(Updated) Motorola Milestone Pre-Orders Start At Expansys


UK Android fans can reserve their Motorola Milestone at Expansys and expect to receive it on their doorstep in about 8 working days. All of this talk, news and reviews about the Motorola Droid on Verizon Wireless are about to get a whole lot more meaningful, ey blokes?


I don’t have a ton of experience with these “Expansys” fellows but their name seems to be popping up more and more in headlines – often as a retailer outing some sacred piece of rumored hardware. But lately they’re really turning into a “go to” source and it seems they’ve got the exclusive pre-sale for the Milestone.

From what I’ve seen you WILL NOT be able to get the Motorola Milestone on a contract until 2010 and instead you’ll have to buy it unlocked for 450 pounds and then walk into your carrier of choice to have it connected. So Expansys has an exclusive partnership with Motorola for the duration of the year. Interesting… guess they’re definitely legit!

Update: T-Mobile contract bundle available!

[Thanks Carl]

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  1. Expansys is practically a household name in the unlocked phone niche market.

  2. I’ve used expansys quite a few times in the past and they are generally pretty easy to deal with. They have a tendency to get devices first, but also to charge a small premium over RRP.

    I’ve had my pre-order in since early November and can’t wait to get my hands on a Miletone in a 8 days and counting!

  3. The Milestone has been available today in Switzerland at Digitec store. Though it seems that it’s already sold out. The next lot will arrive December 1st. The Milestone seems to be a great seller, wow!

  4. Yeah, Expansys (and their US offshoot) have been around for years; they’re pretty much the most reliable/reputable go-to place for unlocked GSM smartphones. As someone who’s done mobile development before, I’ve often used them in the past to pick up a difficult-to-find device.

    They’re not exactly a household name outside of those who hunt down unlocked devices, but they’ve been around for years and they’re quite legit and reputable. They’re not the cheapest around, but if something’s wrong with the device they’ll generally do what they can to help, and I trust them much more than some fly-by-night eBay store.

  5. Oder through my buddy Chad. Known him for years, when I worked in Windows Mobile @MS. [email protected]. tell him Aaron sent you and he’ll treat you right.

  6. Very surprised you didn’t know about them. I’ve been using them for years to get phones that weren’t otherwise available in the USA. They have a UK and US site.

  7. @ CJ, am also in US, could you pls tell me if we have to pay import tax for the milestone bought on Expansys UK? thanks!

  8. Telus version please.

  9. Expansys also have a bad reputation for lying about release dates. They put stuff up on their site before they are sure they can get it.

  10. I wouldn’t pre-order from expansys or trust their release dates.

    They let you pre-order unannounced phones based on rumors. The fact that a phone is available on preorder from them is not meaningful news.

    My Motorola MPx was on preorder from them for years.

  11. Wooo Hoo! I’ve been waiting for this. This is the version I can use in Australia! FTW

  12. @C & @Scoobie,

    expansys are linked to directly from the Motorola UK site now – check out this page on the bottom left:


    So I think they must have at least some info from Motorola as they are apparently the exclusive SIM free supplier in the UK for launch.

  13. @yee I think you will pay some US duty if you import a Milestone from the UK.

    One the plus side you should get it for the VAT exclusive price (so £391.30) rather than the £449 that EU buyers will pay.

  14. @Tom Robson
    I dont think you can get it without the VAT unless you hold it in your hand and in the airport to show them your passport and your receipt

  15. @Maj, yeah, you’re right, the reclaim form needs to be signed by UK customs. Just more unfair and silly taxes the British government charge to help us prop up our greedy bankers…

  16. “then walk into your carrier of choice to have it connected”

    Or, y’know, just plug in your old SIM card.

  17. I wonder when/if this thing will be rooted, and if the 3g will work on at&t

  18. I’ve got my unlocked Milestone from the German Vodafone online-shop a few days ago. It was priced 499€ with a docking station. With a contract its 99€ but Vodafone is so expensive.

  19. @Yee I made all my purchases through the US site and paid nothing more than the shipping costs.

  20. @CJ oops.. so far Expamsys-US site doesnt provide Milestone… :( guess have to wait …

  21. @Maj, if you ship the phone outside Europe, they do not charge you VAT..

  22. @KBlack

    Canada version would be grate, Its sad it takes so long to get here and the only differences is the frequency would be slightly different with 850/1900 as apposed to the 900/X that euro has. (and the keyboard layout)

  23. i’ve ordered one, if they exclusive to expansys i’m sure they are confident of the release date.

  24. I’ve not had any problems in the past with expansys, so I pre-ordered it today! can’t wait to get one of the first shippings of Milestones in Holland! just one more week and a few days… Can’t wait!!!

  25. Well I don’t know what the exclusive talk is all about, the phone is all over the place and is being put for sale the 7th, I ordered one from Handtec (uk).

  26. @ade
    Yes, you seem to be right, it is listed all over but it looks like Expansys released a press release saying its exclusive to them. Strange. Another example of Expansys being a bit dodgy I think.

    The going price seems to be around £420. Is this is a good price? I’ve no idea what the going rate should be but don’t want to pay an early adopter premium!

    How much will it cost for a SIM card deal with internet access?
    Are there any good sites that allow you to compare offers from mobile companies?

  27. I really hope Vodafone UK pick this handset up! The more I think about it the more I want it ;) Only thing that puts me off is the lack of root and custom roms but coming from a HTC Hero I’ll be glad to get back the standard android and customize it myself via widgets ect

  28. why would anyone want it SIM free and not on contract? i must be missing something

  29. I’m getting one. And I can’t waaaaait!

  30. Yoshi – Because it isn’t available on contract in the UK yet. Also, it gives you more flexibility if you’d rather not be tied to one supplier for the next two years.

  31. Well, Expansys also have an offering for the Milestone on T-Mobile(!) for £35/month and phone costing £50.
    Details can be found at: http://www.expansys.com/d.aspx?i=190585

  32. I would like to point out that expansys does infact have an exclusivity deal and the other suppliers will get the phone a few weeks later than expansys! As confirmed by asking a different retailer.

  33. 29. yoshi

    For example I live in Finland, and because of all the taxes that we have here everything is highly expensive. Also if we take a phone on contract here, we STILL have to pay to whole 500-600 EUR for the phone. In one pot or in pieces. So that makes us very eager to buy stuff from germany and uk if we can get it cheaper from there.

    Still, I get your point. Why would anyone buy a phone without a contract _if they can_?!

  34. First time post here, but just noticed that expansys are now saying that they now have 100+ milestones in stock, and thankfully mine that i preordered is showing as shipped!!

  35. Contrary to a lot of opinions, it’s still good that at least finally moto-droid unveiled their droid version ‘milestone’ to UK. Europeans had been waiting this for 2 months now. But why? here’s the leaked specs: http://bit.ly/motorola-milestone-best

  36. I suggest that no one buys from expansys. Their customer service is horrible. I bought a phone from them and for a week they kept telling me that they will ship it the next day. After getting annoyed with all the lies, I called them and ask them to tell me the real story, they came back and told me they will ship it after another week. Suffice to say I cancelled the order and placed it with another vendor.

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