Sprint Hero/Moment To Get Android 2.0 1H 2010


If you’re a Sprint customer with an HTC Hero or Samsung Moment you’re probably stuck with Android 1.5 and wondering when the heck you can get a robot-injected 2.0 shot, right? Well load up the freezer and stock your basement with emergency disaster supplies because Sprint just tweeted that the update is coming “roughly 1H 2010“.


That could mean as late as June 2010… or as early as January 2010 of course, but our bet is somewhere right in between. They seemed to tweet this as if it was a good thing but it sounds more depressing for Hero/Moment owners than anything else. Am I wrong? Do you all want to speak out?

I can KIND OF see how the Sprint HTC Hero would take a little bit of time since HTC has to prep Sense for the new build of Android – that could be a lot of work. But why they can’t cram a stock Android 2.0 onto the moment much quicker? You’ve got me there. Maybe they will.

[Engadget via AndroidForums, Thanks Gremlyn1]

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  1. Its pretty depressing. I wish they would have narrowed it down to a month at least. Its not the waiting that’s killing me. Its not actually knowing when.

  2. As as speculated on in the discussion thread, maybe Sprint wants an all or nothing 2.0 launch and is holding Samsung back until HTC is ready to go? I can’t possibly see it going the other, with Samsung holding back HTC.

  3. Well at least they got something. We Cliq users are still a bit left in the dark by T-Moble and/or Motorola

  4. I mean the Moment has serious issues that I think deserve an immediate fix from GPS to Groups in Gmail Contacts… Not to mention Bluetooth and the unnecessary apps running. How about you? What issues with the Sprint Samsung Moment would you like to see addressed immediately?

  5. I heard from a Verizon rep that the Droid deal came with a 6 month exclusivity on 2.0, but he could’ve been up in the night. If he’s right, it’ll be May 9. Better than June, I guess.

  6. I was starting to doubt Samsung or Sprint’s commitment to the Android system. I can’t wait !!! Currently have the fast Sam Moment , coming from the G1.

  7. I really hope it comes soon. I really like my Moment, but the GPS problem makes it so I can’t get a signal at all indoors. In my car it will loose it unless I set it on my dash. I feel silly talking about how neet my new phone is, then having to set it on the dash to get my gps.

    The battery meter always leaves me second guessing the power. When it says 15% it dims that awesome screen even though the phone might really have 50% juice left.

    The uncloseable apps suck too. I don’t use a lot of them.

    Please fix this Sprint!

  8. HTC tweeded that hero will get it early next year. hopefully that narrows it down for hero atleast.

  9. oh by the way. c’mon people you all knew you were getting 1.5 with hero and moment. im sure they want to get some sales in before releasing an update. as of today its been two months since hero came out and two months that i’ve had my hero. i cant expect them to release a mayor update two months in. i dont think neither sprint or htc adverticed the phone for like the first month. in the other hand, i did expect them to release a phone bug-free. and they did fixed that. but then again, i should’ve expected some bugs since its Sence UI first appearance here in the states.

  10. This is not really good news. In fact, it’s not even qualified as news because HTC Hero users had known about the HTC working on an Eclair update for Sense UI for a while now. FFS, if this comes out after the first quarter 2010…

  11. exclusivity with 2.0?? is that even allowed on an open source platform??

  12. No no no no. Nooooooo! If I have to wait that long then I want 2.1 at least ;-) BTW: chuck Norris uses a Hero too, and he is running Android 3.0 on it. He got the update.zip from Larry Page himself. Oh, and quite obviously: no app dares to misbehave with Chuck…

  13. Wonder if Sprint will waive my cancellation fee for 4 lines. I’m glad Sprint thinks thier update coming out within six months is good news to them. There’s already Android apps that require 1.6 or higher. Feels like we’re using Windows 98 now.

  14. @ goodntru- ok not trying to sound like a b%$*@! or anything but seriously you expect the apps to get a fix? (are you talking about stock apps or purchased apps?) Apps in the market are by developers and they can chose to make them prevent your phone from sleeping. That can quickly be fixed by getting a application called task killer from the market and many of the free ones are great. The fact that apps can run in the back ground is a bit annoying sometimes but this is why android allows multiple apps to run at the same time (iphone doesnt).. this is where to true beauty of android lives.

