Jan 8th, 2010

Pretty soon Sprint will be testing Digital TV on the Samsung Moment in Washington DC and Baltimore. Samsung has taken their Moment Android Phone and equipped it with the chips, antenna and specs necessary to receive Digital Television anywhere in the nation. Because its in Beta the channel selection was extremely limited (2 channels) but take a look at the actual DTV application:

moment-dtvDo you see the “Capture” and “Record” options? The ability to get a screen capture/image of a program or even record video from a live program – pretty sweet right. Too bad – the rep told us we should NOT expect these to be publicly available when the service launches. Hopefully a developer will hop on that and enable it by other means. TIVO for your phone!

I would have guided you through it a bit more but felt compelled to keep quiet as competing with the 2 ladies next to me seemed impossible. At least they were cute.

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