(Updated) Droid Eris Getting OS Upgrade In Coming Months


BGR is reporting the Eris is set to get an OS upgrade in Q1 of 2010. Unsure of many details however. They say, and I quote:

“We’ve received word that the HTC DROID Eris on Verizon Wireless will definitely be getting an OS upgrade sometime in Q1. We haven’t been told exactly what OS version it will be (Android 1.6, 2.0, 2.1), just that Google Maps Navigation will be included.”

So if you’re sitting on the fence debating if you want to go grab your free Eris:


…or not – well. Maybe this will help.

Update: InformationWeek is pretty confident the update will be 2.x.

“When asked to clarify exactly which version of Android the Droid Eris will get, Raney explained that, based on the timing, the Droid Eris will be updated to either Android 2.0 or 2.1. We know that Android 2.0 brings some serious platform improvements to Android, but right now we know little about Android 2.1.

Either way, Eris users can be confident that their devices will become uber-Android phones in the not-too-distant future. The combination of Sense UI and Android 2.0 will make for a highly capable device.”


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  1. I doubt the eris will receive 2.1 in this coming update. Reason being verizon is marketing the eris like its the motorola droids son so who in their right mind would give eris 2.1 before the bigger badder “papa” phone gets 2.1? Just my thinking.. I see the eris getting performance issues addressed in this 1st update and then sometime after getting the boost to android 2.0! Android 2.0 has yet to have the flaws removed from it and it will take some time to get the SENSE UI to function with android 2.0. I would bet that the 2.0 will get rooted long before the eris gets updated to android 2.1

  2. what made 2.0 so special was google nav now that google dropped it for 1.6 it’s pretty much old and busted just a few features added but nothing great like google nav.

  3. devs certainly want everyone to be on the same version.

  4. so why does everybody have to rag on 2.0 and the flaws the moto droid has. moto in the quest to have the latest and greatest as they alway do took that pastery out of to fryer before it was done and without the frosting and paid the price for it like they always do. htc took the safer route and modded an already proven format with less problems than 2.0 to tweak 2.0 to work the best it can with thier sense ui. i’m not saying htc will have it perfect but it will run a whole lot better than motos 2.0.

  5. It’s mostlikely 2.0 as they are working to get the Hero over to it, and the Eris is nothing but a Verizon Hero, it makes perfect sense to move it to 2.0 and probably leave it there. I myself have the Eris and I love the phone, I just only want the nav system… and maybe a better battery….

  6. GOOGLE NAV IS ALREADY OUT FOR 1.6 go get it off the market i did works great now battery life is another thing

  7. #6…. Eris is running 1.5

  8. Um… Sprint is gonna be updating the Hero with 2.1 here soon…. So expect the Eris to get the same.

  9. man, just give me google nav on 1.5 an im happy!

  10. I just saw this on Phonescoop!

    Today Verizon Wireless spokesperson Brenda Raney said in an email to Phone Scoop that the HTC Droid Eris will be updated to at least Android 2.0 — with Google Maps Navigation and Sense UI — during the first quarter of 2010. Depending on the timing, the Eris may even be updated to Android 2.1. The Droid Eris currently runs Android 1.5.

  11. Is Android 2.1 really 2.1 or is it android 2.0 with Sense added in?

  12. This is aimed a little at IHEART, but, I assume 2.1 will be given to the Droid Eris. Mainly because of the questions: Why would HTC, create HTC Sense with 2.0, and then turn around to make HTC Sense with 2.1 It just seems a little redundant, and who says the Droid won’t get 2.1 before the Droid Eris gets its update? I find it funny how no one realizes that the Eris is HTC, and the Droid is Motorola! The update will need to be provided from the Manufacturer, not Verizon. Also, by using Sense 2.1 on my G1 from the XDA-Developers Forum, it really isn’t that much, android-wise, different than the 2.0 builds.

    Also, for those who don’t know, a few Beta Sense 2.1 ROM’s are available over at http://www.XDA-Developers.com/

  13. I have mytouch 3G and to be honest with you guys, Google Nav is pretty slow when even when you’re not multitasking.

    It could be just my phone but I think they should hold on to some of these sharings for 1.5 and 1.6 because most of the devices that rolled with 2.0 are a lot faster

    At the end, I still love my G Nav on 1.6

  14. Will this update be over the air? Or will I have to wait until new, updated Eris’s hit Verizon stores to get one?

  15. I dont understand why we have to WAIT for OS updates. the 2.0 version is already out and working on the droid, thy the hell cant people just go and download it from a site or buy it in a store or something. we should be treating cell phones like laptops. i could update to windows vista any time i want as soon as it is out. why cant phones be like that? hell, thats how windows mobile phones do it!! they dont have to wait for there big daddy phone carrier to update it for them and hold there hands, they can do it themselves like on laptops. come on android, i thought your were promoting the FREE MARKET??

  16. “Droid Eris is getting an update to a newer version of Android early next year. Google Navigation support is coming your way ;)”
    – Source: http://twitter.com/htc

  17. fupa, at least in HTC’s case, they are adding in the whole sense ui overlays to keep a consistent user experience. If you want a bone stock android install, I agree that you should be able to do it(without having to root the freaking thing and risk bricking it)

    The Eris is looking more and more likely to be my next phone, unless something else comes out in the next couple months.

