“Ground Breaking” Logitech Device On Way?


A new device seems to be in the works by Logitech, seeings how they have a posted a job listing for an “Android Applications Developer” on a contractual basis. The posting says it is looking to “a super-star engineer” with the ability to write “world-class Android applications” for a contract to work on “a ground-breaking new product that will give users access a to broader range of media than ever before.”  Logitech’s Squeezebox Touch, so far, has a small limited pool of applications for the radio. Logitech is rumored to be going with an open source concept for its next offering.


[via Engadget]

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  1. Will it be as “ground breaking” as the nexus phone? I guess we have a few months to hype it up beyond belief.

  2. Does “ground breaking” trump “game changing”? Are we ready for a Squeezebox that runs Android apps? Is having a touchscreen weather app on your home music player a new paradigm, or just excessive complexity destined to end in tears?

  3. Good to see they are setting reasonable expectations in their job requirements. All that’s missing is “flawless code in record time, for ‘market comparable’ pay.”

    If there is that much hyperbole in the job description, what does that say about their description of the product itself?

  4. Nexus One ground breaking? How? It’s an android phone with a new version of Android and a faster processor but it’s just a more speedy plain vanilla android phone. The HTC Sense UI was more “ground breaking” than the N1. I’m assuming that we weren’t being sarcastic. ;)

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