Verizon BOGO Round 2 Underway


The folks over at BGR have learned of round 2 of the Verizon buy one get one offer for the Droids.  Same thing as last time – buy either Droid and get the Eris for free. Wasn’t too bad of a deal then, still ain’t too bad now.


As usual, this requires a new 2 year contract for each device. Offer runs through Christmas Eve.



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  1. The Eris is $9.99 from several sources… So this deal saves you $10.

  2. Guess maybe they really are trying to clear inventory. Their promo of the Droid launch ends on the 26th.

  3. Zaggs- how do you know their promo of the droid launch ends on the 26th?

  4. The droid is 149 and the Eris is 9.99 here at phandroid. So if you buy two Eris’ here its only 20 bucks vs 100 for the bogo deal elsewhere. If you buy the droid and the eris here its only like 160 vs the 200 elsewhere.

  5. trying to clear out stock so they have room for all those nexus 1’s / htc passions / htc bravos!!!!

  6. Seems to me that Verizon might be concerned and trying to build up a base of people on two-year contracts who might otherwise flee when all the new devices come out next year, possibly on other carriers.

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