Motorola Brings Motoroi To Korea, Coming To America


The Motorola Droid and Milestone are about to be joined by a very close relative called the Motorola Motoroi. We just got done telling you how SK Telecom is going big on Android and it seems their first Android Phone will be the Motoroi which looks unmistakeably like the Droid/Milestone:


The device will launch on SK in early February but it will supposedly come to the US in March and worldwide soon after. As for the specs, the Motoroi seems to be a slightly beefed up version of the Motorola Droid but without a hardware keyboard:

  • 3.7-inch WVGA 16:9 touch screen (480 x 854 resolution)
  • 8 MP camera with Xenon flash
  • HD video recording (720p)
  • HDMI interface
  • TV tuner (T-DMB)
  • 8GB internal memory (microSD card support up to 32GB)
  • Android 2.0 OS

That 8GB of internal memory is a nice sticking point and I’m sure the loss of the hardware QWERTY made room for that as well as the increased camera from 5MP to 8MP. It will be interesting to see how the design affects the general feel/weight/heft of the phone.



Keep bringing the good stuff MOTO! Check out the full press release.

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  1. Too good to come to America, huh?

  2. Oops. Nevermind.

  3. Wow this seems like a pretty badass phone

  4. I think this phone is actually a fantastic design. It looks attractive and high tech. Only thing i wish.hope.want is those three buttons on the tab to be programmable.

  5. wow..theres a strong possibility that this will be coming to tmobile (*cough*march10*cough*)….i mean verizon doesnt need another droid, and att announced their android line up…tmobile is dropping prices on all current android phones, and sprint dropped the ball w/android

  6. The specs sound good but everyone is missing an important spec….the processor! The phone sounds and looks great, but can it perform?

  7. What is the use of DMB-T in North America?

  8. Nice phone , why couldn’t we get PZ (pinch zoom) standard on the Moto Droid ? I know use Dolphin .

  9. God I hope this is on Verizon! Then I will have 2 choices for my next phone. The Nexus One or the Motoroi.

  10. I am suprized they didn’t through a snapdragon/512RAM-ROM in that bad boy.

  11. i don’t really like these moto products tbh. i’d much rather have an htc. but whatever! more android phones is always good

  12. Does anyone know if this will be coming to Verizon like the Droid or will it go to T-mobile?

  13. whats the processor, so i can laugh at it. anything that is not 1gig is now obsolete

  14. Maybe Sprint will get this phone soon. LOL

  15. I WANT ONE!!!

  16. wanna get it soon!!!

  17. Woo a HDMI port!

  18. woah Moto is sick these days. fast and furious

  19. this phone just looks extremely uncomfortable to hold just by the side tab that sticks out. Forces people to use both hands at all times and that’s a pain in the ass for me at least

  20. If that were ever to come to my carrier in Japan, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.

  21. looks pretty nice.
    im worried to see what the processor speed is as well.
    but usually anything comes from south korea trumps.
    you know south korea is where they like to market test
    there latest and greatest. small area thats tech oriented.
    and yes if it has a processor comparable to the snapdragon then this is the sickest phone out there.

  22. hope this time AT@T will get it another than that i will change my wireless company….:(

  23. *crosses fingers* t-mobile, t-mobile, t-mobile, t-mobile…

  24. What’s up with that weird growth sticking out on the side.

    I know it’s probably functional, but come on leave the tumors for cancer patients.

    HTC did the same thing but on the bottom with those Jay Leno chins.

  25. Oh yeah. I believe this will be the “sholes tablet,” slated for release on T-Mobile US this March.

    The naming obviously is subject to change.


    Damn T-Mobile is getting all the hottest phones this year. Wonder if they’ll get the next generation iPhone too now that they’re rapidly growing that HSPA + network?

