LG Swift Shoots For Style


The flush flat sides and curved tops mixed with the texture/design on the back and color options make me think LG is targeting women with their 2nd Android Phone – the LG Swift GT540. The company’s first Android Phone was the LG GW620 – do you agree their second offering focuses more on style than substance?



In terms of the software, LG pretty much ran with your stock Android except for some minor changes. The 4-column, 1-row launcher icons at the bottom and the 7 home screens are among the basic changes. A 3MP camera isn’t great but the software for the digicam offers some improvements. The phone was okay – nothing special – but I think that first picture above says it all.

The folks at PhoneScoop took a few minutes to show off the device on video:

What do you think ladies? Gentlemen?

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  1. I think it’s smart business to start adding some flare to these phones, as long as it doesn’t sacrifice substance.

  2. I think it looks good, and they made a better effort than htc magic and vodafone.

  3. style?
    jesus, its fucking revolting

  4. it looks like it was styled after my grandmas purse. the screen to phone ratio is all off too, like an old gameboy.

  5. As a twenty-something female, I much prefer smartphones Droid and the N1 to this. I am likely atypical, but this phone to me is old technology wrapped in a too expensive and ugly coat.

  6. why is it so thick!! it doesn’t even have a keyboard.

  7. You Keyboard people when you have a touchscreen you tend not to use the keyboard, its fine if they want to add some androinicas, they are kinda cool, my androinica would probably love one.

  8. i love pink but that is not pretty. i like looks and substance and im pretty happy with my n1

  9. Well yah, if you are comparing it to N1, Has Android 2.1 its cute.

  10. First android phone for the ladies!

  11. Actually not that bad. Maybe a bit too plastic looking.
    I imagine it could sell well to teenaged girls and young women in east asia.

  12. Ha, my 21year old GF said this phone was not pretty and that she’ll stick with the mytouch until something matches it. I of course (also 21) will stick with my Droid… I havent played with an LG phone i liked, and this phone looks like a fisherprice phone for the young ladies between the ages 6-13.

  13. I have a Droid..luv it. Why are y’all being so hard on this phone? LG cameras take the best pictures I’ve ever seen on a cellphone; I’d buy the white one, and I’m a dude. This is ‘stylish’ and I like them.

  14. The white one isn’t too bad. And their camera functions and UI look more comprehensive and easily accessible than those on quite a lot of other Android phones. Proportions-wise, maybe the thickness looks excessive because of how much “phone” there is above and below the touchscreen. If the price were low enough, it might be an ok phone for some people. Not those of us who frequent Phandroid or those who want their phone to keep up with OS upgrades, though.

    Also, did you notice they cut and pasted the lockscreen from version 2.01 onto their version of OS 1.6?

  15. Okay,in my personal opinion,we do need a certain element of style in future android hardware designs,but more along the lines of the x10,or something sleek like that.Maybe a nod to current laptop or flatscreen t.v.designs that are out currently.Hell,there are washer/dryer combos out there that are WAAAAY more stylish or appealing to the eye than that pink quilted thing!(yeah,the texture of the white on was kinda cool,but a little goes a long way.)In the end,though,your average phandroid reader(myself included)is way more concerned with processor speed and power,display outputs,and onboard memory independent of s.d.space.

  16. I think these phones sure could use a bareknuckled bucketful of does.

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