Jan 5th, 2010

Android-21-HeroFor those of you who were lucky enough to attend the Google conference today, or were watching the live video feeds/ blogs and paid attention during the Q & A section you heard some great news! Once 2.1 is open source everyone will get a piece of the newest version/action that for now is only found on the Nexus One.

Andy Rubin’s response to a question by Jason Chen during the Q & A:

Q: Why was it necessary for Google to design the phone? Why couldn’t it just be an HTC phone running the new flavor of Android? And will these new features be coming to Droid?
A: It’s inaccurate to say Google designed the phone (points to HTC CEO). [Google] is just merchandising it online. Everybody will get 2.1 when it’s open source, within a couple of days.

[via Gizmodo]

Others can now rejoice as the goodies shown in the Press Gathering from today will be soon making it to their favorite Android device! Hooray!

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