The Robot Superphone Brews Up Storm Of Boringness


It has Android, looks like the BlackBerry Storm, but sports some super lame specs and costs $179… it’s The Robot by Chinavision. If you’re three times as gullible as the next guy you can by 3 of them for only $170/each.

Chris Ziegler from Engadget was able to find the one redeeming quality of the phone, besides its use of Android:

you have to admit that it’s got the bossest, most unapologetic silver Android logo you’ve ever seen right below the subpar display

Hellz yeah. Also noted should be the company’s repeated use of the word “superphone”, probably a lame attempt to trick you into thinking its of the “Nexus One” breed for which Andy Rubin and Google coined the term in the first place. Yeah, no.

Either you can take my word that the specs are sub par or you can read the press release:

Welcome to 2010, a new year and a brand new phone. The Robot Android OS cell phone is here. With plenty of great apps, Wifi, and being fully unlocked, this is THE mobile phone for people who enjoy taking control of their communication experience.

With a Samsung 2448 400Mhz processor for quick response time along with the user-friendly Android OS environment, you can make phone calls, send text messages, create media enhanced picture messages, and much more inside the phone’s richly enhanced GUI menu system. Better still, you have instant access to all of your favorite Google applications like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Talk.

Much like a mini netbook computer, the Robot Superphone lets you do so much more than a regular cell phone. Already pre-loaded with over 20 apps, you can instant message, send email, check the weather, read your favorite RSS feeds, and do so much more with a single cellphone.

With all those pre-loaded applications on the Robot Superphone you can already communicate with friends, family and colleagues in every way possible, but that is not all! New tools and toys are constantly being developed for the Android OS which you can download from the Google Apps store or other internet sites onto your microSD memory card (a 2GB card is included free!) to run on your new Superphone. Since Android is an open-source operating system, you will be able to enjoy a constant stream of new, exciting, and often free selection of software to enjoy on your new Robot Superphone.

You can also use the phone’s wireless connection to surf the internet on wifi wireless hotspots. Not only will this allow you to be more productive and enjoy your free time more, but when you surf the internet on your wifi connection – it is free, with no need to use up your cell phone data plan minutes!

If you are in the market for a new phone for yourself or the one you love, then this is the phone for you! The Robot Superphone is designed to be the most interesting phone you have ever owned. Made for today’s busy lifestyle, this mobile phone really will cater to your every need, whether you are a corporate exec or soccer mom. It is in stock in our warehouse right now for single piece or large bulk purchases, so order yours today and we will express ship it out tomorrow!

At a Glance…

* Wifi
* Unlocked
* Reads PDF Files
* Google Android OS
* New Robot Superphone
* Dual Band GSM (900/1800)
* 2.8 Inch Touchscreen Display
* 2GB microSD memory card is included free!
* Pre-loaded with plenty of Apps (more than 25!)
* Power phone for power-users, but at a low wholesale price!
* Download new software tools and toys to your microSD card to run on your Superphone

NOTE: This product is compatible with the worldwide standard GSM frequencies of 900MHz and 1800MHz. Please check with your local provider if you are unsure of your local band requirement.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. *can “buy” 3 of them for only $170/each

    not to be picky :D

  2. I think you’re completely missing the point here by slamming this thing. OK, calling it a superphone is dumb, and asking for trouble. But if you think Android is going to take over the world by riding on the backs of $600 phones, you’re crazy. We need Android phones at all levels, and I don’t know where I can get another Android phone cheaper than this right now.

  3. Cheaper than $179?

  4. That’s actually… not a bad phone. It’s not competitive with even the G1, but it has Google apps (a first for a “knockoff” device?) and Android at $180 unlocked. Dollar for dollar seems just as good a deal as an unlocked Nexus One.

    Also you have to hand it to them, it has more storage than a G1 and it comes with a free 2 GB card. Two questions I have though is the version of Android (probably 1.6) and if the screen is capacitive (probably not.) Still a pretty great deal all things considered.

  5. Looks pretty good, especially for $180. But they missed the mark by just a bit. Add the other 2G bands, GPS, accelerometers/sensors, and up the screen to at least 3.2 and I’d gladly pay $100 more. I agree with Fred, Android on $600 phones just will not cut it. It needs to be on the entire price range of devices. This is one niche that is just not filled yet. One of these Chinese companies are going to get it right eventually, and simply wreck the high end competition.

