Motorola MILESTONE Now Available In UK


Droid envy has struck pretty much every part of the world but UK citizens can seek redemption today and receive it in as few as 4 business days. That’s right… the Motorola Milestone is now available for purchase through Expansys who has an exclusive deal on the device throughout December. If you plan on buying 5 or more  units (are you listening aspiring entrepreneurs?) you can get a bulk discount.

Keep in mind that this is the first phone with Android 2.0 to launch in Europe… or anywhere besides the United States for that matter:


As you can see the service plan is with T-Mobile UK, 18 months , £35 , 700 Mins , Unlimited sms , Unlimited data , + £49.99 for the phone. Or you could buy it unlocked and outright for £449.99.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

[Thanks Carl]

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  1. Unfortunately Expansys are awaiting delivery as of 1800UTC 08Dec :( I have had my order placed since 04Dec and was hoping to have seen it change to shipped on the 07th but no joy. Currently my order is saying 6Days :(

  2. Just got an email from saying that the Milestone won’t be shipping until 14th December. This is on the part of Motorola and will be the same for all other UK distributors.

  3. i live in EU T_T and i love it too >”< want it

  4. So how about that Canada (Telus) Milestone???

  5. Expansys often deliver late. They are unreliable and don’t trust their website for leadtimes

    Has anyone actually got one from expansys yet?

    I have a question re updates. If you buy it outright how will you get OS updates?

  6. Expansys also says on their Norwegian website that the Milestone has an “Expected release date” on the 11th of December. Wait, wasn’t that “Expected release date” said to be the 7th of December only a few days ago? Expansys don’t really impress me when it comes to being correct on release dates.

  7. I want this phone so much but there is not a chance I’m going with T-Mobile. Hopefully there will be more choice in the new year.

  8. £449.99 is really good for an unlocked phone , if you happen to see a Sim offer by one of the major carriers then you could really have a bargain on your hands !

  9. in Switzerland, digitec has gotten some Milestones in store for a while :

    I don’t know if they ship outside the country though…

  10. I wonder how much the Milestone will go for unlocked in Canada =/

  11. I hope this means that we will see this version (GSM) in the States as well and hopefully with T-Mobile as well. I’m holding out for a faster phone next year, but now a few people that would love to get their hands on this with a GSM carrier (not everyone in the US is on Verizon or has an iPhone). ;-)

  12. Come to Latin america

  13. £449.99 is not good for an unlocked phone considering you still have to pay for a monthly call + data plan!

  14. Hey, i just bought the Motorola Mildstone aka Droid.. but for GSM from If you are an Att or Tmobile customer and want the Droid.. Check them out.. The only thing is the 3G dont work in US. Everything else is perfect the nice thing this phone has the Droid dont is Multi-touch which I am loving it! Hello pinch and zoom….

  15. @Matt – thats essentially free here in Norway with moderate use. You guys are the ones getting ripped off. :D

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