Motorola Milestone: UK Price Drop


Here’s some good news for those interested in purchasing the Motorola Milestone (Same as the popular U.S Motorola Droid) from the UK – It has taken a price drop since Expansys lost its exclusivity just a few days ago and likely due to Google’s newly released Nexus One, too. There’s nothing like a bit of competition!

moto-milestoneExpansys did sell the handset sim-free at £449.99 , but now it’s at £399.99. 50 quid is 50 quid! Competition is brewing though with other online retailers such as the well established play.com also selling it (at the same price though) Online retailer Handtec seems to be selling it for £398.31 which you’d think is the cheapest right? Well – there is a delivery charge as well. Play.com and Expansy’s have free delivery. If you really want to save a pretty penny I would recommend purchasing it at play.com through a cashback site such as TopCashBack.co.uk or others which will give you an extra 3.5% or so cashback (@ 3.5% = approx. £14 of total) bringing the total you pay to …. **Drum roll please**…… £385.99 or so.

Nothing wrong with saving a few bucks, is there? :D  To the people who just couldn’t wait to get your Milestone – are you kicking yourself for not waiting? To those interested in purchasing the Milestone – does this price cut help you decide whether to go for this device rather than, say, the Nexus One?

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  1. I would go for the Milestone but if the Nexus One/Two (Pro?) has a KEYBORD I’d rather go with the 1Gh chip the the Droid.

  2. *then the Droid/Milestone.

  3. I’m very tempted, if this had been early December 2009 then I would have been entering my card details right now but they took to long and now I’m going to wait for the nexus One or X10.

  4. Now only if they would finally delivery my Milestone ordered on 6.1.2010 and which the damn DHL lost (or stole ? I don’t really care, i simply didn’t got the package with the phone). Paid 517 euros, and still waiting like a idiot :(

  5. DROID for me all the way. I personally love the keyboard and wouldn’t change much. The only I would change is the processor. That 1 GHz from Nexus sounds nice. It would be nice to have with the 2.1 ROM and live wallpapers.

  6. My god, try to change to euro in play.com. are they joking?

  7. I just ordered a Nexus One for a bargain of a price from a well known Android Dev (one of the best).

    Before this I wanted the Milestone to upgrade from my G1 and keep the keyboard, but £400 is still huge money to blow.

    Especially when a Snapdragon equipped Acer A1 is approx £320

  8. got it at $500 from ebay ?

  9. No, I’m not kicking myself for “now waiting” [sic]. It was well worth paying the extra £50 to Expansys to get my Milestone before Xmas and be able to use it over the holidays, including the excellent (hacked for Europe) Google satnav.

  10. No regrets here. I bought mine with a very reasonable T-Mobile bundle from Expansys, so the phone only cost me £50 anyway. Never had a better phone either. Even the keyboard is pretty good, I don’t know why it’s getting stick!

  11. Ordered and received Nexus One here in UK in total of 4 days (Sun eve order received Thurs am) and process via Google Checkout, with engraving my name included for free, very simple and professional. Sorry earlier poster had problems.

    Question for Board: with unlocked phones, which networks are best? What are best deals for SIM cards with relatively low voice mins and unlimited web/data? Use in London. Anyone else have reception problems in homes and looked into femtocells/access gateways at home?


  12. Using the Milestone to run NDrive Navigation, Really Nice, soon will be playing Angry Birds!

  13. Hi Guys,

    Very interested in getting this phone from the Carphone Warhouse (on Orange) but have heard there are issues downloaded protected apps (such as Google Navigation).

    Is this still the case?



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