Motorola Droid Getting Minor OTA Update?


facebook-iconDon’t get all excited – your Droid isn’t yet going to get the Android 2.1 leap to catch it up to the Nexus One – but minor updates are better than no updates at… right? If you’re a facebook user than the answer is probably yes.

The only thing this phantom OTA update seems to actually do is enable Facebook users to update the application from Android Market. Previously users were experiencing data corruption issues when they attempted to bring Facebook up to date but after receiving this OTA – which did not change the version number – they were able to update Facebook without a problem.

On to the next one, on-on to the next one. (2.1)

[Via AndroidForums]

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  1. first

  2. Is this why I do not have 3G in Vegas now?

  3. Does the facebook ap have any actual improvements though?

    Mine still:

    1) sends me unpredictably to the mobile application for various photo operations.
    2) has no way to set it to “live feed mode” meaning I randomly end up with “here’s a random collection of posts from two weeks ago!”
    3) doesn’t update me on notifications
    4) the news feed screen doesn’t simply have an icon showing notifications: it’s a separate part of the ap to check, which is just silly.

    The touch app would be far closer perfect except for it’s totally wonky way of handling things like comments on photos (i.e. you can’t see them: you get a notification of a comment on a photo, you go, and you get the photo with no way to see or make comments)

  4. Agree with Drew.

    doesn’t update me on notifications

    The touch app would be far closer perfect except for it’s totally wonky way of handling things like comments on photos (i.e. you can’t see them: you get a notification of a comment on a photo, you go, and you get the photo with no way to see or make comments)

  5. When do we get it? Is it ready now? Have I already received it and just didn’t know?

  6. @WhyKillRobots – Go to settings > About Phone > System updates to get yours ahead of the crowd.

    @Drew, if you really need all those features go to the website on a option on the touch page, facebook widget only updates profile status.

  7. @Z-liberator – It says that my system is up to date, but I never did an update. Maybe I will get mine later…

  8. Is this really an OTA update? I installed the “upgraded” version of Facebook off of the Market over a month ago, about the same time I noticed a newer version of Google Maps on the Market… has it changed anyone to 2.0.2? Or are people just now noticing that Facebook (and Google Maps) has been available for download with newer version #s than the pre-installed versions?

  9. Already deleted facebook. Don’t have to worry about this one…

  10. This article is wrong. Facebook has always worked for me and I haven’t gotten the update yet. I have always been able to install the facebook app from the market then let it update the preinstalled facebook.

  11. I was wondering what the hell that was about, I got the update late yesterday afternoon and couldn’t tell if anything changed. I think you would know if you received it as I had to agree to letting it download the update and restart my phone.

  12. Has anyone converted this to update.zip ? I cannot find this anywhere yet and I’d like to force this update on my rooted droid to make sure I get whatever other stuff the 64MB file contained.

  13. I havent gotten an update yet, and my facebook has been working fine

  14. “On to the next one, on-on to the next one” thats a good Jay-Z song rob!

  15. Nothing yet on mine still in Southern California

  16. Rob you are them shit for quoting that song

  17. The only thing that has changed for me is my FB Widget. Instead of arrows pointing East and West, they are now North and South.

  18. This is for people who DID have a problem. For example, I couldn’t update my facebook app, and this update appeared at 2am in the morning. It then let me update to the version listed in the marketplace (1.1.0 –> 1.1.2)

  19. I still don’t have an update, mine allways says your software is currently up to date.

  20. Facebook!!!! I don’t give 2 craps about face f*#kin book I want 2.1! You know what this is, Google won’t let Droid have the new firmware just yet. I guess they’re going to let Nexus 1 have more time in the lime light. After all Moto Droid, running 2.1, on Verizon network. Who needs Nexus or t-mobile.

  21. Still no update here…

  22. no update in albuquerque, 2.1 would be SICK on my droid! if anyone gets an update to 2.1 post it on this site ASAP!!!!

  23. No update for you. Motorola’s denying any updates since december.

  24. Bottom line. There are no updates unless you accept one. There’s no such thing as “phantom updates”.

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