Jan 7th, 2010

jhaThe folks at Engadget got some face time with Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha and asked some pretty interesting questions. The result? Some pretty interesting answers. Here are some tidbits we came away with but make sure you visit Engadget for the full interview transcript:

  • Backflip very similiar to the CLIQ
  • Motorola will probably publish unique  APIs that allow the reverse touchpad to be used in games/apps in unique ways
  • Thinks Google’s new distribution model isn’t much different than BestBuy/Amazon and they are just leveraging all their website visitors
  • “The day that launches, 2.1 will be available to us and we’ll upgrade the Droid to 2.1.”
  • Updating MOTO BLUR devices will take a tad longer but they’ll still make the effort to do it
  • Motorola will bring a tablet to market in United States in the future

[Via Engadget]

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