Dec 17th, 2009

So, many of you have probably made note of the website that has been pimped on every picture and video in recent Nexus news.  I for one have had their page and YouTube channel on my scan list for days – as to try to bring you whatever new details they gave as soon as possible.

Well, as the days dragged on with video after video and picture after picture emerging – each giving nothing more than the last – I got tired of it.  I said to Rob this morning, “They posted another pointless picture. I know these guys are just trying to milk the attention they’re getting but this is just silly. I vote we post an article that says we give up and aren’t going to post another thing unless it’s something juicy – and readers can just frequent the site on their own if they really want to be strung along.”

But then things got a little strange.

So. Here’s what’s going on right now. First, that picture they posted this morning:


… was deleted a little while ago. I thought well, this is weird but.. their site has been bouncing back and forth since day one. One minute it’d be fine, the next a “bandwidth exceeded” message or a “..thanks for installing WordPress! Click here to blah blah..” type thing.  I figured, eh, maybe they’re working off a restore. I’m sure they’ll repost the picture.

Well they didn’t, and few minutes ago not only did the site go down for the count (for real) but all the videos in their YouTube channel have been pulled too. | YouTube Channel

(Side note:  one of the comments: “I hope someone who is willing to give a decent demonstration of this phone will steal it from you.” ..exactly our thoughts.)

So what does or could this mean? Something? Nothing? I don’t know guys, I’m throwing my hands up in the air. Maybe I’m doing exactly what they want and feeding into the craze and helping spread the craziness but.. I don’t know. I figured this was worth a mention and would give people a spot to speculate.

So what do you think? Is it some crazy plan to build hype?  Someone just tryin’ to make a buck off ads or by selling the domain? Or did some guy just get seriously backhanded by Google?

Ready? Go.