ICD Ultra Tablet Runs Android, Previewed On Jimmy Fallon Show


Engadget frontman Joshua Topolsky returned to the Jimmy Fallon Show to show off some of the latest gadgets and guess what? Two of the three were running Android. Unfortunately Fallon seems to think that Android is “too smart” for him and that he is “too dumb” for Android. He dismissed the Android powered Nook eReader saying he was a “Kindle Guy” but then took a liking to the ICD Ultra Tablet.

Hilarious job by Topolsky in discussing his mom and the nerd comments… I hope they have him on more often because he seems to make a pretty great guest:

Some of the specs of the tablet include:

  • 7-inch resistive touchscreen (capacitive versions coming)
  • 1GHz Tegra T20 CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • 512MB ROM
  • 4GB storage
  • 2G & 3G radios
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 1.3 MP front facing camera
  • HDMI out
  • USB 2.0
  • MicroSD slot
  • Accelerometer
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • 3.5mm headset jack
  • Android 2.0
  • 1080p video playback
  • Web browsing

The Ultra should sell for about $249 although they’re apparently working on subsidization deals with mobile carriers. We’re hoping this bad boy will be at CES for a hands on!

By the way I totally don’t understand Fallon’s blind dislike for Android and sheer love affair with Apple. He mentions how when he presses print he wants something to print, he presses a DVD and he wants it to load a DVD – suggesting that what, Android doesn’t have obvious enough icons? The G1 started the distinction that Android is for “geeks” and all the modding/romming contributes to that belief, but in all honesty, Android is just as easy for any random idiot to use as the iPhone and other Apple products.

[Via Engadget]

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  1. Apple is a sponsor of fallon show :)

  2. @”Android is just as easy for any random idiot to use as the iPhone and other Apple products.”

    Conclusion : Not only Apple can make a product for idiots!!!

  3. I agree with Jimmy Fallon that iPhone is easier to use and I’ve heard (and read online) this several times. The difference in usability is in details, here are just a few that I can think of right now:
    * iPhone keyboard is better in many ways (dynamic key resizing, it’s easier to write ě,š,č,í…)
    * no pinch and zoom in Android
    * some iPhone UI widgets are missing in Android or better than Android’s (e.g.
    * some users may prefer easier interface with less options (e.g. iPhone home screen)
    * iPhone OS is better looking (but this has more to do with user experience than usability…)
    * Android has functions hidden in MENU button, iPhone has it on the screen; I often wish that e.g. Android browser showed some menu items permanently on screen, 1 click is better than 2 clicks

    Although I am Google and Android fan, I have to admit that Apple is really focused on user experience and the “feel” of using their products, whilst Google puts more effort on adding new features.

    @Rob, you may not percieve that iPhone has better usability because you are used to Android and because you are probably more experienced user than others.

  4. @Franta
    I disagree with everything you said for “MY” preference.
    (excluding pinch ‘n’ zoom)

    However you missed the main reason why the iPhone gets a “win”.
    The apps, plain and simple iPhone has more apps, Android is catching up but is still way behind in the apps.

  5. AHAHHAhha I think it’ so funny when people talk about Apple iPhone being ahead of the game because it has more apps. The CORE applications are what matter. I really don’t care if my mobile device has more than 5000 apps to choose from. I’m only going to use 100 Apps, MAYBE in the lifetime of the device.
    I care about functionality, speed, updates, and a company that’s not going to bump apps that have been on the device for 4 months, because they got a wild hair up their rear end one day. Android has all the Core Apps every growing body needs and much MUCH more! Oh.. and They are stealing patents either, like Apple.

  6. revision: are NOT stealing patents like Apple does.

  7. @Franta
    Different, does not necessarily mean more difficult. For example, I have used MAC, Windows, and Linux. It’s easy for people who consistently use one particular OS to claim that their’s is the easiest to use, but in reality they are all just as easy to use. When I got my Android, I got it without any instruction manual (other than a pamphlet showing how to put the battery in) I had it figured out before I even got it home from the store. It is extremely easy to use.. It is not just for “geeks”, If Fallon can’t figure it out.. there is something wrong with him. But I suspect it’s an advertiser issue.

  8. @Dennis
    For me the usability problems with Android isn’t that I don’t know how to do something, it’s that it takes longer, it’s less intuitive (you have to think more about it) and more. I’m not saying that Android has bad usability, it just isn’t perfect.

  9. Ok I agree with the two dudes above who say iPhones got more apps, yeah…but easier to use….that’s so if ur used to useing Apple products. However I also slightly agree apples got a better keyboard as well..but my Droid is Bella easy to use..infraction the only hard to use android phone I know off is that behold. there you go yo

  10. LOL one more thing I must say that u got to get used to this dam spell checker on android phones!

  11. I don’t agree that the iPhone is more intuitive. It’s what you’re used to.

    Androids have a desktop and the button/tab that pulls up the app tray. If you have used Windows XP (and that’s a large no of us), surely that would be reminiscent of XP’s desktop and Start button. And while there are more buttons, they are all labelled. Who wouldn’t know what the BACK, HOME, MENU/SETTINGS, Phone/Power off buttons do?

  12. Fallon sounds like some old guy who still uses a typewriter and a rotary phone. I’m sure any 5 year old can handle Android…after all, they have no problem with Windows 7

  13. The tablet looks like a digital photoframe :)
    I would love to have one of those in the kitchen for viewing recipes websites and youtube while I cook.

  14. So, the 15″ is the Vega, and the 7″ is the Ultra. They said they were also going to do an 11″ tablet … wonder what name they’ll give THAT one.

    and, they should be doing pixelqi displays on these, instead of straight LCD’s.

  15. Holy crap, the audience is stupid; They only react to the dumb jokes.

    Jimmy Fallons show must be sponsored by Apple, like what Aftoc said. Android isn’t hard to use. I find Mobile OS X (iPhone) to be easier to use, but a lot less productive. That’s why I like Android. And that’s why most people like the iPhone…

  16. wow 250 thats amazing….and as for the iphone android war going on

    The UI
    I personally cant stand the Iphone UI..its soo unorganized and boring and ugly and plain..and you can add the categories app after you jailbreak it but its still incredibly messy..In terms of UI android wins by far with widgets, folders, the drop down notification bar etc…..and especially with HTC Sense

    Oh and i hate that stupid PInch Zoom excuse its so retarded..if you want pinch zoom root your phone damn it..OR get a hero..Or get an android 2.0 phone and download the Dolphin Browser

    People use the excuse that apple is better because it has more apps but thats not true..Its quality over quantity and Apple DOES have quality..the apps on the iphone are cleaner, better graphically and so awsome…Theres an app where you can blow into the microphone and hold buttons on the screen and make music! and its not as cheesy as it sounds

    The reason apple has better apps though is because its more popular, but google is quickly gaining ground among developers so im almost positive we’re going to see more polished apps on android

    Games (yes games are apps i know)
    The iphone kicks androids Ass in Gaming..much better graphics and much funner games..and theres a playstation emulator for it which i used alot on windows mobile and Apple….but as with the apps, android is gaining ground and im sure we’re going to see those great games on Android soon…
    Well actually Polar Bit has some amazing great graphics games that are par with the iphone so nvm on that..sooner is now :)

    but on everything kicks ass..except that compatibility issue thats going on with Apps..but that should be fix once all the Android 1.5 phones get updated to 2.0 and above

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