  15. No you cant have exclusivity on OS, dont believe everything these VZW reps say. they will say anything like iphone coming to vzw, or that droid has dual cpu, and bunch of other stuff, just to make it sound that they are the best.

  16. I’m just happy to hear that they will be updating the moment. This is good news, even though I wish it would happen a little bit sooner.

  17. The Hero will be a zero by the time it gets 2.0.

  18. Verizon does have an exclusive contract for 2.0 Until the Holidays are over, then its a free for all. (This to bring more clients to Android, i.e. 100 million dollar campaign only VZ can pull this off)

    Notice: All other manufactures plan 2.0 phones in the 1st quarter.

  19. @ JCrusader

    Are you sure the Moment is faster than your G1? I currently have a Moment and I tested it against a Cliq yesterday. Surprisingly, the Cliq beat out my Moment with Browser speed fully connecting to websites a few seconds before my Moment. I was dissapointed because the Moment has a 800 Mhz processor and the Cliq only has 528 Mhz. One of the Tmo reps said that T-Mobile’s 3G is faster and their new upgraded 3G will be even faster than Sprint’s upcoming 4G! Anyone have any info on this? I am still within my remorse period and I am trying to get all the facts. (Was formerly a Tmo customer)

  20. I think for HTC it is a good deal to bring 2.0 asap. New customers will come at that moment. Like me.

  21. Most likely they are giving themselves time for a push back if necessary. I agree with Ali, the hero has been state side for only 2 months. Anyways, I’ll take a bug free Sense UI on 1.5 over a vanilla 2.0. (Thats why every Droid user I see has an interface that looks like sense.) Hopefully HTC feels the same and makes their 2.0 stable, maybe even a few new widgets :)

  22. I am disappointed. I have been researching about this for 2 months now… I guess at leased we know what/when it’s going to go down. I just now need to know when blackberry tour 2 will be released!!!

  23. At this rate 2.5 will be out before the Sprint Hero gets 2.0…

  24. I saw a tweet from HTC saying Sprint Hero will get Eclair “early next year”. My tweet on this http://twitter.com/3dbloke/status/6602647122

  25. Malcontents… BB owners who never seen the light of day for an update to their OS, WinMo the same. Gimme a break!

    It is AWESOME that they are committed to the update and looking to provide a better experience with the units and possible extend the life of using the phone. I too would like to see some usability increased (BT File Transfer) and one or two other things (NOT issues).

    People have to lower their expectations a little bit and know that their is only more better days to come! Just like the Market and Apps as well. There are over a dozen handsets coming out (android) next year, it would have been very easy for them to abandon us building in obsolescence, but they have chosen NOT to do that. In return we should offer our patience and appreciation, period!


  26. @Ali, you think they want to make some sales before they update? why does that make sense? you go in the store and see the hero w/ 1.5 bunch of others w/ 1.6 and the droid w/ 2.0… probably wont leave with the hero. now same scenario but the hero has 2.0… hero has a lot better of a chance of being the purchased phone. So if you want to make some sales, update your phone…

    @lowendall1880, I doubt Jcrusader was saying that his phone is faster than the G1 in web browsing, but in actual app performance, etc…

  27. Why bother to put ‘1st half’ of next year? There will likely be one or two new releases of Android by then.

    My guess is that htc have told Sprint that they will get Sense working on 2.0 in the first quarter, and Sprint are giving themselves a little time for ‘customisation’ of the interface (btw, that is a correct spelling, if you’re British like me).

    In other words, this tweet might tell us that Sprint know no more than the rest of us about when Sense will be ready for Android 2.0.

