Dec 4th, 2009

The guys over at AndroidandMe have published an article that has piqued my interest. They did a rather stellar job of putting together a few possible puzzle pieces and coming up with what could be coming in the future.  Or what coulda’ been coming and won’t. Or what won’t come.

My point is – this is all purely speculation but it’s speculation that’s at least backed with some solid thinkin’.


They started with some info found within the CLIQ source code, including the name,  LaJolla, and some specs. For example, the screen size of 240 x 400. They touch on the new screen sizes available in the latest SDK release (like for example, 240 X 400 (and lower)), and polish it off with some comments Motorola has said in the past. One such quote:

“Our core strategy really is to take Android and take Android to as low down the feature phone tier, as we possibly can, by bringing in Smartphone features, best of Internet, best of messaging, best of multi-media, best of location services.”

So does this mean what they might think it means? A Motorola LaJolla – the cheapest Android phone yet? Are Android flip phones on the way? I wouldn’t be shocked and amazed myself.  Flip phones.. dumb phones.. they’re all apart of the market too, so why wouldn’t Android want in that as well?

Head on over for the full article which includes a couple more pictures to fuel your imagination and details on how they came to their conclusion.

Tell us what you think. I for one would love to see some Android dumb phones. As mentioned here, the wife and I aren’t lookin’ to pay for multiple data packages at $29.99 a pop, so other Android options would be awesome!