Nexus One Dock Available Now!


For those of you who are Nexus One owners out there, your long awaited accessories are now becoming available. Head on over to the Google store and check out the new Desktop Dock.  For $45, users get the dock as well as a 3.5mm RCA audio cable so you can listen to your music through your stereo.


Once you place your Nexus One in the dock, it immediately opens the clock app. Similarly to the other media jacks, you’ll be able to set alarms, play music, check weather, and watch slideshows of your photos.

Unfortunately, this is solely a media dock and the user manual shows that you should not connect your dock to a computer since it does not transmit data. So who is ready to order up this sweet dock for your Nexus One?

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  1. don’t think this will sell well…I think there will be a quick price drop soon

  2. yawn. 3.5mm output is convenient, but an HDMI port would have been more “super phone”ish

  3. Seriously where is this for sale? It is not on the nor the Nexus One site.

  4. It’s a really nice looking dock, I will give it that.

  5. Holding out for the car dock.

  6. isn’t 45$ a bit steep !!! im not into phone accessories but i think such thing should cost about 25$ and not more

  7. If you go to the phone site, click on buy, scroll down past Verizon and Vodafone, you’ll see the dock.

  8. @Dasneal You go to and click on “Get Your Phone” and then it’s at the bottom.

  9. my goodness that is dull…. is that it?

    where is the car dock with fm transmitter?

  10. You forgot to mention that this Dock uses Bluetooth to transmit the audio from the Nexus One. Don’t believe me? Read page two of the user’s manual:

  11. It not only has an auxiliary out for plugging in to your sound system, but built in Bluetooth as well. The owners manual states once u place it in the dock the Bluetooth automatically pairs…stream/control your music from anywhere in your house via Bluetooth with your phone! Pretty damn cool IMHO and worth my $45.

  12. Yeah i ordered mine already and i would’ve paid that much for any dock i paid 500 for a phone why not 40 for a dock?

  13. Would it come with a UK plug? Might be worth buying this rather than a separate UK charger…?

  14. Give us a desktop manager to sync outlook/contacts/notes/calendar with that think and I’ll spend $50. Sucks having a super phone and having to sync it by hand with your OUTLOOK via .csv file, and outlook notes via TXT files. Come on already.

  15. Anyone know if the eris will fit in this? I haven’t seen a dock or anything from HTC

  16. Boy the dock sucks. I’ve already asked for an RMA.

    The phone just barely sits in the dock. If you were try to use it while docked, any touch of an icon in the top half of the screen flips the bottom out of the cradle.

    I’m not sure the reasoning, but they designed it to just barely rest in it. It might be sort of serviceable if you docked and and never touched it, but if you are going to use it to play music you might want to touch it now and then without using 2 hands to keep it in the dock.

  17. The dock has a MAJOR design flaw. If you touch the phone at all while docked it slides out onto the desk/floor. I’m going to have to hot glue some braces onto it to make it useable. Sometimes I wonder who how these engineers get jobs (being one myself).

  18. The only problem I see right now is that google is only shipping from the US, making it very expensive to ship to abroad. it would cost $90 plus 17.5% VAT and – I’m not entirely certain coz I don’t have to pay that for the handset – 6.5% import tax. That makes it $112 that is ~GBP73.
    Pretty pricey

  19. The guy that said he was synching with Outlook using CSV…dude; get “TouchDown for 2.1” from the Market. You can synch direcly to the phone from any ActiveSync or Exchange enabled email server!

    Oh, and the person that said an HDMI dock for N1 would be cool was 100% right!

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