Hey Developers: New Resources and Sample Code Now Available


It’s always great to see Google staying on top of the developer relationship side of the Android equation and today the company announced a few new things that should make devs happy. First of all, they’ve created a new “Resources” tab that should better help organize the huge amount of information out there for your use:


They’ve also added new “sample code”, compiled it in a .ZIP file, and are working on a better “official” way of distribution for sample code when they’ve got new stuff to share.


Devs will probably want details and for those? Just visit the original post at Android Developer Blog!

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  1. yeppa!!

  2. Second!

  3. I’ve been meaning to start programming for Android and I think this will help greatly.

  4. that’s definitely a great news for a dev like me

  5. It was about time;) things for Android are getting better.

  6. Right onnnnn and dandy

  7. looks like this will help beginners a lot.

  8. Bring on the many droidfart apps now!

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