HTC Droid Eris Costs $0 [FREE]


I have a feeling there are about to be a LOT of new Android owners in coming months. In years past, if you wanted a smartphone you would need to be willing to shell out a handsome amount of money. That has changed drastically in the past 12 months and the latest development is proof positive: you can now get the HTC Droid Eris for FREE in our Phandroid Phone Store!


Only new Verizon customers can take advantage of the offer but get this – the activation fee is also waived!

I’m really excited to see this happening because it illustrates a couple things:

  1. Android DOES help reduce the cost of smartphones because the OS is FREE for manufacturers/carriers and the savings are passed along to people like you and me. You know… people who want awesome phones without paying ridiculous prices.
  2. If someone was PLANNING on getting a crappy phone but see that an awesome Android Phone is free, they might get the Android Phone because heck – there is nothing to lose! More people with better phones makes the world go round.
  3. Cheap/FREE Android Phones = more Android users = more applications/games being downloaded = more attention for the platform by developers = more and better apps/games

If you’re looking for advice, tips, tricks, suggestions, etc…. I’m sure you probably already know that the #1 place to get Eris related information is from the always awesome HTC Droid Eris Forum on!

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  1. Awesome deal! But is there a 1 year contract price special? With the Passion/Dragon/Bravo/X10/Liquid/Whatever coming out next year it seems crazy to sit on the sidelines for 2 years when all the hot Android phones come out. Also, any 1 year deal on the Droid?

  2. This just pisses me off. Why isn’t HTC releasing a true competing phone to the Droid this year/early next year? Say the leaks for the Bravo (target April 2010) and I’m like “why would I wait for another 5 months?”. Plus, a couple of months from then Apple’s going to drop the iPhone 3gss. I don’t want to be second guess my purchase within 2 months.

  3. Verizon must realize that now’s the time to get new customers before the new phones start shipping, so people will start dumping their contracts or old phones for new ones. It would be nice to own an Eris, but I’m already a customer of theirs (damned Voyager) and I already have a G1 to play with. So, for me, I’ll just bide my time. :)

  4. Gotta love all the major Android websites these days.

    even BGR.

    All full of shit. No one knows what they’re talking about. Everything is so generalized, glossed over and full of crap.

    Manufacturers pay a licensing fee to Google so that they get Market, and some other core Android apps. See Cyanogen and Archos as examples of people who have not paid those fees, thus cannot use those apps.

  5. Check out HTC’s 2010 phone lineup (phandroid.. where you at on this?)

  6. Ditto on post #1. I’m ready for a new phone. I’m willing to wait a month or so but not the April date of the HTC Bravo as mentioned in the above lineup.

    A one year contract would get me into an Android device for the time being without being locked into past technology.

    So how about it? Any one year deals on the Droid or Eris?

  7. What is this site? Advertising space for Verizon? Add a new line get a free droid? WTF?

  8. what the heck? I just signed up last night for the BOGOF offer, 2 eris phones for $99, and now this morning it is for free? I wonder if i can cancel without a penalty and get in on this. anybody know?

  9. @prof: Wow, yeah, that sucks. I would look into it.

    I just ordered a Droid and Eris last night doing the BOGO. Kinda weird that Eris has been reduced to a free phone now… I’ve seen nothing but positive things said about it. Not sure whether to be happy that it’s free or wary about what it says for the future.

  10. I am also on the fence. Want a moto Droid. But the Eris could do the job… especially with the android update comming soon.

  11. You know this and the dell site offering the moto droid for $119. Verizon had better wake up and start making better offers in the stores!

  12. Hm… free. Not really, is it? The contract is still expensive. I paid 200 € for a brand new unlocked Magic, and separately pay 8,50 € for unlimited data per month, 3 month contract. You can get any phone free on contract in Germany, if the contract is very, very expensive. You can get an iPhone 3GS 32GB for 1 € here. Or have to pay for some cheap dumbphone. All depends on the contract. Though I suppose contracts aren’t this variable in the US (which doesn’t really make sense to me).

  13. You can have a 1 year contract on a Moto Droid and still have a reasonable price on the Droid. It’s what I did.

    1 year contract, $260 for the phone, same monthly fees. Bought it at Best Buy, but they don’t advertise it. The plan is listed on Verizon’s site, and pretty much any electronics boutique store will honor it if you request it, they just have to find the prices off the site.

  14. Can I get it for India too>?

  15. You people are so ignorant. This has no mobile web or data plan.

    You NEED to subscribe to a data plan a MEASLY 25 or 75 mb plan.

    Verizon is going to sign up as many ignoramuses up as they can and CHARGE THE SNOT out of you for exceeding your data plan AND when you EXCEED that usgae you will be BILLED !!!!!!!! A $1.99 PER MB!!!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT .

    Some people you just can’t reach!!

    Mobile Web – Pay Per Use ($1.99/MB)

    Mobile Web is included in all Nationwide Calling Plans. Megabyte charges apply to Basic and Select Plans. Unless you subscribe to the 25 MB or 75 MB Data Package feature, or Select or Premium Calling Plans, megabytes sent or received using Mobile Web (including advertising) will be aggregated each month, rounded up to the next megabyte, and billed at $1.99/MB. Application charges apply in addition to charges for data sent/received. Important: On select smartphone devices, if you do not subscribe to a Data Plan or Data Feature, data usage will be billed at 1.5¢ per KB ($15.36 per MB), unless you add a data block or subscribe to a Wireless Email Feature. Other smartphone devices and all BlackBerry® devices require a Data Plan or a Data Feature.

    WHAT A CROCK!!!!!!

  16. @ iJah420. Those plans you listed are for non-smart phones. These phones requires the $29.99 unlimited data plan.

  17. This phone does require a data plan with verizon and its $30 a month UNLIMITED.

    The apps are found on the android marketplace and most are free with no download charges.

    Besides having Wi-Fi and a touchscreen, it comes with a 8gb chip –so that really makes the price a bargain.

    Ive got TV and radio apps and they are all free.

  18. OMG a free Android! Well, it is too good to be true. There must be something… Here it is! After googling HTC Droid Eris, I’ve found the problem. It shares the antenna failure with iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Bold. So, take it or leave it, folks!

  19. I tried to get the 900 min. plan for $59.99, but it only gave me 450 min. …..what’s up w/ that?

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