Dec 11th, 2009 publishUpdated   Feb 20th, 2015, 2:27 pm

If you’re a Sprint customer with an HTC Hero or Samsung Moment you’re probably stuck with Android 1.5 and wondering when the heck you can get a robot-injected 2.0 shot, right? Well load up the freezer and stock your basement with emergency disaster supplies because Sprint just tweeted that the update is coming “roughly 1H 2010“.


That could mean as late as June 2010… or as early as January 2010 of course, but our bet is somewhere right in between. They seemed to tweet this as if it was a good thing but it sounds more depressing for Hero/Moment owners than anything else. Am I wrong? Do you all want to speak out?

I can KIND OF see how the Sprint HTC Hero would take a little bit of time since HTC has to prep Sense for the new build of Android – that could be a lot of work. But why they can’t cram a stock Android 2.0 onto the moment much quicker? You’ve got me there. Maybe they will.

[Engadget via AndroidForums, Thanks Gremlyn1]

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