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fake-gphoneEldar Murtazin is not only the editor of Mobile-Review, but also one of the most well respected and best connected tech journalists on the planet. When he weighs in on a rumor, people listen, and he has been right time and time again. Now Murtazin is weighing in on the Google Phone, aka Nexus One, dismissing the development as fake and claiming that the rumor mill may have been started by Apple. Wow.

When the rumors first squirted out and the WSJ published the Nexus One name, the avalanche began. Murtazin was quick to jump on the opposing side, claiming the whole thing just didn’t make sense and/or fit into Google’s strategy as a software company and his conclusion (translated) of the rumors was, “I do not believe in them.” This is what I’ve said all along but as the opposition mounted, I conceded the point that a Google Phone could exist and have jumped right into the rumor train the past few days.

But Murtazin didn’t stop at making a lengthy blog post… he also took to Twitter and began justifying his position.One of his justification seems to come from a conversation he had with a Google employee who said the story is much different than it looks:


Different as in… this is just another Android Phone and not the “Google Phone”? Hmmm… that’s exactly what his follow up tweet seems to indicate. And then his tone takes a turn into a much more, shall we say ominous realization:


Talk about dirty tactics!?!?! That is exactly what Murtazin explains in his article, that a rival company would love to stir up ill-will towards Google by claiming they’re going to begin competing with their own allies and partners in the OHA. But what company would stoop to such a low level?

That’s the exact question that Merajc tweeted to Murtazin and the response could make this whole thing get pretty ugly:


And just for clarifications sake, someone followed up showing him that the Nexus One and Google Phone had been confirmed – how can you argue with that? When a user named VolodymyrQA tweeted an article from PocketGamer with the headline “Google Phone Confirmed” Murtazin simply @replied with this:


All this happened on December 13th and in the past 2 days a lot more has happened. What Murtazin has to say is based on opinion and speculation but he is certainly the type of person that would know. On the other hand, plenty of credible sources have gone along with the rumors which Murtazin says Apple started. Its pretty much impossible to pinpoint who started such rumors especially since these rumors have existed for some time… it would be like trying to find the starter of Apple Tablet rumors or Playstation Phone rumors.

Any way you look at it we’ll find out the truth in the VERY near future as the phone is rumored to begin selling as early as January 5th. There have been SOOOO many articles about the Google Phone and Nexus One that assume truth and fact, I wanted to present this opposing opinion to even things out. If you can remember, I’ve shared the same opinion as Murtazin for quite some time and I’m incredibly eager – as you are – to see where it all heads.

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