New Nexus One Shots – Plus A Giveaway


(Updated) We have a few new Nexus One pictures and a quick little video clip for ya. These come to you courtesy of engadget via a twitter conversation between Twitter chatters — @djrobrob and @phillm.


That little QR code – if you’re wondering – leads to something we covered a bit back.. a holiday memory game.

Also, if any of you haven’t seen nexusoneblog.com you may find it worth your while to pop over and check it out. I don’t know who they are but they claim to be giving away a Nexus One through a Twitter contest!  All you gotta do is follow a couple quick steps to help promote the site.

…and if you’re really looking to follow Nexus news and just want more sites to follow  check out htcnexusone.net.

Edit: A reader just hooked us up with these:




Thanks, Bruce!

[ engadget | twitter | nexusoneblog.com ]


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  1. Tada… just like I told 1-2 weeks ago in the comments, the “cube” icon is the app “tray” and the animation is a reverse “explosion”.

    So, this should validate my credibility.

  2. Thanks Bruce! Hey uh, you know, if you can get us an exclusive comprehensive set of pictures or videos you know, let us know, you’ll get your own post. ;) phases at phandroid.com

  3. All I can say is that Phandroid fans should become fans of our blog and follow what new projects are being made by us.

    Enjoy the Holidays!
    Giovanni Calabrese

  4. So is this phone coming to. Tmobile or not?? That’s all I want to know ,I’m tired of my g1. I would get the htc hd2 but it doesn’t have android so never mind that phone. So once again IS THIS PHONE FOR TMOBILE and WHEN???

  5. Wake me up when it hits the stores.

  6. Is there multitouch on the nexus one or not?

  7. bah i need one with a keyboard! keyboard! need to replace my g1 if it doesn’t get 2.0

  8. So is this phone coming to Tmobile or not ?

  9. 3.5mm jack? If not…that makes me a sad panda. However, from the back of the phone, there seems to be a recess in the plastic above the camera and slightly to the left…

  10. giGGer depends where you live… (USA Droid hasn’t – Euro Milestone has)

    I think it will be the same story…

  11. Why is it that in every single pic of the Nexus One, there’s never a 3G, or even EDGE, connection being used?

    Doesn’t that make you wonder?

  12. What about the rumor that it’s not even going to come to the States. Google does have their eyes over sea, especially since they’re in a comfortable position through the New Year, considering the release of the Droid and Eris. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see this over here, until after Europe does.

  13. it would suck if it only over seas 1st….all i wanna know is if HTC finally changed their thinking and added a 3.5mm jack. the phone looks great even though i’m not a fan of all things onscreen.

  14. Exclusive pictures of the weather and news app


  15. How is this exclusive ? These apps are available all over the web : xda, alldroid, etc.

  16. Hi! What’s wrong with an European release first? We all longing to have the beast in our hands.

  17. I WANT THAT COOL ANDROID PHONE CASE!! I hope they will sell those separately. I want one for my droid! :-)

  18. @John Smith’s…u the Khomeini I once k-new?

  19. @coolMANDINGO: Apparently it will be sold via Google online and unlocked. From what I hear it will be GSM initially so I don’t see why you couldn’t buy one and take it to T-Mo. Hope this helps.

  20. Lol John Smith. Thanks for that ground breaking observation!

    I want the case.

  21. @del thanks for info. I really hope tmobile gets this phone because its a recession and verizon is asking for the defict For me to join and remain a customer(if I ever activate). I know tmobile is getting the htc hd2 but with win mo. Wrong move if u ask me but I know y’all didn’t !! Lol

  22. @Benjamin R I noticed the same thing. I hoped that they’d slip up and show the magenta logo or 3g or sort of sign of the carrier it was on but nope!! Lol with all this hush hush from google it better be better than the iphone. There shouldn’t be a reason why this phone coudlnt top iphone. I mean from the camera,media player etc. Htc and google has had a full year since adroind dropped which gives and gave them ample time to test what worked and what didn’t.I’m tired of my g1. I want a beast of a phone. Hd2 sounds good but the os isn’t desireable anymore. Everyone including me loves the openess of the adroid os. If I’m wrong win mo can do that. I love that u can download and remove whatever u done need or use. So Nexus One please don’t be a clone of a wack ass phone with a lot of horsepower.

  23. Thanks for the mention bud! :D

  24. Has anyone tried to check what that says?


    I dont have a camera with me so I can’t take a picture of it and read it. (Square Barcode)

  25. I want one on VZW. Or just release the Dragon/Passion/Incredible or whatever the freak it’s going to be called. I can’t wait to get out of BlackBerry Hell!

  26. Can we please stop asking about the 3.5mm headphone jack. http://htcnexusone.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/IMAG0032-.jpg

  27. Great looking phone. Would like to have one. Can not wait to hold one in my hands. Thanks for your work.

  28. Man this dam spell checker/ corrector…dam thing screws up words a lot of times and that ain’t so dandy….@ John I meant r you the John Smith I once knew?

  29. Google announces a press release. Custom Creations posts some pics of Google Projects.

    Phandroids should know that our services are affordable by all. Wouldn’t it be super cool to have one of our props sitting on YOUR desk? Of course it would! Don’t be shy now, give our blog a looky look and let us know what we can make for you!

  30. i have been waiting for the nexus one for so long!!!!! i could have gotten a new cell phone 8 months ago, but i am still waiting for the nexus one to come out.

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