  28. I’m a long-time customer of Sprint (12 years +) and I’m eligible for phone upgrade. I’m 90% certain my next phone will be based on Android because I can’t wait to get rid of my current WinMo device and I would never switch to AT&T, even for an iPhone. After researching the current Android offerings, I think the Hero would be a good fit…but I’m waiting for two things: 1) offer existing customers the same $100 price tag (via BestBuy) as it does for new customers (after all Sprint is bleeding customers and I would be upgrading my service plan) 2) Android 2.0+. The longer the wait…the increased chance that I find another Android device, possibly with another carrier, and reevaluate the purchase entirely. Hint, hint: HTC Dragon/Passion/Bravo or HTC Legend.

    Come on Sprint…you are FINALLY getting back into the game with competitive devices but the other carriers are still holding the lead with more advanced offerings and better promotions.

  29. @iHEART_android — The apps that goodntru was referring to are the Sprint apps that are built into the Moment. You can get a task killer and kill the Sprint apps that pop up, but there are about four apps that automatically start themselves after you kill them. Currently, the only way to stop these apps from appearing (as far as I know) is to log on as root and remove them.

  30. I’m happy that Moment and Hero will be getting the updates to Android, but as someone else stated on this thread, Hero could/would be old news if tbe update comes in the later part of the first half of ’10. Although I love my Hero and my Sprint service, if the Passion Dragon Bravo comes out in January on Verizon, I’m definitely switching. Watch this mug drop in May. Hell, they could’ve at least given us 1.6 in the meantime.

  31. Bought two gphones for the family need three more but waiting. If Sprint waits till after the real gphones come out they will loose one premium customer as I jump to a real gphone that gets updates in real time not Sprint time.

  32. I’m just glad the xda folks nearly have 2.1 ironed out.

  33. @boomer Windows 98 Lmfao I agree

  34. If you are that concerned about it, root and install 2.1 XDA devs have been working on it and have everything except the accelerometer and camera. Which the camera is really too bad because I really wanted to test Google goggles. 2.1 will be here in a working order soon thanks to XDA for the kinds of people that read these threads, so long as they feel like doing the work to root and install. And for everyone else I doubt they know the difference really anyway. Thanks to XDA though they’ve kept me happy with my phones for years now.

  35. You all know that with the TOS change Sprint is doing if you really want to get out of your contract you will be able to at the first of the year.


    For all those who want to leave Sprint since they look to not want to update our phones in any sort of timely manner.

  36. I like my Moment very much, I dislike the battery duration and not having flash play. over all it’s a great technological piece of art. please HURRY and get the 2.1 upgrade to make it even better.:)

  37. I just got the sprint moment and I am very disappointed to find it runs,1.5. I went from the G1 to this? The moment is what I call a vanilla android. You can get a true android for the same price. Sprint has a1lot of guts selling the moment for $179. They should give the thing away. The moment calls itself a Google phone, yet you can not get all the Google apps.Shame on you sprint. Maybe things will change when sprint up-grade to 2.0 when ever that is. Why not go for broke and give us 5.0??? Have you heard of fales advertising? My Moment is running 2G. Where is the 3G net work?? Can some one answer my questions? This will not be the last time you hear from me.

  38. @ Rosenbaur

    What? My moment is always on either 3G or EVOD and I never have a problem. Maybe it’s just location…

    I passed up a Pre, G1, Droid, and IPod for my moment and I love it. Can’t wait to get Android 2.0, but whatever, the things I’m missing certainly aren’t killing me and definitely aren’t dealbreakers.

  39. I spoke with Sprint today and they told me the Samsung Moment now comes with Android 2.0.

    I didn’t believe it, so I called Samsung support. Samsung says the Moment comes with Android 1.5. However, an Android software update came out Friday, 1/15/10. This update is available through the Sprint stores: Go into sprint store and ask for upgrade of the phone OS. Samsung could not tell me if the update was 1.6 or 2.0, but she said the store would know.

    I plan to check this out tomorrow in person. If the info is accurate, I plan to buy the Moment. For me, Android 1.6 or 2.0 is the deciding factor, because I need Google Maps Navigation.

  40. I think the Hero might be getting 2.1, not 2.0

  41. What I want to really see in an update is the flash compatibility. Images coming through email and websites often have flash content that droid phones cannot decipher fully. Any news on android updating this issue?

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