Another Nexus One Video Emerges


(Updated) The guy(s?) over at thenexusone.com have posted another arguably uneventful video and photo of the Nexus One this morning. It’s a solid 15 seconds of what I guess is just the background animation on the home screen. Pretty though, huh?


So anyway. We – along with everyone else – will be keeping a sharp eye on thenexusone.com and will let you know whenever future nuggets of Nexus are posted.

Update: Aaaaand they ‘ve posted a second video of the boot screen. The only difference? This time it goes to the Android lock screen.

(Also note: At the time of this posting the site is periodically reverting back to the default WordPress quick install screen.. )

[Thanks P4T!]


Nexus One Captured On Video

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  1. Yawn. But that must be an impressive device for it to run an animated wallpaper and not lag. I’m hoping it wont lag anyway. I’m looking for an impressive device (hardware wise) and with the price the X10 is touting, this may be it.

  2. iPhone is much prettier (the OS and the device). I wish Google focused on design a bit more.

  3. There aren’t new….

  4. Not to spoil the Nexus One party, but that wallpaper animation was so lame. Come on Google, prove that you are more than a bunch of engineers with some taste for aesthetics …

  5. wow… did you notice the clock was screwed up when it booted to the lock screen? lame. google definitely needs to step it up if it wants to stay relevant with all the other smartphones coming out.

  6. Yup, back to the install screen for WordPress. Too much traffic or Google jumping in?

  7. I don’t want a pretty phone. But I want a phone with a real keyboard and this doesn’t have one…

  8. @Franta may I ask how you compare the OS prettiness between Apple and Android? B/c the boot screen is something you can recognize and you know some word to describe it, but you have to do that by sentences for the NexusOne’s? But I have to admit, Bravo looks hotter than the NexusOne. Guess its understandable, after all, it’s google phone, not android from HTC.

  9. so just curious, how come there has been 2 (maybe 3, i cant remember) different boot screens for the nexus one shown?

  10. The looks of this phone and the demo of its underlying software gives me shivers in a bad way. Other than hardware, there is nothing pretty with this phone. Why can’t a phone have a combination of beauty and functionality ? Google please for Android’s sake, DON’T RELEASE THIS PHONE AS A GOOGLE PHONE. It will set back Android in the minds of common folks.

  11. wow check out the 10 comments of hate, this phone isn’t out yet, get real

  12. The important thing I get is that this phone, being an htc may hit carriers soon too….

  13. Im pretty happy this phone doesnt have a real keyboard. Theres something about the sliding keyboard that just seems so….teen girl. Definitely not my style. I tried out the acer liquid landscape keyboard and it worked great and i do not have small hands. Hopefully this one is the same.

  14. Why are there two Nexus One opening videos? I don’t understand.

  15. “Why can’t a phone have a combination of beauty and functionality ?”

    because pretty things can’t adapt to future complexity. They are only designed for the present.

  16. I don’t care about style…I want to see what I am responding to as I type, not some virtual keyboard that eats up most of the tiny screen

  17. Thats what I’m asking myself to. :/

  18. I honestly could careless about the graphics in the background. I want to see some built in apps and super fast respond.

  19. @luffy, no disrespect towards you, but not all of those comments were hateful. some of them were, and i agree that its alittle unjust since the phone is still not even confirmed.

  20. i don’t care what anyone says. i love the boot screen and love the moving backgrounds. Yes, that’s enough to make me want this phone! I can’t wait for this phone to be released.

  21. All of you idiots complaining about minor details should realize that this is a TEST phone meant for TESTING PURPOSES. The phone isn’t even confirmed as an official release yet. The animated wallpaper is awesome and you iTool fannies are just jealous that you can’t have the same. It might have to do with you not having a 1GHZ processor, just sayin.

  22. I haven’t been keeping up with this phone because I’m completely satisfied with my Droid but I did notice that at the top of the screen is says no sim card. Are we assuming that this phone is coming out on a GSM network? ATT or T-mobile?

  23. Brett: yup the wallapepr is a great way for google to show off the power of the phone without showing it too much. Can’t wait to see the falling leaves.

  24. @patrick

    yes i believe it to be gsm only with a non-gsm release possibly happening later if ever. my roommate has the droid and i cant wait to upgrade to this from my g1 and talk shit to him because i will have the better phone again haha

  25. I don’t know if this has been mentioned previously, but all the previous images and videos that I have seen of the Nexus One had a black device. The video with the animated wallpaper is silver and has a different start-up. So maybe there is a difference in the devices beyond their color.

    And to throw in my 2 cents…I don’t want a physical keyboard on a touchscreen phone anymore. It increases the device dimensions and adds weight. Plus I’m a dude…I don’t have toothpick fingers that are required for cramped physical keyboards. I think the virtual keyboard will work even better with the Swype app.

  26. Oh and one other thing on the keyboard…I’ve read rumors that the Nexus One will have Google Voice tightly integrated into the device. One part of the Google Voice service is voice to text and this is rumored to be included in the Nexus One…so there may not be a need for a keyboard at all. If the voice-to-text rumor comes true…Google for the win in 2010.

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