Flan (Android 2.1) On The Motorola Droid


First somebody ripped Android 2.1 from the Nexus One and created a system image. The next logical step would be to rebuild it as a ROM compatible with an existing device like say… the Motorola Droid? That’s what the guys from Sholes.info have accomplished – here is the boot animation to prove their success:

But I suppose the term “success” is relative as they list a bunch of “issues” not working with the build and furthermore, they warn that if you even attempt the feat you’ll probably end up bricking your phone and they’re not responsible. Neither are we.

Some of the issues include keyboard backlight not working, file permissions funky, landscape drawer weird, messaging notifcations wonky, and carrier shows up as T-CDMA 64. If you were wondering, funky/weird/wonky are all the scientific terms.

[Via Engadget]

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  1. Surely it could just be a video?

  2. So is google going to have a giant flan made for the campus? What does flan even look like?

  3. I just jizzed my pants!

  4. Rob, please explain the reports that you own htcpassion.com
    i remember reading about the possibility of the phone on phandroid and it saddens me to think you are just making stuff up

  5. @mtay – it’s a sort of sponge base with fruit on the top :)

  6. @Luffy, Flan is a custard. Like creme brulee minus the sugar shell on top almost.

  7. anyone can load the nexus boot image on their rooted droid.

    so… unless their is a screenshot that shows version #.. i dont believe it.

  8. @mtay – use google images :D

  9. For the curious people out there this is a ‘flan’
    http://www.defruyt.be/flantaart.gif or at least what we in belgium define as flan :P

    Looking forward to seeing a hands on of the android version ;-)

  10. @shaf, in England its a spongey thingy (with fruit) :)

  11. It’s fairly easy to port the boot animation…

  12. @JWise – You don’t need to port the boot animation from the Nexus One to put it on the Droid, you just put it in place of the stock bootanimation.zip. Unless your talking about a G1, Hero, or MT3G.

  13. I call BS. Like CJ wrote, it’s just the bootscreen. It’s still the 2.0 but the bootscreen was only changed. I was actually just looking into this but can’t do it until I get home.

  14. that sound at the end scared me lol…speakers were up too loud

  15. @CrPercodani I was talking about the G1, It’s what I have, and Yeah, you just replace the .zip, still not that hard.

  16. sooo when in the world is the my touch 3g getting a update all mytouch users has been stuck with 1.6 forever!!!! i been using android before the g1 even came out i just needto know cuz the moto droid and eris have the eclair come on push that update to everyone elsee

  17. I like my high resolution Droid. I like its map navigation. I like it dock clock alarm weather. I like it conveniently using Google voice.I like it local search pointed to GPS… Then I think I like the Google Nexus One which is convenient my life!

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