Jan 16th, 2010

Here’s some good news for those interested in purchasing the Motorola Milestone (Same as the popular U.S Motorola Droid) from the UK – It has taken a price drop since Expansys lost its exclusivity just a few days ago and likely due to Google’s newly released Nexus One, too. There’s nothing like a bit of competition!

moto-milestoneExpansys did sell the handset sim-free at £449.99 , but now it’s at £399.99. 50 quid is 50 quid! Competition is brewing though with other online retailers such as the well established play.com also selling it (at the same price though) Online retailer Handtec seems to be selling it for £398.31 which you’d think is the cheapest right? Well – there is a delivery charge as well. Play.com and Expansy’s have free delivery. If you really want to save a pretty penny I would recommend purchasing it at play.com through a cashback site such as TopCashBack.co.uk or others which will give you an extra 3.5% or so cashback (@ 3.5% = approx. £14 of total) bringing the total you pay to …. **Drum roll please**…… £385.99 or so.

Nothing wrong with saving a few bucks, is there? :D  To the people who just couldn’t wait to get your Milestone – are you kicking yourself for not waiting? To those interested in purchasing the Milestone – does this price cut help you decide whether to go for this device rather than, say, the Nexus One?

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