Another HTC Bravo Picture Emerges


We’re getting photos of increasing quality of the HTC Bravo as the days/weeks pass and now it seems we’ve gotten our best one yet. A reader named “Tom” sent this one into KomorkoMania, a polish website:


The translated polish text suggests some sort of event may have taken place where both the Bravo and Legend were secretly introduced in Poland. I’m speculating that this is speculation, so you can see how far down the totem pole that possibility is.

I think a lot of people will be saying Bravo when HTC brings this bad boy out to the public.

[Thanks Carl!]

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  1. It looks very nice. Well off I go to take a cold shower

  2. those rounded edges make it look like a Dell mini that was underwhelming to many

  3. Verizon contract up in April… I hope this comes out before then so I can at least decide between this and N1!

  4. 2010 is going to be awesome for android

  5. still looks a little blurry. did someone use my droid to take that pic?

  6. epic fail to not smudge the watermark on it, now it will be easy for htc to find the leak :)

  7. So the supersonic is running 3.0 and my Hero still has 1.5.


  8. Very sexy phone. I like the black. Please Verizon pick this one up!

  9. I hope the poor guy who’s watermark ID is in the background doesn’t get fired for that one.

  10. i wanna see a video of that trackpad in action. does it work like the blackberry trackpad?

    and yes, i hope verizon gets this…

  11. @Matt


  12. would it be safe to say that the bravo is going to have at&t compatible 3G bands!?

  13. AAAAAH!!! Hes missing a finger and bad job covering watermark. Fired for sure!

  14. I might have wanted this phone if it weren’t for the fact that it’s coming with only 256 RAM :(
    (or at least that’s what I’ve read)

  15. This is not coming to Att.

  16. I was told recently by a Verizon representative this is a tobe Verizon phone…I’m sure if anyone did some tiny research they would hear the samething…..

  17. every verizon employee i talk to doesn’t know squat about anything

  18. @mulda71
    I agree with you on that one. I called and talked to a Verizon customer rep asking for a data plan only for my cellphone. They said it would be $35. Then I walk into a verizon store and ask about the same thing and they can’t find anything about having a dataplan only. So what is it? Can I have a data plan only or do I have to get crappy voice with it to? Aren’t there Blackberries that has data only? If I could get a voice with verizon for 10 bucks like 50 minutes or something, I’ll go with that for emergencies, but I don’t want to use the phones regular voice.

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