Nexus One OTA Update Coming Soon, Fixing 3G


coming-soonThe main complaint about the Nexus One has been its spotty 3G coverage and that problem, for many, could disappear soon. Even though we told you how to fix it yourself (many reported it didn’t work), Google has been working on a software update and will release an OTA in the next week or so, making your own manual labor unnecessary. Here is the message a Google Employee posted to the Nexus One Support Forums:

Hello Folks,

I wanted to post an update to the Nexus One Help Forum to let you know what we’ve been working on to help address the 3G issues some of you have been facing. I also wanted to thank you for being patient as we work to investigate the problem, an effort which has included our hardware partners.

Our engineers have uncovered specific cases for which a software fix should improve connectivity to 3G for some users. We are testing this fix now, initial results are positive, and if everything progresses as planned, we will provide an over-the-air software update to your phone in the next week or so. It may be, however, that users are experiencing problems as a result of being on the edge or outside of 3G coverage, which a product fix cannot address.

Thanks again for your patience and for your feedback, and we will continue to keep you informed.


Google covers their backs by mentioning some users are simply outside of T-Mobile’s 3G coverage area and a software update won’t fix a darn thing. Whereas a handful of bloggers have considered this “pointing the finger at T-Mobile” I disagree – it’s a valid point and something that customers should know is a possible cause for their problem.

Any chance Nexus One owners will get any Easter Eggs or extra goodies with the upcoming OTA?

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  1. No, I don’t think they are any goodies. Just like 2.0.1 all we got were fixes.

  2. Any word on the other main issue the touch screen. Google will not roll these OTA’s out every few weeks, so if a fix for the touch screen is not in, then we will be stuck with that one a good deal longer… may even be hardware.

  3. What is the problem with the touchscreen?

  4. If i have rooted my N1 & applied the multi-touch hack should I preform this OTA update when it becomes available or will it brick my device?

    Any feedback is appreciated.

  5. Congrats! First blogger that gets the google message right!

  6. i wonder how many people checked the tmobile 3g coverage map before they bought the nexus one. they are the worst of all the providers. unless u live in a few select cities you wont get 3g coverage because google is right there is none.

  7. When this story broke, it was because of a comparison of 3G phones, both on t-mobile, one with a 3G connection, the N1 without it.

    I don’t think T0mobs network has much to do with it.

  8. google and htc is running out of time, at least for me. if the ota upgrade is not released before the second week of february and it doesn’t include fix for the touchscreen and wifi, this phone is going back for good.

  9. http://coverage.t-mobile.com/default.aspx?MapType=Data

    you’ll need to use the Zoom feature to see the 3G coverage areas!

  10. @nom
    Google managers have just finished a big meeting discussing your threats and they would like to express their apologies and to give them a second chance, they cant afford losing an important customer like you

  11. what’s wrong with the touchscreen?

  12. I just got my Nexus One today and I haven’t noticed ANY 3G problems…none what so ever and I’m in a decent 3G coverage.

  13. Every once in a while if you tap the bottom half of the screen you can’t do anything or you tap the buttons on the bottom. It is really annoying and the only way to fix it is to turn your phone on and off. I hope they fix this soon $570 is a lot of money. :(

  14. i have been using my n1 in Australia on (optus) 3g for a week now and i have had no issues at all, in fact is it very fast and consistently connected – i have used it extensively in 5-6 different geographic locations and had 3g in all of the locations and working fast..

    considering how shit Australia is at mobile phone stuff, you can probably put *most* of these problems down to t-mobile apart from the ‘WCDMA Preferred’ issue that the fix is coming for

    n1 rocks

  15. @Maj, do u have link that says such or are u an insider feeling my pain. either way i hope what u say is true and im gonna wait n see what will happen in the next 10 days. this is a sweet phone but the roller coaster ride has been too discomforting too bear;)

  16. I do blame T-Mobile for my connection. Popping in a ATT sim card in my Nexus One there are no issues with connection. Full EDGE strength every where I go with it. However I won’t get 3G or EDGE as consistent if I pop in the TMo sim. Same problem with trying to use T-Mo on a Jailbroken iPhone 3G. To make it a fair comparison of reception I manually set 3G off on the iPhone 3G when using ATT. Im in the DFW area and T-Mo map says Im in the 3G coverage area. So now I hate T-Mo and ATT equally. Love the iPhone but loving the Nexus One more.

  17. has the update been pushed out yet? I woke up this morning and had the “unlock sim card” screen on my phone. I am also getting better 3g coverage in my area.

  18. No one is sure when the OTA comes to the Nexus One. Everything that we read is pure speculation and is being based on one Google employee’s statement in a forum. We haven’t heard anything come out of TMobile, HTC, or Google as of yet. I will believe it when the OTA comes to my phone.

  19. The OTA fix for this and other issues starts rolling out today:


    It includes pinch-zoom as well!

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