No “Donut” for Rogers HTC Dream and Magic


Bad news for many Rogers HTC Dream and Magic owners: according to a posting on HTC’s website (which was apparently then confirmed by Rogers themselves), HTC Dream and Magic owners will NOT receive an official Android OS update to 1.6

Can I upgrade my Rogers Magic device to Android 1.6?

HTC is not currently planning any Android 1.6 upgrades for Rogers Dream or Magic. Android 1.6 was only made available for “Google”-branded devices such as the G1. It is not available for HTC-branded products such as the Dream or Magic, which use Android 1.5. We believe that Android 1.5 is a stable and reliable software platform that delivers a terrific user experience

Pretty disappointing to say the least…  especially when the phones were launched they were dubbed a “Revolution” by Rogers.  Do you think it’s safe to say Rogers customers definitely won’t be receiving any éclairs or flan’s either?


[Via BGR]

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  1. My question is when will the G1 get updated to Eclair?

    -Happy Holidays

  2. unless a rom cooker builds it dream is not getting it. besides google nav is already supported for dream

  3. Rogers must die! I’ve been only happy for few months while they were the only ones to have an Android device. Now I’m biting my elbows seeing Bell and Telus offering much better choice, while Rogers don’t have any intentions to move their fat a#$@es.

  4. If Rogers sees something that will make the customer happy, you can be assured they’ll do the exact opposite.

    You can set your watch by that!

  5. This is the reason why I will probably not be getting anymore Android based phones after my current Magic. I would much rather pay for a phone that gets every update that is released, like the iPhone for example. It is the reason I switched to Macs after all.

  6. @SprSynJn
    I’d suggest you wait and see what happens with 2.1, and if those old 1.5/1.6 devices like the Hero really do get updates within a few months, like carriers are currently saying. I don’t think this situation is the norm… it seems like Rogers is just a crappy carrier for Android. If you wanna get timely updates, make sure to get a Google experience phone so you don’t have to wait for some phone manufacturer to build a new custum UI.

  7. Was to be expected from rogers, but hey. This is what you have rooting, and cooked roms for.

  8. Thank you very much HTC!

    And to return the favor, my next Android will be Sony or Acer!

    Stick to Google-branded non-HTC devices and you’ll be OK.

  9. I’m on T-Mobile USA, so I know next to nothing about Rogers. But I do know that software upgrades don’t have anything to do with the manufacturer in cases like these, saving both HTC and Android from any blame here.

    If it were up to either of these two, we’d see updates for all compatible HTC/Android phones. But, as we all know, carriers announce when they plan to update there phones, and not every compatible phone gets them.

  10. mmmh, they are upgrading the HTC Hero… and that will also skip the donut (1.6 version) and go straight to either 2.0 or 2.1… least i hope :P

    would be kinda lame if they didn’t do the same for these other phones…
    then again… people that want, can apperently easily do it themselves…

  11. The way I feel about this is the least Rogers/HTC could have done was bought us dinner first.

    Rogers’ official word here is that HTC hasn’t given them an update for the Dream or Magic. My question to Rogers is “Have you even asked for the update?” I think it’s really a matter of now that Rogers has us all locked in with our 3 year plans, they don’t want to shell out the money to get an update. Very sad really.

  12. the rogers phone is not a google experience phone so what’s probably happening is rogers bought a contract with htc for just a phone with no updates thinking 1.5 would be the most advanced android would go. when they they went to htc for an upgrade. htc said it’s not in your contract and gave them an estimate on how much it would cost. to say htc is evil means obviously you don’t know how business and contracts work. remember rogers got what they paid for. it sux for you cause your stuck but that’s the reality. what you can do is root the device sice rogers won’t support it for os upgrades.

  13. Hey its rogers! what did you guys expected? always been the same problem over and over for canadian carriers. we NEVER get software upgrades here, only like 2 or 3 windows phones got updated from 6.0 to 6.1. and were available really late. the best reason iphone is an advantage here over other phones. ROGERS, TELUS AND BELL, screw you!

  14. @RayRay Yup i feel the same
    All current Canadian cell company’s…
    All 3 of them…
    Should be replaced with companys that give a dam.
    Btw I own a 1.5 Rogers Dream, i now plan on loading a 1.6 rom on it tho.

  15. I’m on Rogers as well, I am running 1.6 on my Magic since it’s out.. but my gf has a Dream running the original 1.5 and she’s pretty satisfied with it probably like 95% of HTC Magic/Dream owners.

  16. Rogers, Rogers, Rogers…….

    I guess Rogers really does not care to catch on the android wave and support their products they would just rather sell us new phones. Well all this negative publicity in regards to android will cause new users to look elsewhere due to the lack of support and spend their money with another company. I have no desire to support Rogers when they will not even stand by their own products.

    It is very baffling why Rogers would not support the HTC Dream / Magic and update to version 1.6 and eventually 2.0 and so on. Android is the fastest growing market in smart phones and leaving their customers with old OS will ensure that Canada lags behind in Android support.


    Well all the blame cannot go to Rogers either cause at the end of the day this is a HTC phone and is obvious they just want to sell handsets but by allowing carriers to not provide updates for the phones they certainly are hurting their image and will cause android users to look at others brands as well.

    Google, Google, Google

    Great OS but…….You need to learn a thing or two from the iphone and that you need to rollout these updates across the board on these phones just not ones you brand and make. Failing to do so is a major mistake and will cost you in the long run. While android may be taking off and getting a larger market share how do you think the sales are going to be in a few years when android owners are tired of being handcuffed from the carriers and manufactures of your phones by poor support….I love my android phone but i tell you a unlocked iphone is looking allot more attractive to me specially in the long run….Having updates for the android is what makes the Google experience much richer and with carriers not supporting 1.6 or 2.0 android is sure to upset many customers as it has done in Canada already.

    In the mean time putting pressure on Rogers and all the negative press they are going to receive on this and loss of revenue may force their hands to actually do something about it instead of responding with their generic corporate responses.
    If need be the Android users of Rogers who have the HTC Dream, Magic and EVE will pursue this diligently.

    All i have to say is thank god my contract is up this summer ….Nexus One, Wind, Dave, Public Mobile will all get a chance to get my money since Rogers has proven all they care about is your money not customer satisfaction.

    To educate yourself more on this topic and find out all that has been done and said by the customers, Rogers, HTC regarding Android updates for Canadian users please read the forums.

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