Dec 18th, 2009

The connected peoples over at EngadgetMobile have word from a “trusted source” that the HTC Incredible is indeed an Android Phone headed to Verizon Wireless sometime in the next 4 light years. I’m unsure of where this fits in terms of seniority/heirarchy compared to the HTC Hero or HTC Legend but maybe it’ll be more… cartoony looking?


It might not even be called “Incredible” when it launches but I’m sure you’re aware of the whole “internal codename” game. And if it’s headed to Verizon they may choose to continue shelling out money to Lucas Films and use that “Droid” brand. HTC IncrediDroid perhaps? I hope not.

Nothing else to really see here so until further notice, just expect more Verizon Android Phones from HTC in the not too distant future!

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