  26. @all the Tmobile dreamers….yeah I had Tmobile once upon a time along long time ago…and well it had good 3g when it had a signal…so what I am saying isssss tomobile just is not a big enough comp to handle such a phone….well. with its spotty signal and 3g…um it just is not a good cellphone carrier. Though as I have said At&t has been voted last place all the time in mag revews yet it makes money from the iphone…so Tmobile may have a small hope with this phone….Nexus one ain’t ganna work out so well forem since its going to other carriers

  27. UGLY!


  29. Does anybody know how the intergrated TV Tuner works outside of Korea and in the US and UK ? If you can watch TV then output that through HDMI then this is a dream phone for me.

  30. I’ve tested the Sholes Tablet and that’s exactly what this is. It was on T-Mobile so I can verify this is coming to T-Mobile. It’s bigger than the droid and not the most comfortable to use. My other major grip was the UI was clunky and slow. Hopefully they fix that before it releases because if they don’t it borders on unusable. Other than that the camera is great and I loved the 720p video recording. I just wish it was a bit smaller and the UI was much smoother.

    This phone won’t make waves like the Droid did but it’ll be a good addition to the Android family.

  31. I’m going to close my eytes and imagine that Sprint gets this phone…. Champagne flowing from Heaven, Beautiful women liking men for their personaility as opposed to their money, and Dogs cleaning up after themselves… What a wonderful dream!!

    Ok, now that we got that out of the way. I must say that this phone (if processor is up to snuff) would be the first smartphone I buy without a hardware KB! Go Moto!

  32. I have tmobile and I could care less whether or not this phone came to tmobile because it doesn’t have a physical keyboard! Wow I wish all these sick android phones would just come with a keyboard, and not hate on those of us that still like typing with them and using the emulators from the market lol

  33. Owning a both a Droid and Nexus One, I’m tempted to return my nexus one and wait for this beast. I really like the construction and feel of the droid a LOT better than the Nexus One. Unfortunately, I suspect this thing will have an identical processor to the droid…and unless 2.1 speeds the droid up substantially, I don’t think I can let go of my glorious snapdragon processor.

  34. I think that the “hip” on the side of the phone is supposed to make it have the design and/or shape of a camera.(note the 8MP camera)… Anyways, if this phone comes to T-Mobile… I will really badly want it… it has a sexy love-handle IMO. :)

  35. Ted417 – That is a GREAT nickname for the hump. HTC had the “chin”, Motorola has the “Love Handle”!

  36. At a reported $800 USD (in KOREA), I can only imagine what it’s going to cost here in the US when it gets here. If that device is that much more expensive than a Droid, as they said in Jersey…fuggedaboudit.

    Features are great, but the pricing of some of these newer phones ( N1, X10, Acer Liquid ) is ridiculous !

  37. I had a chance to use this phone today. (I’m in korea and it’s not released to market yet)

    Guys, it’s not that great as you guys assume, and not as good as I expected.

    those default apps were not stable making a lots of errors, camera action was so slow. it was crappy to make it simple.

    compare to nexus one, it was so bad.

    yes, HW specs were good, so I will expect the good OS upgrade from motorola on this one. other than that, I don’t think I want to get one of this.

  38. Anyone notice how the buttons aren’t in the same order as the Droid?

    Otherwise, a great-looking device. Hope it’s got the oomph to keep up with the likes of the Nexus One.

  39. Okay I read the press release and no where in the press release does it mention it’s coming to the US.

  40. What really impresses me is that it has an awesome camera to boot without compromising the thin-ness of the phone itself, unlike the Samsung Memoir. Other awesome thing is that it has a killer flash. Other good news is that it’s coming to T-Mobile this March with Android 2.0! Woo Hoo; that’s the phone for me : D!

  41. i have already preordered 3 of these bad boys and i am shipping the motorola droid x from america looking forward to these they p*ss all over Apple iphone 4 if ya wondering why i am getting so many a lot of my family have managerial jobs and shares tied up in motorola lol cant wait. It’s gonna rock :)

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