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Considering lots of people have it and we’ve seen plenty of pictures already, its interesting that a single video of the Nexus One in action hasn’t been captured. Until now. YouTube User NexusOneTV has published a video that appears to be the Nexus One booting with that Googly-X animation, sitting on top of what LOOKS like it could be the device’s packaging:

The creator and publisher of the video also seems to own TheNexusOne.com. Considering the rumor of the hour is that the Nexus One is/was  the sole Christmas Bonus for many Google employees, I’m thinking one of them decided to make an extra buck on their luck.

But why doesn’t the video feature any MORE than the boot screen? Could a signed NDA be preventing it? How about a little tour of the device, showing us the phone settings, build number, model name, new features and all that jazz? Considering how many of these devices are supposedly “out there” I’m shocked that we’re getting such a trickle of REAL, physical, feasible evidence and information.

Come on interwebz, full speed ahead!

[Thanks to all who sent this in]

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  2. I dont care about you having all my information on the web. I dont have anything to hide. The people who complain about privacy issues or concerns HAVE things to hide period!!!!

  3. the little ‘android’ is so cute. :D

  4. If google is behind all of this, it could quite possibly be the greatest viral campaign ever.

  5. it’s viral marketing. they’re purposefully building all this secretive hype around the phone in order to get us all excited or at least interested. and frankly, it’s working.

    i’ll even go as far to say that they probably paid that eldar murtazin guy to say it was false in order to build more attention.

  6. I don’t have anything to hide either, Jojie. But you’re very wrong about privacy.

    The fact that my business is clean doesn’t mean I’m cool with you looking at it.

    By the way, I love Google, too. I’m even donating my Google Voice transcripts. But that’s VOLUNTARY.

  7. Its not gonna be that much better than the Droid… all its gonna have is 2.1 and have a full touchscreen.. big deal?! 2.1 is coming to the Droid too! I’ll take the Droid over it anyday!

  8. The interesting thing I find about the nexus is how it uses Google DNS with no opt out. I guess that is one way to force adaptation of the service.

  9. just a hype

  10. @jojie

    couldnt be more wrong. you just dont understand your reality

  11. Hummmm Google….they are doing big things I am so happy I have stay with android since the…low spaced G1..seeing android busting out dam good phones…is something dandy…now they just need to add much much more hard drive….assaapp

  12. That animation appears to look different than the animation than we saw on the moto droid. Is it that they are in different phases of the boot up or is it something else?

  13. jojie: can we have your health records and financial statements please? Thanks!

  14. shxt, Chinese user cannot open utube video…

    I can only look all your guys comments.-_-

  15. I know a few google employees and they’re more tight lipped about what’s going on than the CIA. So it doesn’t suprise me that there isn’t much real data or video out there.

  16. Could someone who has a Nexus One please post some Android 2.1 usage videos instead of these Nexus One bootup logo videos?

    I’ve seen at least 3 different versions of the bootup screen already and another video of it doesn’t add anything new, I want to see Android 2.1 in action!


  18. Seeing the recent developments on the Nexus ALMOST makes me regret getting a Droid…almost.

    P.S. If it weren’t for the physical keyboard on the Droid I would most definitely regret the purchase.

  19. I have been following this unfold from the beginning and I must say, this is the most genius viral marketing I have ever seen. While others spend millions upon millions on marketing, Google seems to be “leaking” a few photos and short videos to tease and build up the hype by playing with our feelings, yet officially they aren’t saying a word.
    I’m just as excited about the phone as I’m excited over how this will unravel. The is obviously very well planned, with all this “leaking” the right stuff at the right time to keep us excited. Pure genius.

  20. Actually they just published a new video:


    Hype is growing fast!

  21. #2 Joji: Yes when you’re 12 years old, you don’t have anything to hide (except your mom’s stained up Victoria Secret catalog).

    But when you grow up and turn into an adult, you do have things you don’t want indexed and posted to the web. Financial information, medical records, social security numbers, credit card numbers.

    Think about it, Google has a lot of information which would make them a big target for hackers. Be it other governments trying to hack to get information, or simple identity theft hackers. Trust me, I work in DC for a defense contractor with the Federal government, hackers are real, and YES other governments are trying to hack US systems. Have you done a Google search on your full name yet? You might be surprised.

    And though Google isn’t “EVIL” yet, who’s to say they don’t get bought out by some evil company or disgruntled employees don’t sell or worse use the information in negative ways. Have you never received a piece of mail from your credit card company stating your information might have been compromised by an employee working with that company, or a hacker? It happens all the time.

    Think about it.

  22. Third video (another boot-up video) is up at http://thenexusone.com/

  23. @jojie – You are so trusting give me the last 4 digits of your SS# and Credit Number with the 3 numbers on the back I promise I wont do anything wrong with just see how much money you have available. :-)

  24. @jojie

    god how i love people who buy a decent camera and pretend to have some artistic ability all while touting a lack luster and shoddy photoshop technique in there photography. sorry for my bluntness but you are merely bland and one in a million as far as your photography is concerned. //endrant

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