Jan 10th, 2010

lg-androidAs Engadget pointed out, at Mobile World Congress 2009 in February, LG announced they were making Windows Mobile their Operating System of choice. Whether or not they’ve had a change of heart or are fiddling with technicalities and verbage, LG CEO Nam Yong just announced that Android offerings will compose almost half of their smartphones launched in 2010.

I also found his comments of Google being the only alternative rather curious:

“We will have smart phones running on Windows Mobile, but about 50 percent of our smart phone models will run on Android,” Nam told reporters at a trade show in Las Vegas.

The company did not confirm the release date or the number of models it plans to launch this year.

LG will also turn to Google for content used with its smartphones, Nam added.

“The operating system itself will not guarantee competitiveness in mobile content,” he said. “For now, Google’s content seems to be the only alternative.”

Is there a translation gap? Or is LG claiming that Android is so good that nobody can really compete by offering a smartphone without Android Market and Google Core App elements?

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