Seven HTC Androids Leaked Accidentally By HTC


leakGood old User Agent Profiles… they’re such a sweet and discreet method of getting leaked info that couldn’t be closer to official fact. A few days ago we saw the UAP hook us up with the Magic Slider and now we’re seeing 7… yup, S-E-V-E-N HTC Android phones leaked from the User Agent Profiles.

Here they are:

  • HTC Espresso: QWERTY keyboard, 320×480 pixel display
  • HTC Huangshan: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display
  • HTC Liberty: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display
  • HTC Halo: QWERTY keyboard version of the Tattoo
  • HTC Paradise: QWERTY keyboard, 240×400 pixel display
  • HTC Legend: No physical keyboard, 320×480 pixel display
  • HTC Supersonic: No physical keyboard, 480×800 pixel display

It’s raining
It’s pouring
Oh no that’s just Rob Drooling!

[Via CellPassion]

Rob Jackson
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  1. Well at least there is one with a High Resolution display. I would figure there would be more to keep up with the Droid and Nexus One.

  2. with a name like supersonic, that phone better be AMAZING because that name is awesome.

  3. i bet the htc liberty will be sold in countries like china and cuba.

  4. of course the one with the high resolution screen doesn’t have a physical keyboard -____- i want an HTC version of the droid with sense on it!

  5. KEYBOARDS?!?!

    NO WAI.

  6. I’m curious: why do some people trip out so much about keyboards? They add a lot of bulk to otherwise very sleek phones, and unless they’re done well they really hamper the typing experience. Of course, same goes for touch keyboards, but I’ve seen some people absolutely fly on a good touch keyboard

    Just saying, touch keyboards are the future. Get used to it; then embrace it.

    (Some would claim speech-to-text is the future, but it’s simply not feasible in a lot of situations.)

  7. I sure agree with ”I want an HTC version of the droid with sense on it!” as said by boristhebladexx, and as a matter of fact what would be perfect from HTC OR Moto is to combine the Droid with the Milestone and the Nexus with the Sense UI, with an even more speedy cpu and quad band GSM and HSPA+ 850 900 1700 1900 2100 so you can enjoy high speed all over the world, and that can come with or without a keyboard as an option and unlocked so you can use the carrier you want. But who knows it might be coming I sure hope.

  8. @Ben: Well, it stands to reason that no-one would be wanting a crappy keyboard. Of course we want one which is done well.

    I want a keyboard because I currently have a G1 (keyboard done well), and I’ve tried several phones without keyboards for extended periods (Hero, iPhone, HD2), and none of them come anywhere close. Having said that, I’ve also tried some keyboarded phones (Droid/Milestone, Touch Pro, N900) and they don’t come close either.

  9. Looks like I’ll be waiting for the Inbrics M1. I’m really hoping I can get a stock version of Android 2.1 on there. I’m sick of waiting for HTC to get their act together with these high end phones with no keyboard. Hopefully MWC will shed some light on this situation. Feb 15th can’t get here fast enough.

  10. Count me in for one who doesn’t want the added weight/bulk/expense of a physical keyboard.
    I’ve currently got an HD2 and the touch screen keyboard with swype is awesome – so only one of those android phones interests me :-)

  11. I’ve waited far too long for Sprint to get a big, powerful toy in their lineup! I’m jumping on that Supersonic as soon as it drops!!

  12. I don’t see why HTC is making more 320×480 phones.

  13. No hires (800×480), QWERTY keyboard phones? I’ll wait.

  14. @Ben The #1 reason why i’m a proponent of keyboards is because i can play thousands of video games using emulator apps, and there’s no way that touch screen controls come close to being as intuitive to use as physical buttons on a keyboard are. Especially when it comes to the Android OS crippling mutitouch because google is deathly afraid of Apple. “Anything for you Stevey-baby! Just don’t hurt us”

    We have computers in our pockets and purses. They just happen to be able to make phone calls as well. I paid $200 for my computer and i like to take advantage of all its capabilities.

  15. mmm…Supersonic. And it will be on Sprint WiMax too..even better!

    No keyboards for me please…I’m trying to watch my weight.

  16. @gwlaw99:
    The only thing I can figure is HTC overbought parts and now have to use them up. Unlike motrola, which has only been in this android gig 4 months of real releases. And every phone is upgraded.

    Personally, I’d like to see Motorola offer Sprint some phones.

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