Nexus One Google Phone Headed To The UK?


According to UK newspaper ‘The Guardian’ claims Google has approached several UK mobile phone operators to ‘gauge’ their interest in supporting the Nexus One:

Google has approached several mobile phone operators in the UK, including T-Mobile and Vodafone, to gauge their interest in supporting its rival to the iPhone ahead of its launch in Britain next year. The internet firm has been working with Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC on a mobile phone called the Nexus One, after the ‘replicants’ in Ridley Scott’s science-fiction film Blade Runner.

Though Google may have approached operators, nothing is confirmed and everything including specifications, price, features and distribution channels is mostly speculation. I think we can all agree on one thing: the Nexus One AKA ‘Google phone’ has been hot news recently and likely much more coming.


[Via The Guardian]

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  1. Sure hope it makes it to UK, esp with a SIM free pricing structure (with a Google subsidy) as well as via one of the networks for a contract deal (with network subsidy). Hearing that if successful introduction of Nexus One, subsidy could increase over time as HTC scale/operating leverage on mass production of phone would allow for such increase. How will pricing on Nexus One in UK for SIM free model differ from current £450 price point for SIM free Milestone via Expansys? Google appears to be taking the design very seriously and ensuring a great user experience rather than allowing manufacturers/networks to dictate user interface. Should be interesting to see if this approach conflicts with the UK network monopolists approach–viz, Vodafone 360 and other revenue generating schemes. Networks in UK definitely missed a trick by allowing Milestone to enter UK only via Expansys for an exclusive one month period, while same phone in US, the Droid, achieved sales of more than 1 million unitsin US (according to press reports/blog comments) in the 6 weeks period starting with its introduction on 8 Nov 2009.

    Android OS devices represents the biggest threat to iPhone and appears to be pulling away from the pack of pretenders for smartphone OS success including Nokia, etc.


  2. Man am I getting tired of the 1000 new Nexus articles every day sourcing blogs and unnamed “close” tipsters. It’s all BS. The fact that all of these news agents and tech mags can take a blog post as fact and gospel is disturbing.

  3. I agree with Black Kristos. I am anxious to see a new,better, faster android phone, but the amount of rumours, speculation and unidentified sources is just going to mean that when the truth is revealed about this phone it will be unable to live up to the hype and will therefore be seen as a failure.

  4. @Black Kristos and @Darrell

    Doubt that Nexus One will be a failure…Google will ensure its smooth ride if it is to carry Google’s name prominently. Sure, selling a mobile device is part spec, part design, part manufacturing and a lot of hype.

    Did you notice that Android Community blog cites reliable source saying phone coming 5 Jan, 2010? Also saying it will be “very competitively priced”.

    I for one will be getting this device when it hits the UK market. I had been toying with the idea of a Milestone but this one looks like the one to give the iPhone a run for its money.

  5. ” but this one looks like the one to give the iPhone a run for its money.”

    The G1 was better than the iphone, we are way beyond competing with that

  6. I called Orange UK today to ask about the article published in the Guardian newspaper. The operator knew nothing of the Nexus One, but when I asked if there’s any HTC phones due in the next couple of months he said the Bravo is already on the system with a due date of March. Ok, we’ve still got a few months to wait but this is great news.

  7. @Black Kristos, @Darrell

    The Guardian is one of the most respected newspapers over here. They don’t publish stories with out any solid facts.

    This is the most solid and believable information so far about the Nexus One, since it has come from a reliable source.

  8. The iphone was so 3 years ago i think its a boring phone if all they are gonna do is make it faster for os 4.0 im sold on the nexus.

  9. I totally agree with Sam , The guardian are a well established UK newspaper who only publish facts :)

  10. I’m really hoping for the nexus phone to be released in the UK, and hopefully not 3 or 4 months after the US release.

    There have been many articles claiming the release of nexus one on the 5th Jan at the android event. Additionally many blogs including Gizmondo (which I would call reliable) are saying that the phone will cost $530 sim-free.

    Here’s hoping i’ll be able to order one to be shipped to the UK.

  11. I just got off to a manager at T-Mobile UK. I am coming to the end of my contract and I asked him about the Nexus One! He confirmed that it will be released JAN-March 2010 in the UK with T-mobile contract. He said they did want to get it out before christmas but due to delays in shipments (HTC/Google)it been delayed. But he said it is a game changer and its best to wait before re-newing my contract!

