Xperia X10 With AT&T 3G Passes FCC


fccA few days ago the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 passed the FCC sporting T-Mobile 3G bands. So when the FCC passed another version of the Xperia X10 today, you had to think something was up. And sure enough, THIS version of the Xperia X10 comes packed with the AT&T’s 850/1900MHz 3G bands!

Don’t get too excited just yet – that doesn’t mean that AT&T will sell the phone subsidized. It could be headed to another carrier who uses the same bands such as Rogers, Bell or TELUS. Or it could be offered by none of these carriers with a contract and instead sold directly by Sony Ericsson for some outrageous price.

Any way you look at it, it seems as though if you have enough dough you’ll be able to use the Xperia X10 on AT&T with 3G at some point in the future. Knowing Sony Ericsson I’m not confident in saying “near” future but I’ve got my fingers crossed.

[FCC via Engadget]

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  1. I’ll rather go for the T-mobile version. Wished it would come with a new version of Android however.

  2. +1 swehes. i think nexus 1 will be more phone for your money, though. but this will still make some people happy.

  3. I really, really hope this is AT&T

  4. I agree. Nexus One would be a nice phone for sure. But I would like to see real information from Google before getting my hopes up.

  5. @swehes: true true. it’s all speculation at this point in terms of specs, pricing, availability. my salivary glands don’t seem to understand that though. stupid glands!

  6. I prefer the phone unlocked and unbranded…..price be damned!!!!!!!!

  7. @9ooyan – I’m totally with you on that one. I wish they would come out with information and tell us they are going to sell it on the 5th of January. I wouldn’t mind 3rd of February though as that is a special day. Or maybe valentines with the deal of “Buy one for your honey and get one for yourself for free.” :)

  8. Now you can enjoy the same quality AT&T experience that you get with the iPhone!

  9. Hope it goes on AT&T, theres no T-Mobile 3G in my area sadly.

  10. Just look at the FCC filing page 4 of 21 under Device INfo and look what the market name is x10a which means AT&T… that’s on all of ATT’s sony’s… https://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/prod/oet/forms/blobs/retrieve.cgi?attachment_id=1216966&native_or_pdf=pdf

  11. But from the word on the street/blogs it has android 1.6, so who the hell wants it??

    Especially with AT&T considering charging people that go over the 5GB cap on their “UNLIMITED DATA PLAN”

    AT&T, must be trying to loose me as a customer, and come quarter 1 when all these hot HTC’s are released, I’m praying that cellular south gets one.. They have Unlimited EVERYTHING for $79/month.. Then it’ll be peace out AT&T thanx for overcharging me for the past 6 years….

  12. with the HTC HD2 selling at $800, i bet the x10 will probably be around that. total rip off if you ask me. in my opinon, both phones are pretty impressive, but cant do 600 dollars worth of more impressive stuff than the iphone or droid.

  13. @ fupadroid…agreed. Im happy to spend up to $1k on a phone but its gotta be worth it, and the xperia simply isnt

  14. @fupadroid and davis

    Thank god there are still people with a brain. I’m getting sick of people saying that they will buy these phones regardless if they come ridiculous price tags. The only way SE will survive is if they get the end-users price down on their phones. Selling them at an $800 retail at the Sony Style stores will not do them any good. $299 is the max the majority of consumers would pay for this phone. They need to get carriers to subsidize to this price or less even if it means selling at a loss. If SE is serious about gaining some longterm market share in the US they are going to have to play the same game as every other phone manufacturer. The Xperia series will not demand a premium over the iPhone, except to a very small niche market, which is not enough to be profitable on. The X10 is a great/sexy piece of hardware, but given the state of the economy, frivolous opulence is not en vogue anymore.


  16. @elijahblake where did the charging you for going over 5G bit come from? People have said this about Tmo’s plans for data only for a while and Verizon too, but I can say with a fair amount of certainty this this is not the case on AT&T … they frequently put it in writing that they do not charge for anything in excess of any amount on unlimited data plans.
    Feel free to back up your statement …

  17. @elijahblake the a in the model number means america not att. go to rogers site and look at their se devices they all have a at the end with exception of a few of them

  18. how soon we forget… recall when the Samsung i7500/galaxy went through FCC under T-Mo freq… it’s still not officially offered here. I’m not sure if passing FCC means anything anymore. My 2cents

  19. Why would they send their phone to the FCC (U.S.A. gov’t) if it was for Canadian networks? I think it’s coming to AT&T.

  20. LOL ari-free….that’s to funnyish

  21. @david


    i spoke with an att customer rep about this and she said she had seen it too, but they don’t have any details and they’re not sure what they’re going to do, but engadget or someother blog posted the clause where if they do decide to charge you more for being a “DATA HOG” then you can’t simply get out of your contract because there’s a clause in it.

  22. Damn it. I don’t want X10 anymore. I want Nexus ONE!!!

  23. I waited in 2008 for an Experia to be released in the US market (

  24. I waited MONTHS in 2008 for an Experia to be released in the US market (and was willing to change carriers to get it), only to see the phone released in Sony stores. I won’t drool at the Sony or AT&T striptease act anymore, (although I might take a peak under the skirt). Consumers of electronic devices deserve more transparency!

  25. i just hope one of these next gen andriod phones lands on att, and now with the nexus off to tmobile, att deserves this :/

  26. THe 256 ram kills the phone for me. Nexus has 512 for ram.

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