Jan 8th, 2010

The flush flat sides and curved tops mixed with the texture/design on the back and color options make me think LG is targeting women with their 2nd Android Phone – the LG Swift GT540. The company’s first Android Phone was the LG GW620 – do you agree their second offering focuses more on style than substance?



In terms of the software, LG pretty much ran with your stock Android except for some minor changes. The 4-column, 1-row launcher icons at the bottom and the 7 home screens are among the basic changes. A 3MP camera isn’t great but the software for the digicam offers some improvements. The phone was okay – nothing special – but I think that first picture above says it all.

The folks at PhoneScoop took a few minutes to show off the device on video:

What do you think ladies? Gentlemen?

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