WIND Trying To Bring Nexus One To Canada


WIND Mobile has said they are trying to get the Nexus One to Canada, and are in talks with the big G to make it happen. This would be great news for both Canadian Android lovers and WIND – as this could really help propel them up the ranks a bit. I would ask if anyone was excited about this but given how many people have sent this in to us, I’d say yes!


[ Android in Canada | Thanks, everyone!]


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  1. YAY!! thanks Phases for covering this :) WIND needs the news coverage as it is a small carrier; I hope it offers more Androids.
    WIND uses GSM-Voice and 850/1700 Data like T-Mobile.
    WIND currently covers Calgary and Toronto, however there full network G3.5 should be up 1Q of 2010 for all major Canadian cities. (excluding Québec)

  2. Yes, excited is understatement. But I would have expected Google to ship the nexus one to Canada from beginning without WIND’s involvement.

  3. I agree with Mike. Surely it would have been no big deal for Google to have added an option to ship to Canada. It seems odd that that didn’t happen.

  4. That is fantastic news.

    I hope Wind kicks ass in Canada.

    With the Nexus, I know where next phone will come from.

    Woo hoo!

  5. @”G” (comment 1)… no. Wind uses 1700/2100 for data AND voice (like tmobile US), but with no obsolete edge to fall back on (unlike tmobile US). It really doesn’t make any sense to build a new obsolete network….

  6. @Somebody
    My bad you are correct I checked the GSM network code list and WIND is under “UMTS 1700” :| And I did not see GSM backup…
    I think i was mislead by this statment talking about the normal voice GSM G2:
    “For roaming in Canada, WIND has an agreement with Rogers providing users with 2G GPRS access when outside of WIND’s network. When roaming in the United States, WIND has an agreement with T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless, however it is currently unknown if 3G HSPA service is provided, or only 2G GPRS service.” WIND – Wiki

    I usaly see 2G in referance to 850/900/1900/2100ish frequncys…

  7. Man if they got the Nexus One, they’d so get a customer, as in me =D

  8. I’d pop in to buy a phone then switch out the sim, but if Wind does successfully strike an agreement to sell the phone, it should open online sales as well. One would think…

  9. Apparently WIND has an agreement with Blockbuster to share store front, as per ordering on the web, I dont see why not…

  10. Yay cant wait! :D

  11. What is a cell phone?

  12. Oh, that it were done already. I can’t wait to ditch Bell *and* get my first smart phone. Hurry up, Google/Wind, let’s get a move on!

  13. Wind has finally opened up a Home zone to Edmonton! I hope that the Nexus One (or Two by the time it is here) will come soon!

  14. Hey Guys I was tryng to find more info on how to buy a nexus one in canada… and yes I am new to this post so dnt treat me like a spammer… Tha a great website for idea how toos…. would anyone like to maybe expan on this?


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