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Yesterday we wished you a happy holiday and promised we would catch up sooner rather than later. We’ve still got New Years on the calendar and X-ed off the obligatory recovery day, but we’ll try to pump you full of robot goodness rather regularly from here on out. Can’t make any promises but hey – this is a start:

Nexus One Hands-On (Best One Yet)
The guys at Gizmodo have some inside sources that allowed them to get hands-on time with none other than the Nexus One. They couldn’t get any pictures, but we’ve seen enough of those anyways. What they DID get were detailed impressions, saying things like:

  • “Google’s Droid killer. It’s thin, it’s fast, it’s better in every way.”
  • “slightly thinner than the iPhone 3GS, and slightly lighter”
  • The anti-Droid: “smooth, curved, and light, instead of hard, square and pointy.”
  • “This is probably the best screen we’ve seen on a smartphone so far”
  • “Nexus One is astonishingly faster than the Droid”

Head over to Gizmodo for the full hands-on impressions.

Nexus One UI Walkthrough
While the guys at Gizmodo couldn’t get any picture/video action of the Nexus One, others felt at liberty to record in depth videos like the one below. The YouTube video already has 350,000+ views so I think its safe to say people are pretty interested in this phone – would you agree?

Nexus One – By Invitation Only?
Engadget has the skinny that in order to get the Nexus One – at least initially – you’ll need an invitation. How will you get an invitation? Who will get invitations? I have no clue… but I DO have a clue about the Nexus One specs which were also uncovered by Engadget: Android 2.1, 11.5mm thick, 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, 4GB microSD in-box expandable to 32GB, 5 megapixel camera with mechanical AF and LED flash, 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display. They’re on a roll… read the deets here.

Google Nav on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
The folks at SE-First.com must have some inside connects because they’ve got a nice little video of the not-yet-released Xperia X10 running Google Navigation and also hooked the world up with a demo of the X10 with Wikitude and X10 camera samples. Here is the Google Nav vid:

htc-heroHTC Rides The Android Wave
Over at Wired.com they have a pretty interesting article about how HTC has gone from relative obscurity to smartphone powerhouse in a pretty short period of time. But they don’t finish without admitting that there is a danger to the HTC Android movement. Head over to Wired to read all about it… pretty interesting stuff.

LG Prada 3 with Android?
This isn’t a “likely” rumor but it is certainly a possibility. At the beginning of January the Consumer Electronics Show happens in Las Vegas. LG and Sprint have an event planned for the night of January 7th and we can only think that they’re announcing a new handset. While most think its probably the LG Lotus 2, there have been grumblings that it could possibly, potentially, maybe, might be the LG Prada 3 with Android. Don’t get your hopes up… but don’t count it out either. [Via MobileRoar]

Motorola CLIQ Gets Rooted
Over at ModMyMoto a user named TheDudesAndroid posted steps on how to root the Motorola CLIQ, calling it “The Dudes Root For CLIQ“. Over at Engadget Mobile they found plenty of Big Lebowski references to fuel their coverage. The Dude thanks Skrilax_CZ among others, as these Rooting solutions are usually a collective effort. In any case… if you’re a CLIQ owner who lives on the edge… be my guest. Just don’t sue me if your phone gets pummeled by the laws of nature.

Droid Rooted For Wi-Fi Tethering
Over at the Droid Forums they’ve got a solution – that is anything but simple for the novice – to enable Wi-Fi tethering. You’ll have to root it, install a custom recovery image, install a custom kernal, and do some dirty dancing. If that doesn’t scare you in the least, you kind find all the info here. But you’ve been warned.

Stay tuned ladies and gents… more Android news on the way!

Rob Jackson
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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays From Phandroid!

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  1. Again, thanks for all the great info you give us, look forward to even better things to come in 2010.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Better yet, find out about those Nexus invites and see if you can throw a few our way =)

  3. Where’s the donate button? I want to donate to this site.

  4. how the hell can i get on that invite list? ive had the G1 since launch and now i want the N1!!! i better get one!!!

  5. If I had to guess I would imagine that the Nexus One invites will go to industry types and not consumers. Now if they are planning on sending invites to consumers I would imagine they’ll pick people who have an Android phone on T-mobile and possibly current users of some of their other tech, ie. Google Voice, Wave, etc. All in all I hope they at least make it available to the masses before the end of the month (Jan 2010). I’m really dying to upgrade from my G1 that I’ve had since launch.

  6. i would hope that google will hook up the ppl that have supported android from the begining. if not then its pretty crappy.

  7. An invite??? You mean like how gmail was invite only when it came out and how google voice is invite only. I gotta say Google’s invite only thing works pretty damn good.

  8. I agree i have had my g1 since launch….would be nice to finally upgrade…and still have g1 as back up

  9. wait so nexus one wont be available to customers??? so this january 5th tmobile launch i heard about was bs?? ugh

  10. I know how to get a nexus one. phondroid email me and ill get you the details my budy is getting one on jan 4

  11. Could we get a collection together to donate to the Nexus One video guy so he can buy a freakin tripod? Holy crap, I almost got motion sickness watching that video!

  12. There’s already a free and excellent application for tethering Android phones. It’s called PdaNet. You have to download a desktop client program on Mac / PC and also the app for your phone. Really easy and it just works great!

    I previously had a similar app on my blackberry that just sucked balls…bug PdaNet works really well, fast and easy.

  13. It was a really cool and amazing experience reading about Google HTC shared in this post.The videos provided here were very informative.

  14. @the boss
    So how do we get our hands on a N1 on the fifth?

  15. boss: you didn’t include an email ;) I’m at phases at phandroid dot com..

  16. I’m still not unhappy that I bought a Droid. No matter what you get, it’ll be obsolete in weeks now.

  17. @Hot Dawg
    True that. But I don’t want to tie myself to an ancient technology based network. I want GSM and Verizon is not. Maybe when the get LTE it could start getting interesting. But that isn’t happening any time soon as Wireless Carriers seems to be at least 3 years behind the European countries.

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