Dell Announces Android Powered Tablet


We brought you news before that Dell was working on an Android powered tablet and now they have announced a new Android powered Tablet PC, named the Dell Mini 5, at this year’s CES in Las Vegas.


The new tablet boasts:

  • 5 inch screen

  • SIM card slot for use outside of a Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • 2 cameras, a 5MP camera on the back of the tablet and one on the front.

  • Prototypes at CES ran Android 1.6.

  • Various colors including red, black, and pink.

  • Multitouch display

It will be interesting to see which tablet reigns supreme between the new Dell Mini 5 and the Archos Tablet. Any guesses out there?

[via PocketLint]

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  1. is the display capacitive or resistive? down with resistive! (archos 5)

  2. Show us more. Please.

  3. Wow,

    To me – that bright, thin and shiny is utterly droolworthy! I’m so ready to buy a proper android tablet, esp if I can drop my G1’s sim in there and use my bluetooth headset to make calls! Pricing, availability?? (and, why do all these other android tablets look so half-baked and lame?? Someone’s gotta GO FOR IT, take some risks here.)

  4. Uh, what does that have that my Droid doesn’t have? Exactly? An inch larger screen? Whoopee.

  5. Wow so basically its a big phone, I would love to have it if it was more net or note book like

  6. Multitouch… It’s not resistive!

  7. Seriousl, I hope that dell gets this right because the android tablet from archos seems to have failed (this is comming from someone who works at best buy) *just my two cents…

  8. I just want apps on a lager scale. Apps for everything on my tablet>>> Yes

  9. All I wanted was a tablet that had Google’s Android apps (namely Market) and had a capacitive screen.

    My other (small, frail) hope was that it could optionally be used with 3G.

    My prayers were answered by Dell!

  10. 5 inch screen sucks….

  11. Hey nemo686. One of the many failures of the Archos tablet is the fact that it is sold at Best Buy. When I went to Best Buy to look at it, twice, two different idiots couldn’t figure out how to turn it on and the charger doesn’t work. It’s not just the Archos but all of the electronics there. Best Buy doesn’t put enough importance in letting the customer pick up the device and play with it in a working fashion. They might sell more of them if they did.

  12. This will be the top android tablet untilled that htc looking tablet is complete I thinks. Hopefully a good one will be out there soon otherwise apples ganna clean up higher then they…. already will and do.

  13. Archos makes products only geeks love. That is why, despite making superior hardware for many products, none of them have ever gotten mass market appeal, and the tablet is no different. Dell will win this by default… at least until some other manufacturer comes along and doesn’t cut corners or screw customers over the way Dell has been want to do for years now.

  14. There is a video of it on youtube. The Dell rep describes it as a data and entertainment advice that can receive phone calls, rather than a phone.

  15. This looks like something cool, even though it won’t be offered on verizon, from the sound of it. i still have my old Dell Axim x50v after like 5 or 6 years, and i still love it. if they put the same attention to detail and thought into this as they did their PDA line, then this should be a pretty nice product. now if i could only get the wife off bloat-rizon….

  16. archos makes good hardware i own some, They just refuse to support their products after 6 months, they want you to buy new, hopefully dell will give support.

  17. Dell has not been good at supporting the Axim line. I think part of it was due to the licensing restrictions imposed by Microsoft with Windows Mobile. I have an x50v and an X5. Though they have been put aside for a series of Blackberry phones, I still like them.

    Android OS is interesting and I expect support issues will be easier due to the less restrictive licensing provisions.

    I want something that will have a browser that can handle flash and java. The sites I visit use that. Also, in the Web 2.0 world, the device needs to be able to handle the required plug-ins and protocols.

  18. Though the fairy tales about Archos 5 IT on are really catchy, after reading dozens of customers’ reviews, I’m definitely not going to buy it. No matter what a company says about its product, ALWAYS read as many customers’ review as you can! Especially when talking about an Archos product as the company is well-known for misleading marketing… I am writing from a Dell Inspiron, this is my 6th Dell notebook. I love Dell. I hope mini 5 will have at least 16 gb of space, and Dell will realize that for a thousand bucks you can buy 2 Archos 5 ITs (500 GB) or 3 netbooks or 2 Nexus Ones or a neat notebook – it’s a ridiculous price!!!! If mini5 will have outstanding storage capacity and reasonable price, than we can’t talk about competition – people will know what to buy. I’m really excited to receive further information on this baby and I’m looking forward to buying it! Good bye, Ipad and Archos 5 IT, maybe next time! :D

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