Dec 15th, 2009

First somebody ripped Android 2.1 from the Nexus One and created a system image. The next logical step would be to rebuild it as a ROM compatible with an existing device like say… the Motorola Droid? That’s what the guys from have accomplished – here is the boot animation to prove their success:

But I suppose the term “success” is relative as they list a bunch of “issues” not working with the build and furthermore, they warn that if you even attempt the feat you’ll probably end up bricking your phone and they’re not responsible. Neither are we.

Some of the issues include keyboard backlight not working, file permissions funky, landscape drawer weird, messaging notifcations wonky, and carrier shows up as T-CDMA 64. If you were wondering, funky/weird/wonky are all the scientific terms.

[Via Engadget]

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