself:


But then a couple pictures of the phone taken PRIOR to the chop job (supposedly) surfaced that made things a little bit more believable:



I’m not sure what to make of these but I’m MUCH more open to believing the rumor after seeing these second set of photos. Are you?

[Via Leakdroid]

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  1. It doesn’t really look “HTC” if that makes sense..

    Still possible I guess.

  2. zzzzzzzzzz

  3. Looks believable to me now because it matches a pic released that looks exactly like the black version claiming to be the same:


    Kind of think we are a bit late on this one. I like the white version though, not the black.

  4. @G8D
    not all that different looking than the HTC HD2…

  5. I keep seeing sexy phones in the “leaked” photos but they never seem to materialize. :(

  6. HTC has been working on this phone for a little while now. If you remember last year when they thought the HD2 was Android well this was the phone that was spotted it was called something different. These photos get leaked per order of the companies themselves it’s called marketing people. Todays market is all about the hype ,the more you create the more money said company makes by exposure.This isn’t the first time Russian sites have had the scoop ahead of us coincidence I think not.So, the whole point of my rambling is that this is “THE REAL DEAL!”

  7. YES!!!!!!!!! and coming to a sprint dealer near you. Cant wait.

  8. weird, where’s the trackball ? Google need to find a way to make navigating through text fields easier and more accurate without using trackballs/dpads

  9. I just got the HTC hero in November, and I don’t give A Fuck how much this will cost me…I WANT THIS PHONE

  10. This is really what the Nexus One should have been…especially if it has the same ROM/RAM update that the T-Mobile US version of the HD2 has. ROM 1GB and RAM 576MB.

  11. @ Paris coke

    I think this phone will not come out for a while. I would guess early fall, late summer. Sprint let’s you update once every year. I just got a hero too. I am going to get it right away. Unless it comes out in fall.

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