  6. I have a nexus one and sure this thing is no where close to that but why slam the phone? I think it’s actually a great device, not everyone has so much money to spend on a nice device and for having such a low price point its able to do allot! A 180$ will help introduce android to a much larger base which is important. Re-evaluate this and dont slam the phone IMO a great phone that has it’s purpose!

  7. “New tools and toys are constantly being developed for the Android OS which you can download from the Google Apps store or other internet sites onto your microSD memory card (a 2GB card is included free!) to run on your new Superphone.”

    APPS2SD included?!?!?!!

  8. I agree with previous posts…

    Don’t see the reason to slam this phone really. Sure it deserves a snide comment or two about branding itself as a super phone, but its not that bad.

    Another $100 worth of gizmos and it could of had a lot of potential.

  9. No 3G or GPS? Maybe no accelerometer or compass? My concern is that this phone’s limits may give some people the wrong impression about the OS as a whole, what with the large “Android” logo in front and Robot mark at the back.

    Also, are all manufacturers allowed to use these 2 marks freely or only subject to Google’s approval/terms?

  10. VASION. China VASION. Like ‘invasion’?

  11. *Sees a stylus and runs away screaming “NEVER AGAIN!”*

  12. This is the phone I would get for home usage only using my wireless lan and install VoIP on the phone.

  13. Hahahahaha! this thing is stinking hilarious! “Runs Android!” “Has apps!” “New Robot superphone!” Oh geez. There were only four real specs on the phone, and none that impressive. I personally can’t wait to get a hold of that 2.8 inch screen :D !

  14. I believe this item ships with Android 1.5.
    A friend at work ordered one. bwahahaha. I can’t wait until it gets here so me and my Cliq can make fun of him.

  15. m reading that press release silently but i cant help hearing myself sounding like that guy from the kaboom and shamwow tv commercial. pretty hilarious and pathetic, if i maybe more blunt.

  16. If it has a stylus then the touch-screen digitizer has to be resistive. Capacitive screen digitizers react to the change in capacitance created when your biological tissue (a giant bag of electrolyte, insulated with a thin coating — skin) disturbs an electric field they apply. The stylus doesn’t do that. Try it on your G1. You’ll see.

  17. I agree this is a good deal phone. A GSM phone with wifi plus downloadable apps, unlocked. for $170. Why people compare this with android phone that worth $3-400 ?_?

    However, i might be wrong, that the pre-installed Google apps are, “probably”, not legit. But who knows, may be they did pay royalties to Google.

  18. the nexus one costs 3x as much. rob jackson is a tool of the highest order. fucking americans and their inability to understand the value of a phone without a contract.

  19. @ gwgwgw ha ha ha you’re right. Americans are very limited when it comes to having a world view. More accurately anything outside America. That said the fone is limited but given the price it falls just about right. I doubt you can get cheap and brilliant (N1-esque)
    Contract free is a huge selling point for many. Expect the fragmentation of Android to yield this type of fone. Knockoffs, cheap sub-par versions and more N1s on the market. Google will have their hands full controlling/supporting Android.

  20. @darkfox: “*Sees a stylus and runs away screaming “NEVER AGAIN!”*” As a former Palm OS user, I’d give a pretty for a capacitive stylus that worked on my MTG3. Tried an after-market that was SUPPOSED to work but didn’t (dealer was very cooperative about the return, however) HTC filed a patent for one last year (has a battery/magnet in it), but we haven’t seen it yet. But Jonathan is right. That’s a resistive stylus in that pic.


  22. What I really want to know is what version of android does it run? Is it upgadeable? How limited are apps with a 400mhz processor?

    I would happily pay this price to give android a run, but really want to know is it worth the effort or wait till next one, (iclone knockoff that is).

    How does it compare to the cheapest second hand android os phone available?

    Probably just have to get one and review it meself.

  23. I agree with the opinion, that this has nothing to do with a superphone. BUT it seems to be a nice peace of work. Touchscreen definitely resistive – cheap china phones don’t use capacitive screens. They could do better with adding 3G/GPS (at least one of these, so that the price doesn’t go up much), but otherwise I like the idea very much. I just miss the information about the RAM memory space. Anybody has an idea how much RAM does it have? 64/128/256??? 64 would be utterly dissapointing to be honest…

  24. I dont think any phone can compete wih my HTC Evo Android. I mean, shoot, this Evo has a seal on the back of it’s box saying “best phone award”.

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