  12. @Kevinoakgrove: ta for heads up! I want yours and googles children! ;)

  13. I unfortunately work in the mobile industry, I’m fairly confident that my speculative opinion will prove correct when I suggest the Nexus One won’t be available until May-June. Here’s why: T-Mobile won’t pick it up because they’re currently embroiled in the merger with Orange, as they are the smaller brand Orange will be the remaining marketing tool and won’t want any extra loss to take on board when the EU has approved the joint operation and let’s be honest, it’s too late to save t-mobile UK and even if they had the exclusive on this phone it’s still not going to save them. Orange will not take the Nexus One in it’s guise of the Google phone, they’ve only just got into bed with Apple and I’m quite sure Steve Jobs won’t want to see such a close competitor on the same shelf/display as his wonderphone. Orange will be more likely to take it as the HTC Bravo, but only after fattening it up with thier software which will take months and it probably won’t work when it does launch.
    O2 face a similar dilemma as the other O because they seem determined to tell us that the Palm Pre is actually very good (even though it isn’t) and therefore won’t want to provoke a negative reaction on the new darling of Sean Bean (it’s a given fact that you don’t want to make Sharpe angry).
    Vodafone have a quaint relationship with RIM and other than upsetting that relationship they too will be focusing on Steve Jobs little jobbie so are likely to not put it out, especially in the guise of the Google Phone.
    Carphone/phones for you will probably have it although like always they won’t know what to do with it, they’re like magpies them lot. They see something shiny but they can never get their beaks around it to get it to fly.
    3…? Are they even still operating as a functional network.

  14. Will G1 owners be encourage to upgrade to the Nexus 1?

    I got my T-Mobile G1 on the first day it became available in the UK which was the same day as the US (1 Nov 08?).

    I had to sign up for an 18 month contract which was (I think) the only contract available .

    So by my reckoning I’m not due an upgrade until 1 May.

    Now my G1 has started to get very old – the touchscreen works intermittently, the trackball can be a bit of a bugger at times too, and if I’m unlucky they play up simultaneously.

    So I just thought I’d check if I was due an upgrade and bingo! I’m due an upgrade on 30th January. Are loyal G1 customers going to be rewarded with early upgrades to the Nexus 1?

  15. @demensa: fail much … ? you had me laughing at your opening line. “I unfortunately work in the mobile industry” babble babble babble… may i suggest you have a look at

    @ajb1970 : Yes I would suggest you hold out, T-Mobile will be bringing a UK contract. Its all a matter of time jan-march cud be april/may (or pay £370 for the privilage of just the phone?)

  16. @demensa: pmsl at your comment as i also work in the mobile industry in the upgrades dept….You might wanna do your homework a little more mate before typing as your info is completely out there with the fairies…the reason for the merger is to strengthen both companies and you’ll find that its all done and dealt with but no changes will be evident for awhile as brands remain seperate…Once the merger is complete by merging the brands and making one UK network it will be the largest uk network holdin 37% of the market share compared to O2’s 22%…..
    @ajb1970: As for the Nexus One there is no actual evidence that T Mob UK will be getting the phone even with the US getting it…unfortunately itis no gaurantee (germany t mobile has iphone) BUT i will say that T-Mobile UK is a strong supporter of the Android series of handsets and was the 1st to release android in UK….so keep our fingers croosed and everything else as i am….Got a G1 and a G2 Touch (HTC Hero) both rooted and booted but will gladly give up both legs for a Nexus One (I know the saying goes ‘I would give an arm and a leg’ but will need both hands to enjoy phone….

  17. An ear to the ground tells me that T-Mobile in the UK are definitely getting the Nexus One, and “soon”.

    Had planned on taking a less preferred phone on re-sign, bit now… :)

  18. yip just off phone re an upgrade and was told they have it on thier coming soon list.

  19. If it’s on their “comming soon” list, I wish they’d put it on their website!

  20. From online sales:
    Matilda (T-Mobile UK): It is a HTC Phone. The Nexus will probably come by April or May, and it will be free from £35

  21. Then I just went on their site and :

  22. I’m currently using a Nexus One in the UK. It works fine on Vodafone but I can only get voice & SMS on Orange. Without data it’s crippled (no browsing, no gmail, no calendar sync etc). I’ve called Orange about this and they say it is an ‘unsupported handset’.

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