HTC Incredible Coming To Verizon Wireless


The connected peoples over at EngadgetMobile have word from a “trusted source” that the HTC Incredible is indeed an Android Phone headed to Verizon Wireless sometime in the next 4 light years. I’m unsure of where this fits in terms of seniority/heirarchy compared to the HTC Hero or HTC Legend but maybe it’ll be more… cartoony looking?


It might not even be called “Incredible” when it launches but I’m sure you’re aware of the whole “internal codename” game. And if it’s headed to Verizon they may choose to continue shelling out money to Lucas Films and use that “Droid” brand. HTC IncrediDroid perhaps? I hope not.

Nothing else to really see here so until further notice, just expect more Verizon Android Phones from HTC in the not too distant future!

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  1. so let me summarize the article:

    verizon is expected to get another android phone. no other details.

  2. The article didn’t tell us much but the Incredibles Android is sweet!

  3. You think it will have a physical keyboard?

  4. fingers crossed for a top-notch highly spec’d device… i need something better than the droid as my new phone sooo fingers crossed…

  5. If I remember correctly the HTC Euro TMobile documentation referred to the Bravo once as the Incredible.

  6. The Bravo with a new name?


  8. Yep.

    Read the line about enhanced video. “The Incredible delivers….”

    Now we just need it out in January.

  9. Stupid post. And those that are already frothing at the mouth for this phone with their comments are even stupider! As Jo said; so let me summarize the article:verizon is expected to get another android phone. no other details.

  10. I work for a tech company and have tons of info on the products we will be releasing in the next 12 months. We receive questions daily asking for a products. I know the product will be out in the next 2 weeks but I can not disclose any info as we don’t want our competitors putting out a product before we do.

    I believe that there is far to much floating around out there for there to NOT to be a Verizon version of the Nexus.

    When Verizon employees and resellers say it comoing I believe them.

  11. link to the article please

  12. Next two weeks huh? Hmmm, that would put it right at the beginning of the new year. We already found out (just today I believe) that verizon is releasing three new smartphones shortly. Right now Im just cautious of believing any of the high-end verizon bound android talk. Especially if they are confirmed to be releasing these three moderate smartphone. Do I want one to land in January on big red? You bet! But Im going to remain grounded and show some restraint before getting all googly-eyed over a phone we know ABSOLUTELY nothing about.

  13. @ Karuk. Sounds very dandy Karuk

  14. VADER, I like it. January would be nice.

  15. no way this is the imagio, is there? just saw a HTC commercial about how a phone “has to get you.. and you.. and you….” and it has the imagio on it which I havent seen yet, and it says exclusively at verizon wireless.

  16. No. The imagio has been out for a while.

  17. yeah, just found that out, and in runs winmo, didnt really pay close enough attention to the commercial I guess.

  18. A light-year is a unit if distance, not of time.

  19. I’m not sure Verizon wants another Android phone to take all the shine off its Droid right now. Lower end models maybe but nothing in the realm of Nexus One.

    Verizon is in the midst of its most expensive and aggressive advertising campaign ever. They threw all their eggs on that beast.

    I live in an area where all the carriers work well. I”m glad I have choices. I decided to leave Verizon for good this time. I’m sick of their nickel and diming and their new $350 ETF is the final kicker for me.

    I’m pretty excited to get the Nexus One and port my number.

    Hopefully for you guys who stick with Verizon they’ll have a similar device soon enough. I know how irritating it is to like your service but crave a hot GSM phone that isn’t full of VZW Bloatware/V-CAST junk.

  20. Good work at fitting the Android in tights btw !

  21. hahahaha nice anon. Nice.

  22. dhil a little hard to read but it says 1 ghz, 3.7″ AMOLED screen, dolby and divx

  23. light years are a measure of distance, not time!

  24. So…any idea on dates? Anyone?

  25. Not a clue. Been pretty darn quiet all over the web since the original engadget post.

  26. somebody has to know something! Tell HTC you quit, and spill the beans. I can’t wait all the way until Jan 5th for more information! I NEED IT NOW! Rllrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrrlrrlrl

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