Nexus One Gets Sexier


Colorware has done it again! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Colorware  is a company that gives you the complete control to customize the color of your device and they have now added the Nexus One to their repertoire. The Nexus One will take three weeks to undergo its complete custom makeover at a cost of $175 if you’re supplying your own…


But who could live for three weeks without their Nexus?!?!?!? So for the low low cost of $800, Colorware will customize a brand new one for you. That also makes it cheaper to send them your own since $530 + $175 = $705. And then there is shipping and all that jazz, but it’s worth the fun – right?

The site allows you to play with various colors and aspects to your phone so good luck and happy customizing.

[via Colorware]

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  1. This is cool. I like the options for colors.

  2. $530 + vanity tax = ridiculous amount for a phone.

  3. Cool idea but a bit expensive. Maybe something I would do if I had extra cash floatin around

  4. I love this phone, if only my carrier in my european country had it…
    It’s a shame that all theses new (android of course)phones are first released in the states.

  5. This probably voids your warranty.

  6. I’m with jo on this. It’s nice to have a personalized phone with the colors you want, but that’s a hefty price tag for such a service. How well do you think a service like that can thrive in this economy?

  7. If you can afford to paint your phone for $175, then you probably aren’t too concerned about a warranty. Looks cool though. :)

  8. Do they offer gold plated options? I mean shit, I have so much money in the bank I need to show it off every way possible!

    Haiti? Huh? Thats a good vacation spot right?

  9. For $175 this thing is better be made of gold.

  10. My wife has Razr2 in gold plastic from D&G, and it looks very good. This stuff… Really?

  11. try, it’s only 15 dollars.

  12. Looks complete shite if you ask me….some people have more money than sense (give it to Haiti instead!)

  13. I’d rather keep the original skin

  14. Not a big fan of the blue and white there, but any kind of color scheme is better than that nasty grey. I would go black on red…oh yeah!

  15. thats some crazy price for some color…

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