Motorola’s Upcoming Device ‘Ruth’ Info Leaked


It seems like another Motorola Android device could be in the works called ‘Ruth’ or ‘MB511’, CellPhoneSignal.com is reporting – thanks to a leak. Check it out:


It seems the device will feature Motorola’s custom UI ‘Blur’, run Android 1.5 (cupcake), have aGPS, WiFi b/g & bluetooth. It will also have a QWERTY keyboard and run on the same familiar processor as already found in a few Android handsets. The Qualcomm MSM7200A @ 528MHz. As for the screen size.. it measures 240×320, 2.8″ – which is the same as the HTC Tattoo making this device have the smallest display out of Motorola’s current Android range.

Though it’s said to have 1.5 it’s likely Motorola would at sometime update it to 2.x. The device will also run on GSM and have 3G bands so if it came to the US, carriers AT&T or T-Mobile may snap it up.

It’s worth mentioning that ‘Ruth’ & ‘MB511’ are just most likely internal code-names and the device name may actually differ on launch. Look out in the coming months as I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of this ;)

[Via CellPhoneSignal]

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  1. Wow i cant wait to see how they try to spin this phone into something that sounds like a phone anybody would want. Wouldnt they be embarrassed to release something like that AFTER the N1? I mean its awkward, I literally feel sorry for them for trying to market this device

  2. @davis: Expect it to be free on contract and trying to appeal to the texting crowd.

  3. Can we *please* stop launching new 1.5 devices in 2010, especially if they don’t have HVGA (480×320) resolution? They’re a mess for developers. Non-HVGA resolution support was added in 1.6. I hope this is just misinformation.

    That said, I still don’t understand why anyone buys a low-end handset, at least in the US. For example, the most basic (required) Verizon smartphone plan is $70/month + $5 tax, i.e. $1800 over its 2-year contract. If this phone is free, a Droid still only costs 10% more, and actually lets you use your plan’s features effectively.

  4. Low end phones appeal to people who mostly text and email, and don’t require a full data plan. There are people who don’t have, don’t need, or can’t afford broadband on their home computers, either.

  5. as soon as i read 1.5 cupcake…
    my excitement went away >_<

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