  18. I was just at the Verizon store and the nerdy man said it was coming out on the 11th. Always trust nerdy Verizon men. Also, i’m typing this on my new Droid. So long terrible blackberry.

  19. I just returned my touch pro 2 after about a week I new it was not for me, so I got the eris and I love it! Tp2 is not very user friendly. By’c really hit the mark with the eris way to go.

  20. The Moto Droid has to get some kind of OTA update by the 11th or the camera goes wacko again for 26.5 days. Given that an HTC running 2.1 has been seen in the wild, my guess — based only on probably-faulty data and wishful thinking — is that Moto Droid will get 2,1 sometime this week and the Eris will get its Sense-overlayed version early in Q1.

    Something I was prepared for when I bought my Moto Droid on Day 1 is that the next year is going to be pretty painful for everyone using an Android device. Having Android devices on Verizon is giving the OS the tonnage it needs to really be mainstream. I fear the backlash that’s going to come from the true pioneer early adopters who are going to be abandoned (or at least made second-class citizens) as developers quit trying to write to every flavor of Android and concentrate on where the tonnage is. I’m still waiting for Layar and I always have to wonder if some small, less popular free app will actually run on my Droid, but I suspect that in the next 6 months to a year the situation will reverse. New apps will be written to 2.x and 2.x only and for the phones that do the fewest customizations.

  21. I like this move and I have been asking Verizon when they were planning on it for months now,(I know they hate seeing my face when i walk in there) This is a good move, Android OS should always be looking to move forward and for this to have taken so long is beyond me. Keep the OS updates coming for all Android devices we are a different breed unlike those iJOKES we are not one device and shouldn’t be treated as such. Developers don’t forget about the devices that brought us here and lets keep it all in the family.

  22. I messed up in #20. The update this week for the Moto Droid will be 2.0.1, not 2,1.

  23. OK Moto Droid update and a free Eris…. But are they going to fix the bluetooth issue? And I don’t mean an app… A true fix the way it should have been from day 1!

  24. yo i dont know what you nerds are talking bout but the eris is the shit…

  25. What I don’t get is why Google makes an update for Android that adds cool stuff but doesn’t make one that fixes its actual problems. Thats what Apple does, and look where that got them. One of these problems is its music player.

  26. Odds of the 11th for an update to the Eris from Verizon Wireless are slim to none, not impossible, but the announced date is ‘sometime Q1 2010’, VZW isn’t known for doing things early.

    On the other hand, there is an update scheduled and announced for the Moto DROID this month, that’s probably what the ‘nerdy guy’ heard about and misconstrued.

  27. @15 “fupa”
    Don’t you mean a downgrade to vista?

  28. Actually my opinion is that 2.1 will be released sometime Jan.
    If you look at YouTube and many other places on the web 2.1 has found its way onto the moto Droid and Nexus. Through rooting there phone of course, but that should mean that 2.1 would be even closer than. Cause I’m sure the developers don’t want to be outdone by 3rd party programmars, or amatuer developers. Not that I’m dissing anybody here. Just think that we probably shouldn’t wait too long if we’re already seeing homebrewed ROMs of it.

  29. Oh by the way anybody having problems with there YouTube app on the eris. It works fine if I connect to my WiFi but the second i jump on the mobile network than I keep getting the won’t play sorry sign. If anybody has a remedy please let me know and thnx!

  30. I have been waiting for almost three months to get my hands on one. January 12th I’ll qualify for my new-every-two $100 disc. Also the current BOGO promo deal on the Droid Eris ends on the 17th of this month. I called and spoke to a vzw rep this morning and got the ending date of the promo. My issue was do I go ahead and take advantage of the BOGO deal (my husband is up for an upgrade as well) and get two Droid Eris’ for nothing or wait till the following week when they release the updated 2.0/1 version? Relying on the dialogue of this forum, the update is free so I might as well go get my Eris’s on the 12th for FREE! =)

  31. Edog – if you’re still having youtube problems – I get that error on the droid youtube app, but when I go to youtube through the browser (and on the mobile network) clips play fine!

  32. I am pretty sure that the Eris will get 2.1 (not 2.0) because it is rumored that the Droid and Droid Eris will be upgraded on the same date (some people say January 22nd). It doesn’t really matter which one it gets, though since the .1 is not that different. Also, not only will the Eris get Google maps navigation but it should get Quick Search and the quick contact menu in the people app. To further see the differences between 1.6 and 2.0 go to: http://www.android.com/media/

  33. Eris gets 2.1.
    Droid doesn’t???

  34. Verizon has not confirmed the Eris will get 2.0 or 2.1 upgrade. I tried prying it out of Verzon support a week ago because of a problem I had with my Eris and not even the support folks know what HTC or Verizon engineers are going to do. It’s all rumors or customer speak with nothing to support it. I can give a flip about the HTC gui, I just want the new version of Droid! It seems to me that HTC thinks we bought our Android phones because of them, which in my option I can live without the delays they are causing me!!!! Just give my Eris a clean install of Android and let me decide what applications I want!!!

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