Nexus One: Google’s Evil Plan

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  1. is this the behold 2 with a new ui called ‘spica’ or is this a new phone all together?

  2. I want to be excited but with just Android 1.6 it’s kind of sad that it’s a “future” device. Unless this thing is going to be super cheap I can’t see anything really special about it. Granted it could be running 2.0 or later by the time it hits the US but still…what does it offer that I can’t already get?

  3. i like to think of it as a missing link between the Samsung Galaxy and Behold II. But the internal hardware is a little different I think. Like what Abrown said, unless it’s going to be super cheap, it’s probably not going to be anything special.

  4. Hi, my android don t want to downlaod. fall dawn. How can i fix it?

  5. I’ve had one of these for a month (O2 Ireland) and I’m pretty happy with what I got for 150 euros. It’s not the highest spec Android phone, especially with 128mb of ram, but it brings a reasonable spec to the lower end market which is always a good thing in my eyes.

    It’s also worth noting that this has an 800Mhz CPU and Samsung have promised an update to 2.0, unlike it’s bigger brother.

  6. This one just released in my country last week.
    12,900 TH฿ (around 389 US$) unlocked just FYI.

    I think it’s a reasonable price and will buy this once it get 2.1 :D

  7. actually , this is the only android phone I found that has a full support for arabic (keyboard , menus , ..etc)
    guess the arabic version was costumed by samsung.
    lack of arabic support is the main reason for ppl to back off from android in my area

  8. It got an 800Mhz cpu, but it’s till quite a bit slower than the Acer Liquid that runs on 700+. But alot faster than the Tattoo, so cheap and fast(er) with promised 2.0 – it’s an ok device.

  9. I wouldn’t buy it with 1.5 installed.

  10. You can buy this phone unlocked for 230€~330$ in germany. But with Android 1.5. I’M going to buy it as soon as Android 2.x is released for it.

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