150,000 Android Apps Predicted By End Of 2010


flurry logo-300x192I’m sure you’ll agree the Android market is constantly growing with a reportedly 20,000+ apps and games  already in the marketplace. Well according to mobile analytics firm Flurry in an interview with ‘Business Week‘, they predict their could be a whopping 150,000 apps this time next year.

Chief Executive Officer of Flurry ‘Simon Khalaf’ said because of efforts by Verizon Wireless, Motorola Inc. and Google to promote the system “A lot of developers have come onto the Android platform”.

He goes on to say Apple’s site for its iPhone and iPod touch devices “may have at least 300,000 applications by the end of next year. Google will have 100,000 to 150,000”

Very interesting considering the predicted momentum of growth for Android’s marketplace is huge, 4 – 6 times the size it is now in fact.  Though Apple’s app store is considered to be larger in apps I believe “it’s quality, not quantity” that counts. We’ll have to wait and see what 2010 brings however either way I’m looking forward to what Android overall has to offer!

What do you think? Is this prediction from Flurry what you’d expect for the Android Marketplace in 2010?

(Via Business Week)

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  1. Like most predictions this 1 isn’t worth a steaming pile of crap. I don’t care if the market has a billion apps by the end of 2010. I’ll take quality over quantity anytime. As the iPhone app store has proven, just because there’s an app for that doesn’t mean it’s any good!

  2. That’s 150,000 if you have a SIM-locked Google-endorsed un-rooted phone. The rest of us won’t be able to access 25% of those because Google’s copy protection is sub-standard and they’re using draconian tactics to block any phone that they can’t control 100%.

  3. this is just a mere prediction. If Android market doesn’t open to more countries around the globe, i bet this figure will be far from reach.

  4. i agree with cj. while i am a huge android fan, when comes to apps, iphone takes the win. u always see advertisements for iphone apps but never for android. fotunatly for me a have and ipod touch so i can have better apps instead of the g1.

  5. Well that sounds dandy….but I sure hope that they are good apps mostly. Also I think 300000 apps is a big guess for apple. But we will see…I know dandyness is coming to Android whatever happens

  6. CJ I couldn’t agree with you more. What’s the point of having 150,000 apps if 140,000 are useless? And they have got to make the market place more user friendly. As for me I don’t mind searching the MP for a hidden gem but I’ve got friends who don’t even bother with downloading apps unless they hear of something via word of mouth.

  7. that prediction is redic. how are you supposed to search all those apps anyways? it doesn’t do the user any good to have a million apps but a crappy UI (hint hint google)…besides, are you really going to install a thousand apps on your phone? as everyone else points out, it’s qual over quant, hands down.

  8. Yeah, Quality > Quantity any day, at least for apps. I personally don’t see anything wrong with the market place on Android… but I haven’t really messed with the iPhone’s to compare it either. It would be nice to be able to browse the apps on my computer and click “Download to phone” and it automatically download on my phone…

  9. no one cares about the numebr of apps, google needs to offer a way that helps us to find great apps, i dont want to see the same best apps over and over again, i want them to be updated regularly

  10. i really dont have many apps, i used to but there were too many apps plagued by bugs and overall unreliability, it seemed dumb to have this expensive (yet inexplicably lame and weak in the case of the mt3g)hardware and put unstable software on it, its hard to show off my phone and attract more google faithful with unreliable apps. I try to stick to apps by legitimate companies/developers, and i sure wish more would get on board! In some cases the developers do care and intend to stabilize the software, in so many other cases however, it seems like those offering apps have just tried to get their name on a ton of ‘developments’ that really have no use or are completely unstable, like all the apps by the same people that are just links to sites, etc…however im not familiar with whats offered in the apple market, i only imagine the standards are higher, and id be beyond happy to pay for apps so long as their useful/stable…that said the apps i do have i really, really like. Bank of america, weather channel, documents to go, shop savvy, even sherpa. I love android and its progressing fairly quickly, surely it will attract more legitimate developers, either way im not going anywhere.

  11. Quality > Quantity

  12. I want the important apps and there are 3:
    1) Firefox
    2) Adobe Flash
    3) the closest thing to MS Office on a phone
    Those are the apps that people already use on their PC 90% of the time.

  13. Flash and firefox are comming, and “documents to go” is as close to office and you’ll get.

    I also agree in the Quality over Quantity statement.

    As for me what android seriously lacks in the app department is…

    A torrent app as robust as there is on pc’s that works over 3g and Wi-Fi and actually works well.

    A media player that plays Xvid, MOV, and WMV. A VLC port would be fantastic.

    A bluetooth and Wi-Fi teather app that works without root.

  14. @ari-free

    There is Dolphin Browser, its not Firefox but it has multi-touch and what not.

  15. Quality > Quantity, yeah, but Android needs to improve on that quality side.

  16. Gimme a break! Who are these people praising iPhone apps but harping on Android apps as being unreliable? Obviously they haven’t had an iPhone for any length of time.

    Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone has tons of garbage apps that are unstable and crash. At least Android gives you the courtesy of a warning (forced close) message. With the iPhone they just crash or reboot the phone. The ONLY apps that are more advanced on the iPhone right now are the games. And that isn’t going to be for long.

    Actually I want to see more apps for Android, a billion if possible. More apps mean more competition and more competition means, to stand out, developers will be forced to produce better quality apps. Bring the quality and people will purchase (e.g Touchdown). So while having tons of apps will introduce some clutter and crap, they will also help spawn the quality apps people so desire. Just my 2 cents.

  17. The domain http://www.MobileAppStore.com is now for auction.

    What do you think about the current bid?

  18. Yes, I do agree Quality> Quantity. People have become very smart now a days. They wont entertain any junk product on their valuable phone. Unlike iPhone, android does give a warning before using any harmful application. Out of the tons and tons of applications getting flooded in market only few quality apps will sustain in the market. I personally have used many applications in the past and found a backup application more valuable and reliable to use. It was from BackupandShare.com. Would like to see more of such useful applications in the future.

  19. Too bad that androids can only install on phone memory kills it. They need to come out with a android phone with built in 32gb like the iphone. Memory cards bandwith is not fast enough.

  20. I’m a droid user and I own an ipod touch and the App Store is a light year ahead of the Android Market. I hate saying this, but iit is true. Apps are better quality, games are better quality, and there’s tons more of each.

  21. SanzaBlancoAkA2C, you’ve got to be kidding! Do you really want to know “what’s the point of having 150,000 apps if 140,000 are useless?” It’s because the remaining 10,000 are useful. You have to squeeze a lot of lemons to get lemonade. On the 7 or 8 computers I’ve had since 1991, I haven’t loaded 10,000 apps combined, let alone 10,000 useful ones. And what’s useless to some might be useful to others. I actually bought a friend of my brother’s a pet rock for his 17th birthday (in the 70’s). Useless, sure, except I didn’t have to keep going to the store or think about what to get him anymore.

  22. #17 John said it best. I also have an ipod touch and droid. Games are great on the ipod, but I have never even considered paying ATT prices for the extra luxury of phone calls. Yes, the iphone UI is slick and there are lots of apps, but the locked down environment is too much for me.

    Earlier today, I was researching the growth of the app store to see how long it took to get from 10,000 to 100,000 apps and I recall it was 13 or 14 months. If I’m not mistaken, Android Market’s rate of growth is greater now than Apple’s was back then so the prediction is very reasonable.

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