Jan 10th, 2010

These days if you say “Nexus” the only thing you’re bound to think of is Google’s Nexus One Android Phone by HTC – ESPECIALLY if you’re the tech-loving type. But less than 2 months ago the name Nexus meant something very different to the Android world. That’s because Sony Ericsson announced Nexus, their custom build and UI for Android that was made up of 2 components: Timescape and MediaScape.

se-nexusHTC Sense, MOTO BLUR, Sony Ericsson Nexus… that name had taken its place in Android history. And then Google erased it. As rumors and leaks of the Nexus One spread across the interwebz, everyone forgot that Sony Ericsson ever made mention of Nexus at all. Sony Ericsson realized this, backing off the Nexus name and pretending it never existed, instead opting to stick with just Timescape and Mediascape.

Is this just a really crazy coincidence? How long ago had Google selected the Nexus name? How about Sony Ericsson? Had either heard that the other were considering the name? I doubt there is anything sinister going on here but it is a pretty huge coincidence.

As for Sony Ericsson, I can understand the unbranding of the Nexus name but shouldn’t they select a replacement name? Having TWO names for your custom integration is a bit confusing not to mention irritating.

One last note – THIS is why company’s trademark their names. Can you imagine putting mad marketing/advertising money/effort into a name like Nexus only to have another company start using it and trademark it? I’m glad this happened to SE early on rather than later in the game.

Personally I think both SE and Google could have found name’s better than Nexus or Nexus One. and to be honest I like Nexus more as a custom OS name than a phone name. But that’s just like… my opinion… man.

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